3D model robot- part 6: designing backgrounds

Now that I’ve completed painting my model, the next part is to decide what my background will be for my project. Using mediums that can give a bright and professional presentation when applied to my background designs. I’ve decided to do two different background designs for my final design robot as a scenic background. IContinue reading “3D model robot- part 6: designing backgrounds”

3D model robot- part 5: painting and testing techniques

Here’s part five of the 3D model design process, this time I’m focusing on starting to paint the model in plain basecoating. Then I’ll be building this up in several parts, building layers until I get a professional painted model. Carrying on from part 4, I’ve completely basecoated the model in gloss white spray paint.Continue reading “3D model robot- part 5: painting and testing techniques”

3D model robot- part 4 [update]

This is just an update blog on what I’ve done so far with the final design model.  So the pipes I used on the model weren’t as weightless as I thought they were, as they couldn’t hold onto the plant pot by the glue and kept tear off from the bonding. The solution was toContinue reading “3D model robot- part 4 [update]”

3D model robot- part 4: Improving and creating final design

This part will explain my process from what I’ve learnt from my test design, and starting the process for creating my final design. Whilst the design will be similar, there are a few improvements to the methods and process into creating the final design. So I started out by looking through my  test design workContinue reading “3D model robot- part 4: Improving and creating final design”

3D model robot-part 3: test design part 3

Continuing on from the last part in my 3D model design series, this time I’ve spray painted the whole body and legs seperatly, to see how the model looked once basecoated. The tape didn’t really go down well, it looked odd from the basecoat. I originally thought it might look smooth but wrinkled once IContinue reading “3D model robot-part 3: test design part 3”

The Dovaskar Legacy- part 3: Allthenius, King of ashes

Today I’ve added a new model to the army collection, a Wight king. He will be leading the Deathrattle units, and close ties to Dovaskars legion.  Funnily enough, this model is actually an old blood bowl model I found, whilst I was looking around at a charity shop. I added a shield and sword fromContinue reading “The Dovaskar Legacy- part 3: Allthenius, King of ashes”

The Dovaskar Legacy- part 2: The Red Queen

Today, present part two of The Dovaskar Legacy series, exploring one of Dovaskars ethereal allies, the mysterious Red Queen. Enjoy! Greykeep is known for its myths and lost legends of old, including some legends that still roam the village to this day. But none are so vastly infamous as the lady of mystery herself, ‘TheContinue reading “The Dovaskar Legacy- part 2: The Red Queen”

3D model robot- part 2: testing part 2

Carrying on from the last post, I’ve added the second part to the test design experiment phase. This part focuses on the top part of the model, adding parts to the head of the robot and the legs. Materials: One tikka curry packaging lid and bowl. 135 degree pipes and 34mm pipes (x4 each) OneContinue reading “3D model robot- part 2: testing part 2”

3D model Robot- part 1: planning and testing design

Today I’m starting my project on making a robot based on inspirational 1950’s Sci-fi art, such artists including Ron Turner and Alexandre Leydenfrost. The theme will be based on the 1950’s Sci-fi, with the project design process made in 3D form. Planning phase: I started the process by planning on what my design should be,Continue reading “3D model Robot- part 1: planning and testing design”