3D model robot- part 2: testing part 2

Carrying on from the last post, I’ve added the second part to the test design experiment phase. This part focuses on the top part of the model, adding parts to the head of the robot and the legs.


One tikka curry packaging lid and bowl.

135 degree pipes and 34mm pipes (x4 each)
One pipe washer.

Making the head:

Step 1: cut a small hole in the tikka packaging bowl, and tape it on top of the upper plant pot. Make sure the LED lights are within the bowl, and tape the bowl tightly so that its not easily loosen.

Step 2: cut the lid in two halfs, and snip the two ends in an angle. Also, cut the top of the lid in a half moon shape.

Step 3: tape the first half of the lid on the top pot securely, make sure it’s firmly in place by the tape. 

Step 4: glue gun the other lid onto power of the eye, as though it’s an eyelid. The reason why I’ve did the two lids differently was because I wanted to see what surface would suit my test design. I’ve done three surfaces (1: tape 2: sanded lid plastic 3: clear plastic lid) to test which surface would be suitable when applying spray paint.
Step 5: add the pipe washer into the eye, this will help to define the eye a lot more. 

Making the legs:

Step 1: make two identical sized pipes (saw them to your preferred measurement), and secure the 135 degree pipes at both ends of your two pipes (I’ve sanded one leg to do the same technique as explained in step 4 on making the head.)

Step 2: like the plastic lids, tape the legs onto the lower plant pot, until they are securely in place. It can be fiddler to do, so take your time when doing this part. 

Step 3: tape two identical pipes together, these will act as the base for the robot to sit on.

Overal design look:

Now that all of the parts are added,  my 3rd part of the blog project will be the process on the gloss white spray paint on the model. Then I’ll do a evaluation on what I’ve done so far on the project, and what I can improve on, to keep in mind when I do the final design. 

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