Hobby challenge is back!

I think I’ll start this month off with a hobby challenge, I haven’t set one up for awhile so why not? This month’s task: your current tabletop miniatures project. Whether it’s a single miniature, a squad, a tank or a small warband, so long as your work is built and primed you can join in!Continue reading “Hobby challenge is back!”

Gaunts Ghosts series reflection

Gaunts Ghost is a long running book series written by Dan Dan Abnett. It’s the longest running series (alongside the Felix and Gotrek series) stretching as far back as the founding of Black Library publishing. The story follows the Tanith First and Only, a guard company who were the only survivors from the destruction ofContinue reading “Gaunts Ghosts series reflection”

Price hike (a rant)

On Saturday GW have released the preorders for CSM and the second book in the Vigilus series. Some of the models look pretty awesome, the marine squad look way better than the outdated sculpts from decades ago. Abbadon, what can I say? Just too amazing to describe for the sculpt. However, I’m starting to noticeContinue reading “Price hike (a rant)”

Dark Future

Completely came as a surprise when I found this book at a secondhand book shop today! Beside a second copy of Storm Warriors by GW ( I got a copy at the same book shop!), this book was way down the book shelf that can easily be missed. I think this might be the oldestContinue reading “Dark Future”

My First plastic kits

In between now and next Friday will mark my 10th anniversary starting the hobby (by estimation, as I can’t remember what date I started exactly in February), so I’ve decided to share pictures of my first two model kits I started with. Not Warhammer fantasy battles, nor Warhammer 40k, but instead from the LoTR franchise.Continue reading “My First plastic kits”

12 days of winter [day 9]: how many White Dwarf magazines?

Hi guys! I’m back with a new post today (and struggling to find something worth posting to fill the deadline), with a stack of White Dwarf magazines! So this pile contains all of the magazines I’ve collected going far back as 2009, with my first issue of White Dwarf featuring the 7th ed Lizardmen beingContinue reading “12 days of winter [day 9]: how many White Dwarf magazines?”

12 days of winter [day 3]: Who is Hadrios?

welcome back to 12 days of winter, a daily calendar countdown towards Christmas. Each day, I’ll be posting different subjects, ranging from my own artwork, to model collection. Today, I want to base this post on a character called Hadrios, from ‘Slaughter at Giants Coffin’ by L J Goulding. The character in question is quiteContinue reading “12 days of winter [day 3]: Who is Hadrios?”

The good and bad times of 8th (2010 – 2014)

Today, I’ve finally got around to Part two of my three part series looking back at my time in the table top hobby. This post will be covering my time during the 8th edition years, from the highs to lows (and lots of rats!)

[WIP] Khorne Bloodbound, The Axes of Skarbrand: progress so far (part 1 of 2)

It’s been a bit quite lately for my khorne collection being featured on my blog, but now that’s about to change with a two part wave posts on what I’ve completed so far. Today I’ll be featuring my Mighty Lord of Khorne, Skull Canon and Bloodletters of Khorne.

Happy 40th White Dwarf!!

One of my favourite magazines has turned 40 recently, so to mark this special anniversary I wanted to share my story on my first encounter with the magazine and how it’s changed my life. Not only that, but there’s also an interesting turn of events at a car boot sale, that had a few old issues of White Dwarf magazine!