Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Leading the cats

It’s not just Stormcast Eternals that are in this collection as I’ve included a new human miniature (hobbit size), Elya. Whilst she’s only a child in the story, Soul Wars, she does have some bizarre ability to attract cats to her. Don’t ask me why.

Since there’s no AoS civilian kits yet, I had to use my imagination by using a spare plastic Hobbit model from an old LoTR boxset. I painted her the best I could using colours that would fit both a street traveller and the colours of Glymmsforge.

Here’s a size comparison for those of you who want a visual contrast of height.

That’ll be it for today’s post, and I’ll be giving this series a break whilst I focus on getting other projects done. Hopefully I’ll be returning to finish off my remaining tasks by the end of December, or the new year.


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Clan Skelnix emerges: old acquaintances

Clan Skelnix emerges: old acquaintances

It’s been a very long time since my Skaven had any attention with many models still neglected for painting. My reluctance to paint big units of twenty rats has been a curse for me every since I started collecting Skaven back in 2010-2011. Like every Skaven blogger you’ll read will say, you either paint them throughout the sluggish process, or you’ll regret buying hundreds of Clan Rats. 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy really put a curse on me.

Lately I’ve been drawn back into painting my neglected Skaven models and improving some of the bases that I didn’t quite finish off. It was clear from the start that my work was going to take me a lot of energy and materials (not cheap either), to get units painted. I’ve gone for the simple decision to use Nurgle rot for basing without texture paint and grass, as it’ll at least look thematic without the full look.

My current tasks were as followed:

  • Paint 16x Giant Rats
  • Use Nurgle rot for Clan Rats bases and Arch Warlock
  • Create a Skaven styled Endless spell model (proxy rules possible).
  • Paint 20x Plague Monks
  • Kitbash my third Warlock Engineer
  • Rebase my second Plague Priest and paint it

There’s quite a lot already for me to do on the list, and at first it was daunting, but I did get a few tasks done already! Maybe not the best of my painting skills, but just about good enough table top wise.

Clan Moulder has yet again got the most attention as I finish off painting my Giant Rats, totalling to about 28 models! Great news is that the Giant Rats are the last of my Clan Moulder models to be painted, reaching just enough under 1,000pt. After years of painting these guys on and off, I’m relieved to have completed this collection in the Skaven umbrella of factions.

Now I’ve got five more more Skaven collection assets to paint, sigh…..

Below is a new photo of all of my Clan Moulder models in one happy family reunion!

Apast from two Packmasters of six, this collection just fits nicely for a 1,000pt match play game (2018 GHB).

Now onto the next unit, with Clan Moulder done, I can focus on getting more units painted like Clan Rats. Only problem is I hate painted Clan Rats! It’s really boring trying to paint the same models over and over in a block of twenty. I’ve only ever painted one unit of Clan Rats by sheer luck and enthusiasm.

The first (and probably only) unit of painted Clan Rats needed their bases painted as they didn’t look thematically tied with the collection. So withba fresh pot of Nurgles rot, I applied the great Unclean ones less desirable fluids onto the bases.Ah, already looking better!

My Arch Warlock also received his blessings too on his base, not that he asked for it!Arm mounted rocket launcher? Why not.

Now for my Endless spell I wanted to give it a thematic link to my army. So I used a spare part from the Verminlord kit and cut it down to half length, then glued it into a 32mm base. The blade itself is soaked in warpstone power that seems to weep a pus like liquid down its blade and into the ground. The pus liquid is forming a swamp like environment that looks very similar to the rest of the Skaven model bases……

once owned by a disgraced Verminlord, the Great Horned Rat cursed the blade and broke it in half, hurling the blade down to one of mortal planes. It seems to be eternally weep warpstone energy that oozes out toxic swamp-like liquid into the ground, transforming the once lush and living landscape into a dying and chocked up carcass.

Finally I have a WIP unit of Plague Monks who have different colour scheme for their uniform, I’ll elaborate this on a later post. But for now, here’s how the rabid lot look like so far.I love the freehand painted banner!

My current goal is to get my Plague Monks finished by tomorrow, and start painting my second Plague Priest. After that I’m going to try and paint my second unit of Clan Rats as I need a second none aligned batteline unit.


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-Master Moulder Bjorn

Cyber-Grot dogs

Using unused models as something useful, my two Wild West Exodus models were reused as guard dogs for my Big Mek in mega armour! Combining Grot brains (fresh) with scrap automata shells, screw some bolts and plug in some green wires, with a coat of yellow paint and now your a proud owner of two mostly loyal companions!


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Black Ark fun fest

This week I’ve been reading one of BL’s novella series one books, Heart of Winter by Nick Horth. It’s a short story of revenge as a female Corsair captain, Arika Zenthe, seeks to kill her farther by any means (basically anything bloody).

I won’t spoil the story here, but I’d recommend giving it a read yourself. What’s fascinating is that the story delves into the what makes a Black Ark a fearsome Citadel/ fortress sea fleet, what makes it sail and what goes on inside the fortress (just imagine Clar Karond mixed with Hag Graef, and you’ll know what I mean). There’s also more exploration of different societies and races in Ghur, and how the places function in brief but interesting exposition.

But to meat of the meal, this story is a first look at the Scourge, or Scourge Privateers to be exact, and this story has enough lore to make sense of how the Scourge operate in AoS. I’m very pleased to see part of (once Dark Elves faction) the Druchii factions get some spotlight by BL after a three year gap of nothing to go on. Nick Horth has done a splendid job at crafting a creative, fun and new background lore into the Scourge whilst also keeping the established lore of Warhammer Fantasy woven in.

With that said, I’d like to point out a few interesting bits of information I’ve found in the story, although they might be slight spoilers to the novella story (not major ones). So it’s best if you the book first if interested in reading it.

  • Reaper Bolt Throwers make a come back and are now cannon in AoS lore! (Whilst they’re not got point values for match play, you can more than justify using one in narrative games for a cut throat Scourge Privateer army).
  • The Black Arks are still the same as Warhammer Fantasy lore.
  • The Scourge are just on the tip of provoking a war with Sigmar, but still do trading openly and a side of black marketing behind closed doors.
  • The Elves originally of the Dark kin are all still called the Druchii, so there are still some traditions of the past carried on into AoS’s timeline.
  • The Scourge Privateer are all known to many as the ‘Scourge’.
  • [slight Spoiler]: In Druchian, The Dryads are described as being cold blue with dark wood of black, caused by the morbid eternal cold affect of a sacred artefact. So depending on the environment, I guess the Dryads can change based on the season.
  • The Wanderes get a bad reputation, and the Dryads would more than gladly slay them for their crimes of the past, for betraying and leaving the forest folk in the Age of Chaos.

Now you may be wondering why I’ve not mentioned much about the books protagonist, Arika. It’s mostly because a lot of her history will spoil the story if I said here. However, as far as a female protagonist goes, she’s on my list as top best Aelven anti hero characters for hero ruthlessness at getting the job done and isn’t too brooding with the right mix of fun and dark.

Would I like to see her in a sequel novella, short story, audio or even a full privateer novel? Yes, I very much want to see her story continued in any form of said above. We’ve already got a lot of Stormcast Eternals, Freeguild, Duardin and Chaos stories, now would be a great time to get some Aelves in BL books. I think Nick Horth’s book has a exceeded more expectations with this book, with the cliffhanger at the end being a very good one, I hope we’ll be able to see more of Arika Zenthe in future fiction.

Well with that, I’m done for today, one book down, there more to go! Next up I’m reading Evan Dicken’s first AoS novella, The Red Hours. So far into chapter one I’m already absorbed into this story, and I can’t wait to see how it progresses!

Until next time!


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The Sample days 2009- 2012

I found these sample Black Library booklets the other day whilst sorting out my box of old books and dvds. These sample books used to be available at local GW stores for free, an easy way to find which book to get next.

I used to collect these when I needed to find the next book on my to do list, very helpful at a time before digital sample downloads. Sadly after 2012 GW stopped producing these free sample books, I can imagine it costed Black Library a lot of money to produce them.

Whilst there’s no value in these sample books as many of the books featured can still be read online. However, not all of the books shown in the sample booklets are accessible, as a few haven’t been republished in physical and digital download. Such books include limited edition books, art books, old published books and choose your own adventure books. So I’ve kept them still to this day.

In a way, it’s a part of Black Library history that’s obscure to most people, today I doubt many would even remember the sample books. So I thought I might show my sample books today, I don’t have a lot to say as there’s not much I can talk about.

Until next time!


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