Release the beast! (Spin off blog)


Whilst I was painting my Verminlord yesterday, I’ve also been finishing off my Hellpit Abomination as well. The model is part of my Clan Moulder collection which I started a few weeks after AOS was released. 

I based the model in the same environment as the Verminlord (even though they are from seperate clans), because I might combin them  in some games of AOS as a bigger army under one banner.

Although I mentioned that I’ve started AOS by painting my Clan Pestilens, I’ve actually started Re-basing my Clan Moulder first. The reason why I’m doing Clan Pestilens as my main AOS faction is because it’s an entirely new faction for me to build up. So I thought I’d make a blog series of me starting a new faction.


I personally think it’s not done yet, there’s still some areas that need painting on the model. But so far it looks really good, I pretty much like the ‘blood for the blood God’ technical paint on the fists.

 After I’ve done painting this beast, I’ll focus on finishing some giant rats and a packmaster. Once they are done, I’ll make a blog on the faction with a backstory for my army.

Clan Pestliens: update on Verminlord Sektretch (final part)

  So the final part has arrived (finally!). I’ve been painting a few remaing detail parts on the model, including the tail bracelets and the ruined architecture. The base is very much done to fit around the theme of a grassy marsh plain, which I’m setting all of my Skaven collection to be in the realm of Ghyran. 
What’s next? Well as I’ve mentioned in my last blog on my collection, I’ll be re-painting my plague priest in a colour scheme that suits the faction. After that, I’ll then paint two separate units of ten plague monks as the core infantry for my army.


Art work in progress 


I used some spare time to create this digital art work in progress. I’m not sure what I want to call it yet, but I thought I’d post it today 🙂

I couldn’t post anything new today for model painting on my Clan Pestilens army, mainly because I’ve got a lot of other things to do. But I’ll be posting an update post at some point tomorrow.

Clan Pestilens: Monks and priest.

I thought I’d rest from painting the Verminlord for a few days, to focus on building my first unit of twenty plague monks. I decided to make the Harbinger use a bell chimer, the Bringer-of-the-word have a plague scroll and the Icon bearer have the contagion banner. The rest of the unit have double blades, since I prefer having a really good close combat unit to use when I need them to weaken enemy infantry fast (if the great Horned rat blesses them in combat!!)

  As I’ve mentioned on one of my past posts, I’m working going to re-painting my plague priest after I’ve completed my Verminlord, Sektretch. I have a good colour scheme in mind, although I’m not going to reveal it yet on this post. This is because I want to do a painting guide on a future blog  on how to paint a plague monk. The picture below is my current painted plague priest.

  The reason why I’m re-painting him is because the current paint palett I used for him is too dull and very messy. But since I’ve decided to make a Clan Pestilens army a week ago, I’ll have more ambition to get a fully organised painted army done, now that I’ve been blogging.

Hopefully if I get my Verminlord done by tomorrow, I’ll post the final update on the painting. Then I’ll start doing the re-painting blogs on my plague priest.

Model stage: base part 1

some pictures from my stage set, I’ll update this with annotation once I’ve loaded all the pictures on. The stage set is based on two scenes from a book called Hive, by Mark Walden. The first scene is the volcano set, where an aircraft enters the volcanos secret entrance. The second scene is a metal interior hallway, where the main character first steps into Hive’s base.

Clan pestilens: update on Verminlord Sektretch part 4

  Today, I’ve made a massive effort to paint the Verminlord to a near finish. The model is just about done, only minor detail like the tail spikes and ruined architecture.  I might do some drybrushing for the spikes in acrylic white, since painting the spikes in multiple layers is kind of time consuming to do.

  I chose to paint the tail in purple colours, because I felt that it suited the cool tones of the skin colour. For the bands around the tail, I’ll be doing the same colour scheme for rusty metal armour. The foot claws are a mixed bag for me at the minute. I like how I’ve painted them, but I feel that it’s end result is out of place. I might use some darker ink applications, and see if that might help to make them look less bright.

  I’ve had an idea for the base when I was basecoating  it. Since there’s enough room at the back, I glue the spare Verminlord Deciver head at the back to represent my Verminlords deceptive side to his own kin. It’s only an idea at the minute, but if it looks good enough on the base, I’ll paint the spare head  separately and glut it in place.

The next and final phase for painting this model is to finish off the details on the model, and to decorate the model base. 



Clan Pestilens: update on Verminlord Sektretch part 3

  I’m nearly done with painting Verminlord Sektretch, I’m really impressed with the colours on the model so far. Even today, I couldn’t believe how awesome it looks 😁

  Im not sure what colour I’ll use for the tail, I don’t want to use Model white as it might look slightly off putting. I might do a mix colour scheme like the skin, but I’m not sure wether to do a lighter drybrush, or a darker drybrush on the tail.

  My next step is to finish off the second blade and paint the tail . Then I’ll do the claws, feet and broken architecture stand as my final part of  painting the Verminlord.

If you have any questions, post them in the comment section and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. 🙂