Post- AoS game evaluation [scrapped blog post]

Post- AoS game evaluation [scrapped blog post]

[Note: Originally I was going to post this battle report a few days after a game of AoS, Khorne Bloodbound vs Death alligence. However, I ended up scrapping the post, as I wasn’t sure it was interesting or even worth posting. I quickly jumped to the end of the report, having felt I wasn’t doing a good job at writing the report.

Now I’ve decided to post this scrapped attempt battle report, as I’m interested to see what opinions and advice you guys have on the subject. It’ll be interesting to see how this post will fare (as a casual gamer, err it didn’t go well for me lol. I’m not that good at wargaming, the dice gods tend to mock me……)

Anyways, enjoy the post!]

Last week, I’ve played a game of AoS against my friend, a 1000pt game using my Khorne alliance against Death allegiance. The battleplan objective was to capture the opponents objective from their respective zones, as well as defending our own objective.

For my tactical plan against my opponent, I did some research on my opponents army from previous games, as well as seeing the army’s warscroll effectiveness. Overall, I’ve written a two page essay style research on my opponents army, and what tactical choices I can make using the models I’ve got. Now, I’m renown for losing most tabletop games, as well as having bad luck with dice rolling at around turn 2 and 3, so I needed to really focus on defeating the Death allegiance with what I’ve gathered from my research.

Back in February, I played my first game of Khorne Bloodbound against the Death alligence, which I had some success for a few rounds. Whilst I nearly won the game, the Death army screwed my Khorne alliance pretty badly. This is in part due to my casual play style of not taking the game too seriously (I mean sending a unit of 20x Bloodreavers against the Necropolis Knights is a great idea, right?). 

Also, have you guys ever played against a unit of Necropolis Knights? Their damn op as a unit! (it almost makes the Tomb king players badass for fielding a whole army of these abominations!).

Therefore, I needed to take my opponent out by using the units weakens to my advantage. My plan was set when I placed my units in my deployment zone.


  • Black= scenery
  • Blue= objectives
  • Red= Khorne allegiance
  • Purple= Death allegiance
  1. 5x Flesh Hounds
  2. 10x Bloodletters of Khorne
  3. Bloodsecrator
  4. 5x Skullreapers
  5. Mighty Lord of Khorne
  6. Khorgorath
  7. Skull cannon
  8. 10x Blood warriors 
  9. 3x Necropolis Knights
  10. 10x Tomb Guards
  11. 3x Ushabti 
  12. 10x Crypt Ghouls
  13. Abhorrent Ghoul king
  14. 10x Crypt Ghouls
  15. 10x Crypt Ghouls
  16. Tomb king

The image above is my movement plan that I did on my first turn, moving my units up to either charge or flank any enemy’s that try to slip through the gaps. Whilst this plan was going smooth at first, it soon became apparent that things got chaotic from the constant annoyance of the Necropolis Knights (curse that icon bearer!).

What nailed the break line was the Tomb king slaying 9/10 of my Bloodletters of Khorne in one turn! However, my Flesh Hounds were resilient enough to deny the Ghoul king his magic and defeated him in combat. Sadly my Warlord was killed by the Necropolis Knights, even his reality axe didn’t have any worth against this abomination unit.

Skipping to the end, a few units were left standing on my side but couldn’t stop the outcome of the Tomb king taking hold of my defended zone. Ultimately, I’ve lost the battle.

So what did I learn from this battle?

  • Necropolis Knights are becoming a tedious thorn at my side, it’s a unit that can withstand anything as long as the Icon bearer is alive. My only option is to find a way to dish out multiple wounds on the unit using my Blood Warriors and Khorgorath.
  • The skullcannon was okay, it did some damage on a lucky roll, although it’s 1 attack for range attacks is a hit and miss. 
  • Skullreapers were actually useless, they defended the objective till the end, but were slaughtered easily by the Tomb King. 
  • Flesh Hounds were one of the top units I’d recommend for this battle report. Not only did they nullifie the Abhorrent Ghoul Kings Magic, but they also slain him in combat!
  • The Mighty Lord of Khorne did a good job of holding the Necropolis Knights at bay, but even he was slain by the unit. Possibly bestow him with gifts for my next game
  • Bloodletters of Khorne didn’t even stand a chance……….
  • Bloodsecrator did a fine job of buffing my units, although I think he could have been more useful if my Blood Warriors had joined him.
  • Blood warriors didn’t get a chance to cause any attacks, it all ended too soon for them to deal any damage to the foe.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!



AoS faction collection: Axes of Skarbrand, Blood warriors

AoS faction collection: Axes of Skarbrand, Blood warriors

In the realm of Aqshy, in the lands of a fallen dynasty, a bastion on the outskirts of the dynasty stands as a corrupted vigilante mockery of it’s past purity. At the top of the Gorespite bastion, a heavily armoured warrior in black trim and red plating is watching the landscape ahead of him as the thunder clouds roll in. It’s an unusual sight to see a thunderstorm like this before, not a natural one either. Clenching his axe tightly, the Aspiring Deathbringer called Mel’virk the Carnage, senses a battle is brewing.

He, along with his warband, prepare to defend the bastion not out of compassion or noble means, but rather protect their dominance over this station. Mel’virk needs to prove his place as the strongest and toughest of the warband, or else he will never be worthy in the eyes of Malthran, or worse, the Blood God. 

Mel’virk’s Blood Warriors

This unit took me ages to paint, I’ve found the highlights for the black trim to be difficult to paint, which is odd considering that I can do Space marines in black power armour. I think it’s due to the model design detail making it difficult for me to paint (better than red and brass though!)

Aside from that, the unit looks great! The red and black are pretty much near accurate to the colour scheme of the Axes of Skarbrand. I might need to improve on the banner hilt though, as it looks slightly off angle from kit bashing. The transfer image on the banner was from the Crimson Slaughter transfer in the Chaos Space marines transfer sheet.

Next time, whilst I had no luck playing this unit in AoS matches, the Skullreapers are by no means a laughing matter. Zealous to the point of searching eight worthy skulls everyday to survive, they are Khorne’s most savage and deadliest warriors in the bloody realm of wrath and glory.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


The Grey-mane Dynasty Lore series guide post

The Grey-mane Dynasty Lore series guide post

Welcome to The Grey-mane Dynasty lore series, a fan made collection of stories in the setting of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The individual and multipart stories have links to the rise and fall of a once proud and united dynasty, and how it affects those who have survived in the aftermath. 
Each story tells a tale of locations, characters and events that tell of the events from the Age of Myth, to the fall during the Age of Chaos and hope anew in the Age of Sigmar. 

Below are links to the lore series in chronological order:

More stories and fan made lore will be coming soon, which will be added to the link list above. I plan to repost this post when I’ve done a new lore post, so new readers won’t be confused.

I hope to continue this series to the point where I have enough story narrative/ lore content to help me start an AoS campaign, or additional fan made material for AoS games. With your feedback and help, I can be confident and guided on the right path to achieve this goal. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post, if you have questions, advice or anything that comes to mind, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

[note: this is completely fan made lore series and is in no way affiliated with Games Workshop. All names, locations and other material related Games Workshop are owned by their respective creators].

The Grey-mane Dynasty lore series: Devoted of Malus (Order Serpentis)

The Grey-mane Dynasty lore series: Devoted of Malus (Order Serpentis)

After some time working on the new series banner and concept story lines, I’ve finally been able to get back into releasing new homebrew lore for Warhammer AoS. Today, I’ll be introducing the first of four Exile Aelves faction backstorys, starting off with the Devoted of Malus (Order Serpentis). I hope you’ll enjoy the post!

The fall of the Nippon warriors of Yanljia

Far into the mountains of the west side of Silver Throne, a small but growing army of Exile Aelves are gathering together for war. Having spent centuries living on the mountain sides as survivors of the fall of the Grey-mane dynasty. The Exiles have rebuilt themselves from the ash and dirt of the lands called Black shards, where they’ve built sky piercing towers of black monoliths, built by blood, dirt and slavery.

It is here that they’ve found a new purpose to live and grow as fractured misfits of Aelves, having built a work force of slaves captured from nearby villages. The Aelves were once proud and disciplined warriors of the shadows, now torn apart during the Age of Chaos. 

It is said that they were once mighty Nippon warriors of the ruthless assassin, Yanlija, the Grey-mane of Shadows. After her execution at the hands of the bloodthirsty Malthran, her remaining warriors fled to the far west to survive. Many were killed by hordes of Daemons, eaten and diseased by possessed civilians of the plague god and butchered by Malthrans newly anointed Blood Warriors.

The few that have survived lived a harsh life on the cold winds of the mountain sides, many had died trying to defend themselves from barbarian raiders and ferocious predators. Over time, the Aelves became selfish and cold hearted as they fought to survive by any means, even so far as backstabbing each other.

From this point onwards, the Aelves would be divided into different factions, from Darkling Coverns, Daughters of Khaine, Order Serpentis and Scourge Privateers. 

Origins of the Devoted of Malus 

One day, unrecorded of who or what started the root of origin, a cult following of a long forgotten legend was spreading around the Order Serpentis of Garneth-Tar. This mythical legend of the World-that-was had been through many trials and treachery in his life, having even earned himself a place as champion of the Witch King himself. A legend that was none other than the cold blooded Warrior known as Malus Darkblade.

Legends of Malus are passed down from generation to generation, his tale of his rise and fall is truly the path that all Drakespawn Knights would aspire to. His tale was so awe inspiring, that many who hear it become devoted to worship him as a god. Soon, all Aelves became fixated on this cult, which overtook the old ways of the Nippon code. Then, the Aelves finally declared their new military faction name as the Devoted of Malus, consisting of only the finest Drakespawn Knights and Beastmasters.

The Grand Marshal and the Avatar of Malus Darkblade

Leading them to war is the Grand Marshal (Dreadlord) by the name of Lorstoir the Bloody lancer, having earned that name for obvious reasons as the name suggests. He leads the Order with a sick twisted mind that only the most devious and paranoid Aelve would appreciate. The Grand Marshal is the highest rank of the army, having proved to the previous occupant his mastery of war by backstabbing him to earn the title.

However, a Grand Marshal is nothing compared to the avatar of Malus Darkblade, a role granted to rare Drakespawn individuals who are worthy enough to be reborn as a spitting image of the legendary Dreadlord himself. Although they are significantly weaker than what Malus had gained in his possesion, nevertheless, these avatars are still a force that can smite the enemy with devastating effect.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


AoS collection (progress so far)

AoS collection (progress so far)

After a few months of project work on my AoS collection since the last update post, I’ve had a few new additions to my Khorne alliance. The rest haven’t changed since last time, but that’ll change now that Skirmish is released.

I’ve got my copy of AoS Skirmish, it’s a lot more focused on the narrative aspect for smaller games as a one off match or a campaign. From this I’m going to focus all of my effort to make a 50 renown point army for faction models that are keyed as [Skirmish]. At least I won’t have to invest much into these factions now that I can just use them for smaller games.

The first faction to be on my Skirmish project will be my Liverbone Court army, which will be a 50 renown group led by Elder Hag Hexter. Since I’ve already given her a backstory, the campaign narrative will be easier for me to write a goal for Hexter and her Court minions. 

For now though, here’s a list of factions that I’m currently working on for my AoS collection.

✔️= completed

(*) = current progress

[Skirmish] = for AoS Skirmish 

The Grey-mane truce: Stormcast Eternals (Lords of the Pisces), and Kharadron Overlords (Admiral Blackstone’s privateers). 

  • Lord Celestant on Dracoth (currently being painted)
  • Lord Relictor (currently being painted)
  • Questor Knight ✔️ [Skirmish]
  • 5x Liberators (Basecoated)
  • 5x Liberators (Not basecoated) [Skirmish]
  • 5x Liberators (Not basecoated)
  • 4x Retributors (Not basecoated) [Skirmish]
  • 3x Prosecutors (Not basecoated) [Skirmish]
  • 5x Judicators ✔️ [Skirmish]
  • (Yet to be decided on the Skirmish Kharadron Overlords)

Khorne Bloodbound, Axes of Skarbrand

  • Mighty lord of Khorne ✔️
  • Bloodsecrator ✔️
  • Bloodstoker (Currently being painted) 
  • Slaughterpriest (undecided for faction) ✔️
  • 10x Bloodletters ✔️
  • 10x Blood warriors (currently being painted)
  • Khorgorath ✔️
  • 25x Blood Reavers (Not basecoated) 
  • 5x Skullreapers (currently being painted)
  • Skull cannon ✔️
  • Flesh Hounds ✔️
  • Aspiring Deathbringer ✔️

Combined Nurgle army, Stagrot Warband

  • Great Unclean One ✔️
  • Nurgle Sorcerer ✔️
  • Lord of Plagues ✔️
  • Harbinger of Decay ✔️
  • 2x Chaos Spawn ✔️
  • 10x Chaos Warriors ✔️
  • 2x Beasts of Nurgle ✔️
  • 10x Plague Bearers✔️
  • 3x Plague Ogres ✔️
  • Bray Shaman ✔️
  • Harbinger of Decay (Not basecoated)
  • Harbinger of Decay (Not Basecoated)
  • 5x Chaos Knights (re-based in progress)

Flesh-Eaters Court, Liverbone Court

  • Abhorrent Ghoul king on Terrorgheist ✔️
  • Ghoul king ✔️
  • Ghoul king (Basecoated) [Skirmish]
  • 3x Crypt Horrors ✔️ [Skirmish]
  • 3x Crypt Horrors (Basecoated)
  • Crypt Haunter Coutier ✔️ [Skirmish]
  • Crypt Haunter Coutier (Basecoated)
  • Crypt Infernal Coutier (Not basecoated)
  • Crypt Ghast Courtier ✔️ [Skirmish]
  • Crypt Ghast Courtier ✔️
  • 10x Crypt Ghouls (Currently being painted) [Skirmish]
  • Varghulf Coutier (Kit bash process)

Combined Skaven army, Clan Skelnix

  • Verminlord Corruptor ✔️
  • Screaming Bell ✔️
  • Warlord ✔️
  • Warlock Engineer ✔️
  • 6x Packmasters ✔️
  • 3x Rat Ogres ✔️
  • 3x Rat Ogres ✔️
  • 12X Giant Rats ✔️
  • Hellpit Abomination ✔️
  • Plague Priest ✔️
  • 20x Stormvermin (Currently being painted)
  • 40x Clan Rats (re-basing in progress)
  • Warlock Engineer (re-basing in progress)
  • Warlord (re-painting)
  • Doomwheel (re-painting)
  • 4x Weapon teams (re-basing)
  • Greyseer (re-painting)
  • Assassin (re-painting)


If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!
Hope you all have a great day,


[WIP] Khorne Bloodbound, The Axes of Skarbrand: progress so far (part 2 of 2)

[WIP] Khorne Bloodbound, The Axes of Skarbrand: progress so far (part 2 of 2)

Welcome back to the second part of my current WIP Khorne alliance collection, this time I’ve got four more units completed. These include my Aspiring Deathbringer, Bloodsecrator, Flesh Hounds and (a re-based) Slaughterpriest. 

I’m really digging into the new schedule that I’ve been using for a few weeks now, it’s really helped me to balance my enthusiasm and work effort on a weekend basis. These models shown today, as well as last weeks, have been painted using the new schedule plan. I’m hoping this will once and for all defeat my long running issue of burn out from painting. Fingers crossed! 🤞
Enough rambling from me, let’s get started with part 2, enjoy!

Galanar Gorrstros (Aspiring Deathbringer)
This model was actually a Blood warrior champion that’s been kit bashed using a Bloodletters left arm, a hornless helmet of a Chaos warrior and a decapitated remains of a Judicators helmet. The young Deathbringers identity is a mystery, save for his demonic bare arm that reveals his damnation towards Daemonhood.

Astros the bloody judge (Slaughterpriest with hackblade) 
Many of my blog followers my have recognised this model from a year ago, a free model from the new incarnation of White Dwarf monthly. At the time, I wasn’t sure wether to add him to my army due to his vastly different colour scheme that I’d painted before getting a Khorne army. Eventually I’ve decided to re-base him in the same base texture as the rest of the army to fit him seamlessly with the others. 

His armour livery may be different to the rest of the army, but I’m planning on making it an artefact that has its unique backstory ( I’ll be using the Blades of Khorne artefact chart to choose his unique gift). 

The Feasters of Alcazzanarc (Flesh Hounds)
Born from rage and hunger, these hounds serve the warband to hunt down and seek wizards, witches and sorcerers who dare use magic to defend themselves. It is said that these Flesh hounds had hunted down a Tzeentchian sorcerer named Alcazzanarc, who’s magic failed to protect ‘it’ from being feasted upon by the savage hounds maws. 

Not much to say apart from the fact that I’ve used Fenrisian wolves instead of the resin Flesh Hounds. I really don’t like resin models, I’ve found it to be a tedious process to paint from past experience. So instead I’ve used the wolves plastic, which look a lot more bloodthirsty once painted in the colours of my warband.

Tharvrinar the gore drenched bearer (Bloodsecrator)Finally we have the Bloodsecrator, one of my first attempt at painting my Khorne warband. It took me ages to get this model done due to the amount of detail and attention needed to paint it. 

Personally, I think he looks badass, just the sheer amount of attention for painting this model had paid off in the overal end result. However, he’s the second hardest model I’ve painted for this collection, I did find it difficult to be motivated to paint this model since February. But thankfully he’s completed!

That’s all for now, thank you for reading part 2 of my WIP Khorne alliance army. My next plan for this collection is to finish painting my Bloodstoker, Blood Warriors, Bloodmaster and Bloodreavers. 

I hope to see you guys next time! 🙂


If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

I hope you guys are having a fantastic day,


[WIP] Khorne Bloodbound, The Axes of Skarbrand: progress so far (part 1 of 2)

[WIP] Khorne Bloodbound, The Axes of Skarbrand: progress so far (part 1 of 2)

For quite a few months now since February, I’ve been working on my Inquisition warband and my Black Templars army. However, recently a lot of my focus has been towards my Khorne allied army for AoS games and Path to glory. After playing Khorne Bloodbound during my last game in February, I’ve been inspired to build and grow this army to a 2,000pt force. 

The last time I’ve mentioned about this collection was way back in February where I showed off my Khorgorath (which was painted in a complex tonal shade changes for the skin). Since then, the force has been swollen with new units including a unit of Bloodletters, Flesh Hounds, Skull Canon and extra Blood Warriors. As of typing this post, I’ve nearly painted half of my Khorne collection already in matter of three months (but not the Bloodreavers, that’s gonna be a grinding challenge for me -.-)

Anyway, I thinks about time I’ll show you guys what I’ve done so far, I hope you enjoy part 1!

Avkar Skorvax
First up the leader of the warband, Avkar Skorvax, a might lord of Khorne who’s leading his warband under the banner of The Axes of Skarbrand. I’m currently planning on his lore backstory, but I plan for him to have ties in with Hexters origin in a big way. 

I really like how the model looks overall with my homebrew colour pallet. The silver armour is one of my favourite painting applications to the model, it has a matt finish that retains the silver basecoat. 

Skull Canon
This model has just recently been completed on Monday this week, a record of only two days of painting this monstrosity! The model is a useful artillery weapon used by the Daemons of Khorne to fire skulls at the opponents regiments with fire and fury!

The kit had two options for the skull canon or the Blood throne, I’ve chosen the former because I really needed some fire power against units of 10+ (especially against the undead legions from the Sandheart Dynasty, they have a lot of crypt ghouls in their arsenal). Just looking at this model gives me the chills just seeing it’s bloody trail from it’s last challenger…..

Bloodletters of Khorne
Finally, we’ve come to the bread and warp crumbs of Khorne’s legion, the Bloodletters of Khorne. I really like how the unit looks alive and hungry for battle, like an incoming tide of red rage. I’ve personally liked how the flaming sword effect looks, it’s a pretty cool painting technique that doesn’t require too much skill to achieve (if your interested in painting the same effect, post a comment below if you would like to know about how the process was done).

These were my first attempt at painting the Daemons of Khorne for my allied army. My painting focus for the unit was ‘contrast’, this is because I wanted to really flesh out the look of the Daemons with bright warm colours against dark cold colours (For example, the blue tongues work really well against the red skin). 

That’s all for now, however there will be more to come next Saturday in part 2. I hope to see you again next week!  🙂


If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

I hope you guys have a fantastic day,