The Dovaskar Legacy- part 3: Allthenius, King of ashes

Today I’ve added a new model to the army collection, a Wight king. He will be leading the Deathrattle units, and close ties to Dovaskars legion.

 Funnily enough, this model is actually an old blood bowl model I found, whilst I was looking around at a charity shop. I added a shield and sword from the skeleton warriors kit, just to give him the weapons that his warscroll describes. 

So without further or do, I present part 3 in ‘The Dovaskar Legacy’ series, enjoy!

Before the fall of the Red Scarlet dynasty, Allthenius was the first to establish his empire long ago. He was born in the snowy valleys as a Frost Aelf, a race that are born to use frost magic and ice weapons.

He was one of the many Frost Aelfs to travel through the ice valleys of Valykris, and through a realm gate into the realm of Ghur. There he set about building plans for a city of pure iron, a vast bastion of grey against the amber grasses of the Dawn crest mountain.

Years down the line saw the King rule his kingdom with superiority and determination. His rulership was renowned to be fair for all races who live in his kingdom. But he can also be as stern as iron, fighting on the battlefields with a roar of frost breath from his majestic voice.

But alas, it wouldn’t be long before he was fadeing from old age, and fell into deaths grasp. He passed on his mantle of responsibility as King to his only son and heir to the throne, Grendilis. 

From then on, the kingdom was a shadow of its former self. All of the nobles were divided and accused each other for their different ideologies for how the kingdom should be ruled. But all that changed when the Age of Chaos arrived, Nurgles daemon legions decimated everything that Allthenius had built, to ashes. 

Years later, Allthenius awoke from his deep slumber with wide blazing blue eyes. He roared as he broke his tomb open ,and limped out from the crypt to see what was outside, or what was left of it.

All that was left was ashes, apart from a mass monolith citadel in the distance, that was once his castle. It was once made from pure iron, but now it was corrupted with Nurgles foul blessings and corruptions.

Allthenius saw a looming shadow over him, and turned to see who or what was blotting out the green murky sky. A spectral being in form of a dark fog of pure dark magic spoke to him from beyond. The being introduced himself as Dovaskar, which Allthenius knew that name and bowed before his new master. 

They both made an alliance that day, the King was given a title, Allthenius, King of ashes. He and his master, as well as Dovaskars generals are planning their war against those who took their land, and to take back the monolith citedel from Nurgle.

| Next up- part 4: The summoner brothers of Greykeep. Friday 11th May |


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