Even more Khorne

More Khorne Bloodbound today!

I’m so very close to finishing this project now, so close to finally have a long going project done. I have two hero models painted today including a Lord of Khorne on a Juggernaut and a Skullgrinder, both being kitbashed to look unique in my collection of devoted berserkers to Khorne.

Lord of Khorne on a Juggernaut kitbashed from various Chaos/ Khorne kits and a metal helmed Cold One head from the Mallus Darkblade Model. I’ll be substituting this as a Juggernaut mount, which pretty much looks the part as a Bloodbound leader.

Skullgrinder using bitz from various Khorne Bloodbound kits. Is he/she a mortal or Daemon?

An updated progress on my Warshrine of Khorne using various bitz from Warhammer Fantasy Battles kits and Warhammer AoS kits. The floaty pillar is almost complete, just needs a spray Basecoat and paint.

All that’s left now is the Warshrine of Khorne, 20x Blood Reavers, 6x Mighty Skullcrushers, two more Gorechosen and possibly a substitute Bloodthister. Then that’ll be it for a 3,000pt collection from a two-three year long project.

Once I get my last two Gorechosen and paint my Warshrine, I’ll update my progress on the blog.

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Primaris marines

Recently I found an issue of Warhammer Conquest at a local newsagent, three in fact too! One being some paints, another a scenery sprue (the easy build one) and a set of sergeants and a captain in Gravis armour. I knew which one I wanted!

So I’m working on some small diorama projects that won’t be part of any existing Space marine collection, as I don’t think the models will be useful for my Crimson Fists and Black Templars. Having these miniatures as side projects will be more fun trying out new chapter colour schemes.

Primaris Captain in Gravis armour, Spears of the Emperor chapter

Primaris Lieutenant in Gravis armour, Dark Angels Chapter.

I’ve got two more models to build, one being a Primaris Intercessors sergeant for the Carcharodons chapter and an undecided Primaris model to build.

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Rejuvenation for the Bloodbound of the Skullfiend Tribe

Following on from my last post I have more Khorne units painted, including a full unit of ten Blood Warriors finally completed! I’ve also got some WIP kitbashing stuff to be added with the army, since I’m feeling really good about the current pace this project is going at.

Originally after I’ve painted my last unit of twenty Blood Reavers I would finish this project for the foreseeable future. But then I found a selection of D&D Wizkid models that would be great as substitutes, then the cogs in my small brain started to turn.

Exalted Deathbringer using a D&D Wizkid miniature as a substitute for the role as lieutenant of the Gorechosen. I’m so thrilled to see how good the model looks once painted (like the Bear Owl I did a few weeks back), I’m gonna get a pack of Dwarf wizards or (Death) Hags to be as Slaughter Priest(ess).

Aspiring Deathbringer substitute from the same pack as the model above.

Last year (or was it the year before?) I did a unit of five Blood Warriors, I wanted to make the into ten so I added more models and started painting them. It took me until now to finally get this unit done. I hope to never paint anymore Blood Warrior models again as they are too detailed for my liking. They look great don’t get me wrong, but sometimes less means more as my art tutor once said. I would like some Duardin in armour as Blood Warriors though, that’ll be a great challenge…..

WIP Khorne Shrine that’s just about shaping up to look like a altar of sorts. Should I add more skulls?

Substitute Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut, I’m not paying £30 for the finecast one, so this kitbash will do fine. I like actually, it looks pretty metal. I’ve got six Chaos Knights spare unused, either they’ll be a unit of five Chaos Knights and a Chaos Lord on Horse or two units of three Juggernaut riders to substitute.

Finally my sixth Gorechosen champion, a Skullgrinder who seems to be on the verge of being possessed by a Daemon of Khorne. I love how he looks like he’s dancing as he reaches out to pin his foes down, and brings down his heavy burden in a red display.

That’s all from me for today. I’ve got more work to do with getting the WIP models finished and painted, and I need to get started on completing my unit of twenty Blood Reavers. Oh, and possibly more hero models to add, and maybe if I can afford a certain D&D Wizkid Giant model I can do a daring kitbash.

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Getting back to handling the bezerkers, Skullfiend Tribe Collection

Ah it’s good to be back! It’s been nearly a year since I’ve done anything with this project, way back in July last year. After the release of the Blades of Khorne 2.0 Battletome I thought it was about time Return to this project and get it done.

Last time, I mentioned that I’ve nearly done the mortal side of the army, with only a unit of 20 Blood Reavers and 5 Blood Warriors left to paint. Currently I’m half way through painting the Blood Warriors which will be part of a unit of ten. Sane as with the Blood Reavers who will be in a unit of forty models.

Some other units needed some basing like the Warriors of Chaos and a unit of Blood Warriors. Well now I’ve got those two units done and a repainted Mighty Lord of Khorne in the colours of the Skullfiend Tribe.

Once, my Blades of Khorne were originally done as the Axes of Skarbrand, a very small collection that were just units from AoS 1.0 box set. The colour scheme at the time was great at first, but over time it was difficult to maintain consistency as my methods were pretty stupid. I should have just drybrushed the black armour in greys rather than edge highlight, would have saved me a lot of time too.

However, after getting the cheaper starter set (no Mighty Lord of Khorne and Bloodsecrator included) for the Stormcast Eternals, I used the Bloodbound of Khorne models for a side project for AoS Skirmish. This would be where the Skullfiend Tribe started, a small fun experiment of kitbashing and painting a small Skirmish group.

But very soon, it was so good that I decided to absorb most of my Aces of Skarbrand into my new army project. To date I’ve only got two units left that still bear the colours of the Axes of Skarbrand, a unit of Blood Warriors and an Aspiring Deathbringer. Almost as if the Axes of Skarbrand are now the Skirmish collection and the Skullfiend Tribe as the army project. Funny.

The Mighty Lord of Khorne is the latest model to be Repainted in the colours of the Skullfiend Tribe, swapping the blood red and black armour for bronze trim and black plating. I think he looks better with these colours, more realistic and worn compared to the cartoony red and black.

I was going to use a Lord of Khorne on a Juggernaut, but considering it’s finecast at £30, I went for repainting my Lord instead.

For years I had a unit of Chaos Warriors with thick paint and were still on their square bases. The previous owner have them to me as they were leaving the hobby behind. Luckily, since you can technically add Chaos Warriors to the Blades of Khorne using the Keywords, I’ve included them into the project as a third battling unit.

A year later, I’ve finally got them painted. The little details like the kitbashing, Khorne aesthetics and painting make this unit seems like it was meant to be part of the Skullfiend Tribe. I’m not sure if I’ll be adding anymore Slaves to Darkness units for this project, but maybe when they get their update I might consider adding some to this project.

Next up, finishing off my five Blood Warriors, start painting my twenty Blood Reavers and possibly adding more Daemons of Khorne to cap off the collection for now. I might try some conversions/ kitbashing to add more unique characters and units.

Until next time,


Bjorn finds more classic Warhammer books!

Today was a pretty good day, I’ve found more second hand stuff that caught my eye, including three GW stuff and a Judge Dredd annual 1981. But today I’m focusing on the GW stuff, as I’ll be doing a big 2,000AD collection post when I have time to dig out all of my recent findings (trust me, it’s a big one that I’ve been delaying for so long because I keep finding 2,000AD stuff!).

A guy at the local carboot has a few White dwarfs (mostly from the 90’s), a Tau Codex (same style as the Daemonhunters border Codex style) and the two Codex’s you see in the photo. The usual guy I go to for second GW stuff hasn’t been around since late Summer/ early Autumn last year, so it’s been a while for me to find really old GW treasures.

I first picked up the Daemonhunter Codex and the White Dwarf issue as I have tend to not spend too much in one carboot stall when there might be more around (in a big field mind you). After half an hour of searching around and nothing else of interest to find, I went back to the same stall to get some more GW stuff.

The guy gave me a good offer for all the stuff for £5, not a bad deal to be honest, but I couldn’t accept the offer as I was on a tight budget so I chose the Codex Imperialis.

With that, I had a really successful day finding these items of interest, they aren’t worth much, but to me it’s like finding information that’s not in print in current GW products. Like for example the Codex Imperialis has rules and lore on Squats, Squats! a race I haven’t known much since they died out first before I joined the hobby.

Such wealth of old lore, art, models and stories are full of inspiration and information, even if they are outdated and retconned today. The White Dwarf I’ve found today is one of the oldest ones I’ve picked up to date. Dating back to 1996, the contents of the magazine are far more colourful and in your face than today’s White Dwarf magazines. But I can’t deny that it’s a got some awesome content like the J files!

Oh by the way couple of days ago I found a copy of Rouge Trader, the place where Warhammer 40k started. It was on a shelf at an Oxfam store, tempted by this I really wanted it but checking the price my gob smacked the floor when I saw how much it costed, £45!!!

I put the book back on the shelf and moved on…….

Anyways, I’m rambling on at this point so I’ll end it here for today. Do you go second hand shopping at carboot sales for classic Warhammer books? If so, what was your best find?

Until next time,


Lochos warriors and a damned Aeldari Tzeentch sorceress

With most of my collection now filled with the basic essentials of different unit types, and awesomely painted models, I now wanted to add more character to this collection. By chance I’ve found some second hand models that fit the part as Olympia guards.

Acting as cultists, this unit was made using Hät miniatures historical range, a primitive group who wield shields and spears as their weapons of choice. These Olympian look a-likes are remnants of their ancestors who once lived on Olympia, before fleeing just before their planet was destroyed.

Settling in the Eye of Terror, these survivors over time returned to their primitive lifestyle whilst adopting the skills and techniques that shaped them. Even today they have forged armour of a lost civilisation that harkens back to the grand warriors of Lochos.

Finally, I have a corrupted Aeldari sorcerer who has pledged her soul (unwillingly) to Tzeentch, possibly the only way to escape Slannesh. This miniature is from Privateer Press’s Horde range of the Skorn. I’ve forgot the name of the model in question (Packmasters maybe?), however, it looks great as a Tzeentch sorcerer model for 40k and AoS.

This might open up some creative concepts when I eventually start adding Tzeentch models to my Iron Warriors Collection. Maybe it’s a whole Aeldari warband who are Slaves to the Iron Warriors/ Tzeentch. Maybe it’s a mixture of corrupted mortals?