Release the beast! (Spin off blog)

   Whilst I was painting my Verminlord yesterday, I’ve also been finishing off my Hellpit Abomination as well. The model is part of my Clan Moulder collection which I started a few weeks after AOS was released.  I based the model in the same environment as the Verminlord (even though they are from seperate clans),Continue reading “Release the beast! (Spin off blog)”

Clan Pestliens: update on Verminlord Sektretch (final part)

  So the final part has arrived (finally!). I’ve been painting a few remaing detail parts on the model, including the tail bracelets and the ruined architecture. The base is very much done to fit around the theme of a grassy marsh plain, which I’m setting all of my Skaven collection to be in the realmContinue reading “Clan Pestliens: update on Verminlord Sektretch (final part)”

Clan Pestilens: Monks and priest.

I thought I’d rest from painting the Verminlord for a few days, to focus on building my first unit of twenty plague monks. I decided to make the Harbinger use a bell chimer, the Bringer-of-the-word have a plague scroll and the Icon bearer have the contagion banner. The rest of the unit have double blades,Continue reading “Clan Pestilens: Monks and priest.”

Model stage: base part 1

some pictures from my stage set, I’ll update this with annotation once I’ve loaded all the pictures on. The stage set is based on two scenes from a book called Hive, by Mark Walden. The first scene is the volcano set, where an aircraft enters the volcanos secret entrance. The second scene is a metalContinue reading “Model stage: base part 1”

Clan pestilens: update on Verminlord Sektretch part 4

  Today, I’ve made a massive effort to paint the Verminlord to a near finish. The model is just about done, only minor detail like the tail spikes and ruined architecture.  I might do some drybrushing for the spikes in acrylic white, since painting the spikes in multiple layers is kind of time consuming to do.Continue reading “Clan pestilens: update on Verminlord Sektretch part 4”

Clan Pestilens: update on Verminlord Sektretch part 3

  I’m nearly done with painting Verminlord Sektretch, I’m really impressed with the colours on the model so far. Even today, I couldn’t believe how awesome it looks šŸ˜   Im not sure what colour I’ll use for the tail, I don’t want to use Model white as it might look slightly off putting. I might doContinue reading “Clan Pestilens: update on Verminlord Sektretch part 3”

Clan Pestilens: update on Verminlord Sektretch part 2

   Today, I’ve pushed myself to do something new by painting a colour schemes that I’ve never tried before. The results? Well, I’m really glad that I’ve chosen to do something that’s out of my comfort zone for once. šŸ˜…   My colour scheme for the skin tone was done by mixing Model colour greenContinue reading “Clan Pestilens: update on Verminlord Sektretch part 2”

Harbinger warband: part 1

I thought I’d post a few pictures of my Nurgle Chaos space marine collection. The warband is called Harbinger, a broken group of outcasts from the Deathguard legion who specialise in their own plague named ‘Exstrogrogasnis’.    The warbands main leader is Throaxer, a Daemon prince who has a reputation of decimating Imperial guardsmen by usingContinue reading “Harbinger warband: part 1”

Why its good to promote art works

This is a short blog explaining advantages and disadvantages on why its useful to promote your art works on social media and blogs. When it comes to promoting art works on social media/ blogging sites, it can help to attract different audiences to your site to look at your work. This can be especially usefulContinue reading “Why its good to promote art works”