Looking back on old hobby memories

In this latest post, I’ll be uncovering some old photos of my early days of joining the Warhammer hobby. I haven’t realised I still had these, or even remembered having these photos taken, so this is going to be a fun trip down memory lane!

what your about to see is a an early history of my beginning into the table top hobby, and what they mean to me now when I look back on them. Just a warning though, a lot of these are very bad in quality due to shaky camera quality, and the model painted are not the most pleasing to gaze upon lol.

So without further or do, lets dive in!

HPIM0404Tomb kings scenery at Warhammer world 2010

HPIM0405Giant sized Rat Ogre (anyone know the what they call these?)



The Island of Blood game board was used for the 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy when the new boxed games was released back in 2010, featuring the High Elves and the Skaven. I got the opportunity to take some photos of the game board when it was available to play at Warhammer World, looking at it close up was amazing to see the depth of detail being done to create it. Sadly, its no longer available to play at Warhammer world (about eight years to be precise!).

Whilst playing at Warhammer World with my shoddy painted Skaven (today they’re not as bad now, check the Skaven tag on my blog if your interested in seeing how my army looks now), I took a few photos of a game I had with a friend. These photos remind me a lot about 8th edition and what it meant for me as a wargamer, it was hard to play back then, but I had fond memories of the games and people I’ve met when the world was still turning. Now, Mallus turns in it’s darkened state above the realm of Azyr.

This was a collection of photos showing both the Lizardmen vs Dark Elves, played on a grass mat with meh painted scenery. Back then my Dark Elves hadn’t been painted properly as I didn’t have a colour scheme in mind for the army. in fact, it would be eight years later until I’d finally applied a consistent colour scheme in the livery of red and silver. These photos were taken roughly around 7th/ 8th edition days.

Finally, one final photo that in my opinion is one the most important one from all shown here today…….

This photo isn’t the best one taken (and sadly the only one), its not a picture of the best painted miniature ever, not even me seeing my favourite BL author in person, nor is it me rejoicing at finishing painting 40x Clanrats for my Skaven army. for you see, this photo was important to me as its one of the earliest photos taken showing me gluing my army of Dark Elves at Christmas. This photo is a story of beginning, how at this moment of history captured was a record of my journey into the hobby of table top wargaming. 

To you, it might not seem much (I wouldn’t blame you as the photo quality is pretty bad), however to me, finding this photo this week after looking through old photos for my dog was a big thing for me. It reminds me of where I’ve started when I started the hobby, and where it’s led me today.

I hope this post has inspired you to look back in the past and remember your early days when you first went to your local GW or gaming club. It may remind of the good and bad days when looking back, but those memories remind you of who you are today as a hobbyist.

Until next time,


Visiting Warhammer World

Visiting Warhammer World

Yesterday I went to Warhammer World as day trip to mark the end of my holiday, before I return back to studying at college. The visit was fantastic with the changes to the building, including new exhibition areas to look around. Just looking at the models up close to see the painstakingly detailed model paintings, makes me want to push myself to aim for a better painting quilt on my own miniatures.

I’ve taken a lot of photos too of the exhibitions on display which I would’ve shown you guys the photos, I can’t however as it would be against WW rules on taking photographs. However, I’d totally recommend visiting Warhammer World’s exhibition as it’s packed with loads of awesome displays and massive diorama pieces.

The hardest part of the visit was shopping around for stuff, let alone decide on what I wanted from a massive range of books, models and accessories to choose from. I think I must have spent 15min est choosing what book I wanted to buy from the biggest BL range I’ve ever seen. In the end, after much self debating on what to buy, I’ve finally made it through.

First up is an exclusive book only at Warhammer World ‘ Sons of the Emperor’, an anthology book that’s part of the Primarchs series for HH. Written by various authors of up to eight short stories, it tells various stories of pre heresy and stories during the heresy.

I didn’t actually knew that this book was on sale, so I was really intrigued to read it and find out more about these exclusive stories. It even includes an Iron warriors short story, so I’ll certainly be adding it to my Iron Warriors retrospective book series.

Next up, something that caught me by surprise was this treasure from the book shelf…….

There were a lot of signed copies of Lorgar’s, Bearer of the Word as well as a few other signed books by Gav Thorpe at BL. How there were only signed books of his at the bookshop was surprising when I went to the counter. The guy serving at the till said that Gav was at WW last week signing books, with a few copies left over that weren’t sold being on sale at BL instead.

I’m very happy to have gotten this book on the day, and I’m looking forward to reading it very soon!

Finally, we come to the last item….

Being the first ever Forge World resin kit I’ve purchased at WW and in my life, I was pretty excited to build this kit like some crazy pink horror. But who did I get?

It’s surprisingly Jago Sevatar of the Night Lords legion.

I couldn’t afford to buy a Primarch, so I went with one of the cheaper character models instead, that being the handsome convict himself, Sevatar. I’m glad to report that there was no major moulding faults, missing parts and warped problems with the kit. Only some areas needed scrubbing and resetting bent parts like the staff and dagger.

The overall look of the model is exquisite in detail and design, well worth paying for! However, I want to see if the primer paint will set on the model before anything else. I did what the instructions said on cleaning the models, so hopefully it should go well 🤞.

Some highlights from my visit to Warhammer World:

  • Seeing the massive diorama of Istvaan V with the dual between Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus, a very impactful display that visually captures that fateful day.
  • Seeing the early days of Citadel Miniatures with various resource books and classic models, including a dragon that looks too cute to be scary.
  • Looking at a Warlord Titan itself, holy s*** is it big! Too expensive to buy though 😣.
  • Seeing Perturabo himself (well not exactly) on display, I made sure I took a good photograph of him for my 2018 photo album.
  • Looking at the Stormcast up close, they look more shiny and details than they look on White Dwarf. The team behind painting the SE are really talented!
  • There’s actually two dedicated displays for armies of Warhammer fantasy battles, the Tomb Kings and Bretonnia. I think WW wanted to retain these guys to show that they won’t be forgotten any time soon. It was nice to see a small section dedicated to the old setting too.
  • There’s a 360 display of the End Times featuring the Skaven and the Dwarfs battling underground, did anyone visiting WW find Bugman himself?
  • A whole display of Black Templars, a glorious sight to see.
  • The Black Library Shop was like a book worms heaven with a vast array of books on sale. Anyone who likes BL books should visit WW at least once in their life!
  • The Forge World Shop was pretty cool, the staff were very helpful and enthusiastic.

Overall, I was very happy to have visited Warhammer World again after many years of not visiting. It’s a place that beats video games any day, just to see the creativity that goes into the hobby. I’m impressed by he changes that have been done to the place, and I’m certainly going to go back in the summer holidays if I can.

Before I finish, I would like to thank the WW staff for helping me and my dad for directions, as we were very unsure where to go for the exhibition. I’d also like to thank them for their enthusiasm and politeness, I rarely get to see great customer service outside of Games Workshop.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who worked on the exhibitions, as they’ve put a lot of effort to create a very memorable displays.

And so I finish here, thank you to everyone for reading this post and I hope you have enjoyed reading it. It’s wonderful to see a hobby like this become a world wide success thanks to hobbyists all around the world. To last this long from it’s early days is a massive achievement.

I know many of you may not be able make it to Warhammer World due to commitments and being far away from the UK. It’s sad to know that not everyone can make it, which is a downside to having one Warhammer World in the World. Hopefully, if Warhammer Cafe is a successful venture, I hope GW will start spreading Warhammer Cafes around the world in the future.

Did you visit Warhammer World before? What was it like for you, and what did you like from your visit? Leave a comment below, and I’ll see you guys very soon in my next upcoming post.


The good and bad times of 8th (2010 – 2014)

The good and bad times of 8th (2010 – 2014)

The second part to the trinity of posts based on my time collecting the hobby models. Last time I posted my early experiences of my first time joining the hobby when 7th ed was still around. But now I’m going to share my highs and lows of 8th ed, and how my perception of the hobby changed during the five year run. 

Marines, 7th ed, and a bombshell next year!

Christmas in 2009 was like the apocalypse, things weren’t like what they used to be. You see, Poltics used to be funny, the Tv used to have something decent to watch and a mediocre Doctor who xmas special. During this time, I was collecting my Dark Elves since the summer holidays (all unpainted, ah those were the days when I was less enthusiastic about painting). 

However, I was going to start the Tau battle force for xmas, since I wanted to get into Warhammer 40k. However, by a strange turn of events, I got a mega battle force of Chaos Space marines instead. A whopping great big bundle of marines in one big box! 

But the question came to me, what’s what? This was the start of a terrible decision to kit bash all my marines without first consulting an army book, as well as properly painting the models. Looking back now, I was a total noob.

As well as having a mighty abomination of Chaos Space marine models, I’ve also gotten myself a copy of Warhammer 7th edition. This was actually a really good book to read at the time, the faction section was an exploration of fantasy that never gets old even to this day. I’ve always liked the A4 colour illustrations of each faction, as well as the brief lore helping to bring these illustrations to life.  

But alas, my gaming skills and mental capacity for the rules weren’t great, in fact most games I’ve had for 7th edition ended up being me losing. However, it was meeting different people for games at my local GW that always inspired me to keep on playing Warhammer fantasy. I remember such players as the ‘Chaos kid’, erm the ‘Tree man’, umm, ‘Dwarf grudge bearer #1’, and err ‘Dwarf grudge bearer #2’. Yeah, my memory of my opponents names has faded into the sands of Nekherra.

A few months later, having been playing my crew of Dark Elves (which were boosted with new shiny metal models, god damn that metal hydra model was an awesome sculpt, but difficult to put together!), the news arrived that 8th edition was coming. My reaction to this news was quite disdainful, as the new rule book would cost around £50! (I can imagine the dread as parents would slowly realise their child will be spending bucket loads of money for a hobby that’s very expensive).

A new rule book, a new era for many and most importantly, a new faction for me. This was the start of my love for the hobby as I started investing into my second collection, the Skaven!

The Purple Warp tide and my first visit to Warhammer World (2010-2011)

The purple Warp tide, probably the cringe-ist name I’ve ever made up for a faction. But, in all fairness, I was young and still had barely read the full Skaven lore back then. 

My first visit to Warhammer world was a memorable time, seeing the models in the museum that was featured in White Dwarf and products was like a holy pilgrimage. I can remember to this day of one of the displays featuring diorama pieces that were contributed to the museum. One particular piece was the Clovkwork egineer, which won the Golden Daemon 2009 (or 2010, I can’t remember which year it was) Seeing that really inspired me to be a Wargamer and painter, eight years later, I’ve still been following that dream to this day.

The faction started out with a box of Rat Ogres as my special choice. Fun fact, these were my first plastic models I’ve brought from the main GW store in Warhammer World. Back then, I had the choice of either buying a Chaos Rhino or a kit of Rat Ogres. Thankfully I made the right choice!

Later my force would be bloated by two box sets of Island of Blood, a starter set that ties into the 8th edition release. Another fun fact, I’ve actually got to see the board that shown for the Island of Blood at Warhammer World. In person, it was quite big board that was professionally built. I just wish I could have played my skaven on it!

The force was swollen even more by kits, including the infamous Screaming Bell. This would also mark the end of my Dark Elves, as the Skaven took over my table top gaming. Looking back, the one thing I regret to this day is not finishing the collection, as well as play their 8th edition army book before the End Times ended the Old World.

Decline of gaming, and the end of the World-That-Was (2011-2014)

After a few years of gaming with 8th edition (still not getting used to the rules), I’ve become less enthusiastic with the hobby by 2013. I felt as though my inability to absorb the rules, and quality of painting not getting better has fatigued me. At this point, I was truly getting to the point of quitting the hobby and move on. No longer did I attend my local GW to play games (as well as a particular person wearing a black polo shirt insulting my intelligents with their ‘Maths degree’ smart-arse. Trust me, I’m like a grudgebearer to people who boast at me like I’m a dumb peasant). 

The only time I would engage in the hobby was painting models and playing games with my friend, apart from that not a lot of progress was made. Originally we were going to start a campaign using Storms of Magic expansion, but that never got around as life got in the way.

By the summer of 2014, the End Times came, something I didn’t realise was a big thing until I looked into it properly. It became apparent by book two that the world of Warhammer was going to end, and I wanted to play one more game before the world I was immersed in was going to end. So to mark the end of the world, I was going to have one final battle with my Dark Elves and Skaven against the High Elves. To prove once and for all that I can defeat the Elves of Ulthuan! But sadly, another time I regret was not having this final battle, and a bitter fruit to swallow.

Then as 2014 ended, 2015 would arrive with the biggest shock, the Age of Sigmar had arrived. A controversial beginning, but nonetheless, a change that would not only bring me back to Warhammer fantasy, but improve myself at gaming and painting. But that’s a story for another day


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!