A tale of one Warlord: month 3 (Final!)

Alas, after a total of three months of painting all da greenskins I can muster for this collection, today marks the end of this collection. Whilst it’s half of the traditional six month challenge, I took on the task of getting at least one unit done per month (first month was the hardest challenge). ThisContinue reading “A tale of one Warlord: month 3 (Final!)”

Inspired Soul Wars Collection: An Executioner awaits her due

Warning!!! This post will contain spoilers for both the novel, Soul Wars, and the AoS Realmgate Wars audio drama series. ________________________ Today marks the fort of many posts that I’m doing as part of my AoS collection based on the characters and troops from the novel, Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds. I was inspired byContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars Collection: An Executioner awaits her due”

AoS faction collection: Stormcast Eternals- Lords of the Pisces, The final chapter

Here we are, at last a year+ series about my own Stormhost Warrior Chamber has reached its end. I only needed one more unit of Paladins to at least fulfil 1/3 of a Warrior Chamber, and today, my unit of Decimators has filled the final tick. There’s not much to say about the colour scheme,Continue reading “AoS faction collection: Stormcast Eternals- Lords of the Pisces, The final chapter”

Ghoul Ogres

When I put my AoS Death alliance in an army case and left in the loft, I thought that would be it for the collection for about a few years or more. I just found the collection to be difficult to work on as I didn’t like the way it was going, the project wasContinue reading “Ghoul Ogres”

Mercenary for hire!

Meet Sgotsnitz, a Gretchin mercenary who can put a round or two with his bulky bolter. This was my sample painting of a Gretchin using my colour scheme of the Bad Moons, which I’ve used across my Ork army. I wanted to see how the model will look once painted, so I have a visualContinue reading “Mercenary for hire!”

The Litherdune Cult

Just when I thought I couldn’t surprise myself, it turns out I could! I was able to paint 19x cultist in a matter of a week, adding them to my Emperors Children project as meat shields. My unit of cultists haven’t been painted properly since I first got them back when Dark vengeance was released!Continue reading “The Litherdune Cult”

Treasure, yarrrrrr!

Today at a local car boot sale (one of the biggest ones in my county), I was searching for some bargains and stuff that might be worth buying. Like my previous findings where I found all sorts of treasures relating to Games Workshop, like stacks of early 2,000’s White Dwarf issues and Inferno issues IContinue reading “Treasure, yarrrrrr!”

Red helms of the Skullfiend Tribe (update!)

sorry for the crap photos, I couldn’t find a suitable background and flat surface to take a photo of this lot. I really need to start using my painting table as a photo area (if I ever stop painting). It’s been quite awhile now since I’ve shown my Skullfiend Tribe Collection, which has now grownContinue reading “Red helms of the Skullfiend Tribe (update!)”

Accept the truth and sacrifice your soul to the young god

Today I have a short post on what I’ve done with my small but reasonably fun side project, The Emperors Children warband. For the past few weeks I’ve had two Knight Armiger Helverin’s painted along with a few kitbashed models, one of which is a unit of proper sized Chaos space marines. Like all squadsContinue reading “Accept the truth and sacrifice your soul to the young god”

Black Templars 8th edition collection, part 11

At long last I have more Black Templar models painted! I thought it was about time I got back to painting more my 40k collection, and finish off more Black Templars. This time I’ve added more models to the collection including a Land Speeder, 3x Reivers, 5x Sisters of Silence and an Emperors champion, whichContinue reading “Black Templars 8th edition collection, part 11”