AoS: Collections so far!

I felt it was time to update you all on my collections for AoS, as I’ve not been clear on what’s going with the factions as of yet. So I’ve decided to count my existing models (yay, that’s going to take awhile….), therefore giving you a informal list on what’s currently completed, and what’s stillContinue reading “AoS: Collections so far!”

The Exiled Seekers (part 1)

A bit of a change around for my Aelfs in terms of what they’ll be in theme and backstory wise. This will be a new blog series that’ll replace ‘The Dovaskar Legacey’ as that gotten nowhere for me :(. But after a long think about what I should do instead, I’ve decided to mainly focusContinue reading “The Exiled Seekers (part 1)”

The Dovaskar Legacy- part 1: Dreadlord Tilanth, leader of the Red Scarlet dynasty

To start off ‘The Dovaskar Legacy’ series, I present the first of the Aelf of the Red Scarlet dynasty, enjoy! Tilanth was four generations down the lost royal blood line after the decimation of his birth realm, Ghur. His great grandfather,the disgraced  King, passed on his fateful memory’s of the day when chaos came toContinue reading “The Dovaskar Legacy- part 1: Dreadlord Tilanth, leader of the Red Scarlet dynasty”

The Dovarskar legacy

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be starting a new blog series tomorrow called The Dovaskar Legacy. This will be a showcase of my combined forces of both the fallen exiles of Aelf kin and the undead. This will be a prominent series like my Clan Pestilens army blogs.  I’ve been really inspired to doContinue reading “The Dovarskar legacy”