AoS: Collections so far!

AoS: Collections so far!

I felt it was time to update you all on my collections for AoS, as I’ve not been clear on what’s going with the factions as of yet. So I’ve decided to count my existing models (yay, that’s going to take awhile….), therefore giving you a informal list on what’s currently completed, and what’s still in painting process. I’ll be making spotlight posts later on from now on, that will cover each factions backstory, faction heraldry/Icons, who leads them, notable battles and how their actions affect each other. 

If you’ve got any suggestions on what would be best for army lists on the faction lists below, tactics or hobby ideas, post me a comment and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Enjoy!

Clan Skelnix (Allied Skaven alligence)

Units completed so far:

  • 1x Verminlord Corrupter
  • 1x Warlord
  • 1x Screaming Bell
  • 1x Plague priest
  • 6x Rat Ogre’s
  • 6x Pack masters
  • 12x Giant Rats
  • 1x Warlock Engineer
  • 1x Hellpit Abomination
  • 6x Gutter Runners

Units currently in painting process:

  • 20x Plague priests 
  • 80x Clan rats
  • 1x Doom Wheel (needs rebasing)
  • 30x Night Runners
  • 12x Giant rats
  • 2x Warpfire Crew
  • 2x Poisoned wind mortar crew
  • 1x Assassin
  • 1x Warlock Engineer
  • 1x Warlord

The Exiled Seekers (Dark elves and combined Slannesh force)units completed so far:

  • 1x Sorcerer 
  • 1x Dreadlord (on foot)
  • 1x Tenerbrael Shard

Units currently in painting process:

  • 1x Reaperbolt Thrower +2 crew
  • 1x Hydra +2 Beastmasters
  • 10x Black Guard
  • 20x Corsairs
  • 1x Malus Darkblade

The Stagrot Warband (Combined Nurgle force)

Units completed so far: 

  • 1x Great Unclean one
  • 1x Lord of plagues
  • 1x Rotbringers Sorcerer 
  • 1x Harbinger of Decay
  • 10x Chaos Warriors
  • 3x Plague Ogre’s
  • 2x Beasts of Nurgle
  • 10x Plague Bearers of Nurgle
  • 2x Chaos Spawn

Units currently in painting process:

  • 3x Harbingers of Decay
  • 5x Chaos Knights

The Court Of Liverbone ( refferd to as The Court of Ashtheon by Ghouls delusion)

Units completed so far:

  • 1x Crypt Ghast Courtier

Units currently in painting progress:

  • 4x Ghouls
  • 1x Crypt Ghast Coutier

The Followers of Lord of Khorne Sophia’s; Red talons (Khorne Bloodbound warband) 

Units completed so far:

  • 1x Slaughter Priest

Units currently in painting progress:

  • 5x Blood Warriors

The Ivy Drakes of Corland-vale (combined forces of Ironwald Arsonal, Disspossed, Free people’s and Stormcast Eternals)

Units currently completed:

  • 2x canons +3 crew per canon
  • 1x Liberator (may be repainted when joined in 5x liberator unit)
  • 1x General
  • 1x Runesmith
  • 1x Wizard

Currently in painting progress: 

  • 30x Handgunners
  • 30x Handgunners
  • 2x Canons

The unliving Legion of Dovaskar 

Units currently completed:

  • 10x Skeleton warriors 
  • 1x Banshee
  • 1x Wight King 
  • 1x Vanpire on Nightmare
  • 2x Necromancers 

Units currently in painting progress:

  • 10x Skeleton Warrios
  • 10x Grave Guard
  • 5x Blood Knights
  • 3x Spirit Hosts

The Exiled Seekers (part 1)

A bit of a change around for my Aelfs in terms of what they’ll be in theme and backstory wise. This will be a new blog series that’ll replace ‘The Dovaskar Legacey’ as that gotten nowhere for me :(. But after a long think about what I should do instead, I’ve decided to mainly focus on my Aelfs as their own entity. There won’t be any lore behind the models for the narrative, but instead I’ll hint some clues as to what will be next (just to see if anyone can guess it right). 

I had these on the waiting list for some time now, so I’ve finally decided to post this as my first re-introduction to my Aelf army. As you’ll notice, my Dreadlord (right) is on a newly decorated base (25mm) to fit in with the rest of the army. 

My sorcerer (middel) will mainly be leading my Darkling covern to war with her arcane skills (and sacrificing weak solider’s from the infantry to boost her powers). She’ll be the army’s more notable presence on the front line, staying within a unit of twenty dreadspears.

Finally on the left is a Tenebrael shard, made by using wytch leader from a dark Eldar kit. Originally this model was supposed to be leader of the shades unit, but sadly the shades aren’t really cannon in the new setting (however, they can still be playable, so it’s not all that bad 🙂 ).

Finally, here’s a clue at what’s to come on the next part of this series, I’ll make it an easy one as it’s the first one. Good luck!

It strike’s like the sharpest metal of pure malice, shredding foes from its path. Only two are needed to control it, using their knowledge to make the most out of its terrible power.

The Dovaskar Legacy- part 1: Dreadlord Tilanth, leader of the Red Scarlet dynasty

To start off ‘The Dovaskar Legacy’ series, I present the first of the Aelf of the Red Scarlet dynasty, enjoy!

Tilanth was four generations down the lost royal blood line after the decimation of his birth realm, Ghur. His great grandfather,the disgraced  King, passed on his fateful memory’s of the day when chaos came to their city, remembering everything that had happen. 

Since then, he has passed this on to his sons and daughters, who in turn pass on the story to their sons and daughters. Tilanth is the current blood born to learn of his kins story. So it began, when he announced to the gods that he will avenge his fallen ancestors, be it by the gods help or not.

It took decades for Tilanth years to build up his army, from allying with the privateers of the sky ships, to the beast masters of serpents. He has so far outdone his forefathers, doing what they couldn’t do in a thousand years. 

But Tilanth lacks knowledge of where his homeland is located, all recordings of where the city was were all but destroyed. However, he has been contacted by a mysterious entity from a realm hole shard, calling itself Dovaskar. 

Dovaskar wants Tilanth to come to the realm of Shyish, to a place called Greykeep, where he will help the young Dreadlord find what he seeks. Wether Tilanth will heed the entity’s words, that will be another story for now.

||Next story-Part 2: The Red Queen, Friday 6th May||

The Dovarskar legacy

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be starting a new blog series tomorrow called The Dovaskar Legacy. This will be a showcase of my combined forces of both the fallen exiles of Aelf kin and the undead. This will be a prominent series like my Clan Pestilens army blogs. 

I’ve been really inspired to do something different with my blog posts, to make them a lot more engaging and interesting to look at. Hopefully this will inspire people to build up their own story’s for their Warhammer AOS army’s.
Unlike my Clan Pestilens blog series, ‘The Dovarskar Legacy’ will be a fluff based series, telling the tale of how a long forgotten Aelf empire was reborn by a mysterious necromancer, who calls himself Dovarskar. In each post, I’ll show a unit that’s being featured with a backstory, and mini lore parts to the army’s backstory too.

To finish this post off, I’ll leave you guys with a tale from a village of Greykeep in the realm of shyish, enjoy!

They say he was there when the World-that-was died during the End times. He was there when Aelfs were prosperous during the Age of Myth, side by side as he and the Aelfs built a dynasty called the Red Scarlets, in the realm of Ghur. 

But then, during the early days of the Age of Chaos, the Red Scarlets were decimated by Nurgles followers of Gashstyx. A once prosperous empire, now turned to ashes and corruption. A few survived and fled, whilst others like Dovaskar were killed on the Amber grasses of Ghur.

But death would not embrace Dovaskar, for Nagash took his soul to the realm of Shyish, and remade Dovaskar into something more horrendous and wicked. Since then, he has been training his necromancey skills, mastering its arts to achieve the ability to raise hundreds of undead servants.

No one knew who this poor soul was when he entered Shyish, or what he had become. But folk at Greykeep rumor that this mysterious soul had been enraged at his empires decimation, and vowed to hunt down and destroy the followers of Gashstyx for eternity.

After years of mastering the art of necromancey, the time has come for Dovaskar to raise his dead empire and find the remaining Aelfs of the Red Scarlets and form an alliance to take back their homeland.