Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Leading the cats

It’s not just Stormcast Eternals that are in this collection as I’ve included a new human miniature (hobbit size), Elya. Whilst she’s only a child in the story, Soul Wars, she does have some bizarre ability to attract cats to her. Don’t ask me why. Since there’s no AoS civilian kits yet, I had toContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Leading the cats”

Clan Skelnix emerges: old acquaintances

It’s been a very long time since my Skaven had any attention with many models still neglected for painting. My reluctance to paint big units of twenty rats has been a curse for me every since I started collecting Skaven back in 2010-2011. Like every Skaven blogger you’ll read will say, you either paint themContinue reading “Clan Skelnix emerges: old acquaintances”

Cyber-Grot dogs

Using unused models as something useful, my two Wild West Exodus models were reused as guard dogs for my Big Mek in mega armour! Combining Grot brains (fresh) with scrap automata shells, screw some bolts and plug in some green wires, with a coat of yellow paint and now your a proud owner of twoContinue reading “Cyber-Grot dogs”

Black Ark fun fest

This week I’ve been reading one of BL’s novella series one books, Heart of Winter by Nick Horth. It’s a short story of revenge as a female Corsair captain, Arika Zenthe, seeks to kill her farther by any means (basically anything bloody). I won’t spoil the story here, but I’d recommend giving it a readContinue reading “Black Ark fun fest”

The Sample days 2009- 2012

I found these sample Black Library booklets the other day whilst sorting out my box of old books and dvds. These sample books used to be available at local GW stores for free, an easy way to find which book to get next. I used to collect these when I needed to find the nextContinue reading “The Sample days 2009- 2012”