A tale of one Warlord: month 3 (Final!)

A tale of one Warlord: month 3 (Final!)

Alas, after a total of three months of painting all da greenskins I can muster for this collection, today marks the end of this collection. Whilst it’s half of the traditional six month challenge, I took on the task of getting at least one unit done per month (first month was the hardest challenge).

This project at first was a challenge to see if I can build a patrol formation in three months, using a colour scheme that I’ve never used before that would prove challenging. However, back in May, my long time friend, Leo (my pet dog) was put to sleep after suffering from neural disease. I decided that I would dedicate this collection in his memory of passing, as this was the last project he would have seen before leaving this world.

Today I have one sweat Trukk that’s a kitbash based on the old Trukk model. I’ve made sure to make this model look as Orky as a scrap kan on wheels.

This Trukk will carry my Ork Boyz with shootas around to drop them off at a safe area to get closer into shooting range. Since I have ten Ork Boyz, they can fit into the Trukk (not practicals though, only four can fit into the back).

So will this be the last ever Ork kit? Nope, as if you’ve seen my previous post from last Sunday, I’ve found some classic Grots from a car boot sale. I didn’t have time to paint them due to time constraints and running low on yellow paint to cover them all. I’ll be painting them at some point in the near future along with some Ork Boyz (the four models I got with the Trukk) to completely finish this collection off.

Whilst I would like to continue adding more Orks to the project, I feel that this three month task should end today and nothing else should be added. Luckily I got those Grots and four Ork Boyz before the deadline, so they still count. I might paint them as a bonus challenge maybe?

Anyways, that about wrap things up here. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post series challenge, and if your keen to start your own three month challenge (or six if your crazy), I’d say go for it!


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: An Executioner awaits her due

Warning!!! This post will contain spoilers for both the novel, Soul Wars, and the AoS Realmgate Wars audio drama series.


Today marks the fort of many posts that I’m doing as part of my AoS collection based on the characters and troops from the novel, Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds. I was inspired by the way the characters had an interesting backstories and motivations that were honestly too good to put the book down. Even the mortals were fascinating to read, like how cats were drawn to a girl named Elya, as if she may or may not be special.

I could go on about the story, but I don’t want spoil it here! I’ll add some of my own thoughts about the story and characters throughout this blog post series. So who will be my first focus for part one? Well I knew I had to do the Lord Executioner, who I’ve based mine on a character called Entyr Rocha, lady of the fourth circle. In her past life she was an Executioner in Helstone who took an obsessive joy in chopping off heads, many of her victims were innocent (but that didn’t register in her mind).

She had one bigger obsession, she wanted the Prince of Helstone, Tarsem (Tarsem would become Lord Celestant Tarsus Bullheart of the Hallowed Knights, his story can be found in the AoS Realmgate Wars audio drama series). Luckily for him, he was saved by Sigmar and sent Azyr to be reforged, leaving Rocha alone without her prince. Today, nothing has changed much for Rocha as she still reaps the innocent like a a farmer reaping his crops. Although now she’s a Lord Executioner who served under Pharus Thaum (I’ll elaborate more on him another time 😉) during the war at Glymmsforge.

I think it’s an irony for Rocha that her prince is now gone forever, as when we last heard from Tarsus, he was in a heated combat against Nagash. I think Nagash has a sick sense of humour to hide the fact that Tarsem is now his as a trapped soul, If only Rocha knew what her master knew.

when I got my hands on the Tempest of Souls boxset, the model itself is a fantastically sculpted model. I knew that I needed to paint Rocha with a new colour scheme that can visually capture the changing ethereal glow.

I’ve also painted some Glaivewraith Stalkers too!

That’s all I’ve got for part one for today. I’m really enthusiastic about this project going forward, as of typing this post I’ve already nearly painted the Nighthaunt models in the Tempest of Souls set.

I would highly recommend giving Soul Wars a read if your interested in ghosts, horror, lore and a good story to read. If you liked Hammerhal (also by Josh Reynolds) for its focus on the people and culture in the the realm of Ghyran, then you’ll enjoy Soul Wars’s location focus at Glymmsforge.

Oh, and write down some notes along the way whilst you read Soul Wars, as a certain character has an interesting past that I won’t spoil here 😉.

Next up, more ghosts! As well as my first painted Sacrosanct model of an Evocator called Helios.


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AoS faction collection: Stormcast Eternals- Lords of the Pisces, The final chapter

AoS faction collection: Stormcast Eternals- Lords of the Pisces, The final chapter

Here we are, at last a year+ series about my own Stormhost Warrior Chamber has reached its end. I only needed one more unit of Paladins to at least fulfil 1/3 of a Warrior Chamber, and today, my unit of Decimators has filled the final tick.

There’s not much to say about the colour scheme, it’s the same as the rest of the army.

It’s weird now to look back and see where I started this faction collection, all they say up to now where I have a fully painted army. If this was still the days of 8th edition, I would have retired from the hobby because would fulfilled my goal of painting a fully painted army lol. I’ve enjoyed this journey learning and building this army, not only from a practical perspective, but also from narrative building this army to have a goal and reason to exist.

The story about the Grey-manes empire is a tragic story that has shaped future generations of men and women. As reforged Stormcasts, they bare the most burden of all the Stormhosts, for their zealous goal of reclaiming back their fallen dynasty is only but a false fantasy fuelled by Sigmar.

So you might be wondering why I’ve decided to end this collection? Well it’s not a complete and on my part, more like a hiatus from this collection. My goal of building a Warrior Chamber was what I wanted to work on, and to carry on with this particular collection would lose the magic of pride and enjoyment. At least now that it’s done for now, I can turn my attentions on to other projects and back logs.

Whilst there are way more Stormcast Eternal models including the Vanguard chamber and the Sacrosanct Chamber (I’m not even daring to add any Exstremis Chamber, too expensive), they’ll be added in time once I have a new goal in mind.

However! Not to be too much of a hypocrite, there will be some additional models added to the Lords of the Pisces collection from the Sacrosanct Chamber. But these will only be Knight-Incantors, just to add some Wizards to the army for support.

Not only that, but let’s just say I have a very special project coming up very soon, that will be based on the characters from Josh Reynolds novel, Soul Wars. The book is by far one of AoS’s best fictional story, full of interesting characters, plot, locations and some clues to some characters that reference connections to past AoS books and even the World-That-Was. Oh, and so many cats, so many.

I wanted to represent the characters in the story for my Nighthaunt and Sacrosanct Chamber Collection. More specifically, Lord Arcanum Balthas and (…..) Knight of Shrouds as they fought during the battle at Glymmsforge.

Expect to see the first post on this project tomorrow, where a certain Lord Executioner is still looking for her prince……..


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Ghoul Ogres

When I put my AoS Death alliance in an army case and left in the loft, I thought that would be it for the collection for about a few years or more. I just found the collection to be difficult to work on as I didn’t like the way it was going, the project was scrapped as my motivation was none existent for this project. Ever since I got death models way back during Warhammer 8th edition Storms of magic expansion, I’ve had terrible luck getting anything done.

But last week, something occurred in my mind that gave me an idea on what to do with my Death collection! So I took the case out of the loft and looked through the case and took all of my kitbashed Ogres out. These models were a kitbashed units that were substitutes for Crypt Horrors, Ogres inflicted by the blood taint gift of the Abhorrent Ghoul king.

I found the concept more appealing and interesting, ironic that these tall and massive brute who go in search of food to fill their guts would fall into Ghoulification. Their hunger is more intense and painful, making them more hostile towards anyone that they see as food.

It was then that I decided that I would make a 500pt Destruction army of Gutbusters, with Shyish influence. A tribe of brutes who journey around Shyish looking for food in an endless wasteland of the dead, seeking to satisfy their hunger. Their blight in the realm can be traced far back during the Age of Chaos, where a long forgotten Abhorrent Ghoul king gifted his blood to mighty Ogre champion, creating the first Ghoul Ogre.

This is what I’ve got so far, with two units of Ogres, two Gorgers and one Butcher (Shaman), all fitting nicely into a small 500pt army. In terms of how I’ll be using this army, I’ll be using the Gutbusters rules to represent the army belonging to the Destruction alliance. As for the units in the collection, I’ve decided to add some unique classification and description for each unit.

  • Ogres- Tainted Guts: inflicted by drinking the blood of an Ascended Horror Tyrant, the Ogres become more hungrier and unstable from the blood taint. The blood marks them as part of the Tyrants Clan, as the leader sees worth in the Ogre to mark him as one of his warriors. The Ogre starts to change over time as his skin goes pale purple, and his hands become talons. This marks the first step towards the ghoulified change, as the Ogre becomes a Tainted Gut who obey the command of his sire to fight the foe.
  • Gorgers- Gutless Gores: when an Ogre has proved himself worthy as a leader and a warrior, he is ready to start the trial of the Gut ascends. He and other Ogres will drink a liquid mixture of the Tyrants blood (again) and grounded shards of Shadeglass. Once consumed, three outcomes will come as either the Ogre becomes a Ascended Horror Tyrant, a Maw Shaman, or commonly they’ll become a Gutless Gore. The Ogre will succumb to madness and be changed into a mindless beast, with incredible strength and ferocity that can tear down even the toughest defences.
  • Butchers- Maw Shamans: Although the trial has changed them to a hideous hunchback creature, they still retain their sanity to carry out their duties as shamans to the tribe. Gifted with the power of magic, the shaman will be imbued with the power to cast spells from the winds of Shyish. Summoning spirits as guides to lead their tribe to safety in the unforsaken lands of the dead desert, as well as strangely attracting the Nighthaunt to his will (unless they’re stubborn to not join him or are enthralled by a powerful necromantic user/ Night of Shrouds).
  • Tyrant- Ascended Horror Tyrant: When the Tainted Gut ascends to a Horror Tyrant, they are gifted with great strength, cunning, brutality and greediness to lead their tribe. If two tyrants survive the trial, they must either fight to the death to reclaim the title as leader, or one must leave to build his own tribe in exile. The winner will be the tribes new leader, who will lead his army to raid and pillage small towns for supplies and food. When the Tyrant has amassed enough soldiers and supplies, he’ll commence a mass invasion attack on enemy territory, to prove his strength and cunning as a coward less tyrant.
  • So with that being laid out, it’s now time to show you guys my journey so far with this collection. Enjoy!
  • Kitbashed Gutless Gore (Gorger substitute)
  • Kitbashed and green stuff sculpted Maw Shaman (Butcher substitute).
  • Maw Shamans cauldron.
  • second unit of Tainted Guts (Ogre substitute)
  • That’s all from me for now. I’ve still got some work to do on the cauldron, the Gorger as well as basing my newly painted models. Not much left to work on now since I’ve just about got everything completed. I’ll be posting a final update some time this week, so watch this space!
  • __________
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  • -Bjorn
  • Mercenary for hire!

    Meet Sgotsnitz, a Gretchin mercenary who can put a round or two with his bulky bolter.

    This was my sample painting of a Gretchin using my colour scheme of the Bad Moons, which I’ve used across my Ork army. I wanted to see how the model will look once painted, so I have a visual guide for painting the rest of the unit in batch’s.

    I really like the sculpt of the model, there’s a look of glee on the little greenskins face, as if he’s really keen to cause mayhem. I was lucky to have found the unit to be relatively intact with details still visible, the old paint job by the previous owner was hardly much layers of paint.

    Anyways, one down, twenty four more Gretchins to go!


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    The Litherdune Cult

    The Litherdune Cult

    Just when I thought I couldn’t surprise myself, it turns out I could! I was able to paint 19x cultist in a matter of a week, adding them to my Emperors Children project as meat shields. My unit of cultists haven’t been painted properly since I first got them back when Dark vengeance was released!

    The painting may look lacklustre and lower quality in appearance compared to my usual painting quality, however, since cultists are easy to wipe out as lesser unworthy worshipers, I’ve gone and done a fairly simple batch painting process to make them fit thematically to the army.

    Now that my side project has another unit to add to its ranks, I’m planning on adding more models to the collection (back log models). A second unit of cultists will be added (if I can find more slot bases to use) and finally, add two more Primaris sized marines and one Chaos Lord as my HQ.

    This project is nearly over now, I’m glad to have finally gotten a few backlog models painted at last. Those cultists had a long waiting cue before I’d finally painted them (well, one unit out of two).

    Now that I look back on the project, I think what’s motivated me the most was starting the army off with the Armigers and reading up on the Emperors Children. I’ve always wanted to start an EC army ever since I’d started the hobby nearly ten years ago, so I’m now really keen to finish this project off.


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    Treasure, yarrrrrr!

    Today at a local car boot sale (one of the biggest ones in my county), I was searching for some bargains and stuff that might be worth buying. Like my previous findings where I found all sorts of treasures relating to Games Workshop, like stacks of early 2,000’s White Dwarf issues and Inferno issues I found a few months ago.

    Well today blew my mind, as before my eyes I’ve found not just any ordinary White Dwarf magazine, instead I found the ‘Big’ one!

    Oh yes, this issue of White Dwarf was a special 300th issue that was 50% extra pages of hobby goodness. Finding this was a joy, as I’ve always enjoy finding old White Dwarf magazines wether I may find them.

    But that’s not all! As I was also offered to buy a set of 28 classic (Gretchins or Orks?), with paint on them, but the details are still visible and intact.

    I’ll be adding these guys to my 40k Ork army as a unit of 25x Gretchins, which will be my third troop choice in the Patrol detachment.

    As for the last three models, I might add them to the unit, or I could use them for other creative projects……

    Before I go, just a quick update! I’ll be posting more content this coming week with all manner of new posts on current and one new short projects. Since this week will be my last week of summer of hobbying, I’ll be doing my final end of project post featuring everything that I’ve done during the holiday. Stay tuned for that next Sunday!


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