Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Spirit Host (Nighthaunt final, for now…..)

Today marks the end of my Nighthaunt collection as I’ve finished painting my unit of Spirit Host. These three ethereal monsters have been neglected for so long since AoS came out, having transferred them onto new bases and ruining the paint work. I had this unit since they were released back during the End Times, which considering AoS was nearly a year later, these guys didn’t last long on square bases!

Now however, I’ve managed to get them back to tip top shape by re-painting them with brighter colours, but kept the bases thematically the same as the rest. The difference with these guys is that they don’t have the dry brushed effect like my previous models in the series. Instead using white acrylic Basecoat and shading/ drybrushing again for that ghostly essence effect.

Adding this to my collection will be enough to just about play a 1,000pt game of AoS, although I do have 60pt left for an endless spell. I might make my own endless spell model and base it on one of the three Nighthaunt exclusive ones.

What’s the plan going forward now that the Nighthaunt are done? Well, I plan to paint more undead models from the Deathrattle to boost this army further to 1,500pt. Maybe if I want to, I might add 500pt of Nighthaunt extras. I have yet to include the last Nighthaunt character, the Guardian of Souls, Dohl, to my collection.

So onto the next task of getting the skeleton ladz painted, something I’m not overly enthusiastic about. But to think if I can get these neglected models done would give me more storage space (and less neglected models in the unused model box!).

Until next time!


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: The Rise and Fall of Pharus Thaum

Got myself a Night of Shrouds the other day, and I’ve already finished painting it yesterday!

Before reading further, Just to warn you that if you haven’t read Soul Wars novel yet, ignore this post. There will be loads of spoilers in here so best avoid it, but read on if your interested still!


Once mortal of flesh and blood, a hero was slain on his final hours fighting the odds against his favour.

The Great Necromancer reaches for this soul to be sent back to his kingdom in the Realm of Shyish. A worthy soul to add to his unquestionable legion of the dead.

A God as old as the World-That-Was saw this hero’s deeds of heroism and sacrifice, so he reforged him as an immortal warrior clad in midnight black armour of Sigmarite. Bearing his lantern of judgment and his halberd in the other, Pharus Thaum, Lord Castellant of the Anvils of Heldenhammer was bearer of Sigmars light in the dark.

But his death should have belonged to Nagash, the Great Necromancer and god of the dead. A single soul stolen from Nagash is a missing tool to the great work. The Soul thief yet again is one step forward.

During his greatest challenge, Pharus Thaum protected the civilians of Glymmsforge from supernatural horrors. His efforts to protect the innocent have earned him both fear and respect of the citizens. Truly, nothing can defeat this hero?

Years, decades, even centuries go by and more souls are gone beyond his reach. Nagash in his deluded sense of justice sees this as an act of war. But who would steal what was rightfully his?

During the Necroquake, Pharus sacrifices himself to save a fellow Stormcast from deaths cold grasp. All would see him reforged and returned to the mortal realms again, but changed as expected by all who know the price of being a Stormcast Eternal.

The chaos gods? No, they couldn’t take every soul even the purest ones. The Aleves? They are mysterious creatures who could be the culprits behind this atrocity. No, no, it can be them. Could it be Sigmar?

Pharus Thaum’s reforging went astray when he was tormented as a gheist made from pure lighting. Rampaging in Azyr, he was finally lost to Sigmar as he fell through the many realms from the sky of Azyr, all the way down to Shyish.

What? That can’t be a comet, the sky is as dead as the dry soil and death sand of the deserts. There’s lightning coming off this fallen object, like it’s alive. Nagash plucks this soul from its full in his bony claw. After much thought and suggestion by Arkhan the Black, Nagash used this opportunity to rebuild this soul anew into his service.

All is on with Nagash, he endures even by fatal defeats. A legion of many and all serve him in death by his will. Pharus Thaum is now part of his legions, a half bred of Stormcast and undead. The man he was is now long dead and never to return, for he is now only a fragment of memories.

All is one with Nagash……..

I’ve just recently brought myself a Night of Shrouds kit the other day, which I’ve painted with much enthusiasm and determination to finish. I’ll be basing it on Pharus Thaum, a tragic character who would become a shadow of his former self as seen in Soul Wars.

One of my favourite villains in the story, Pharus morphs from a noble hearted warrior, to a slowly cold minded monster who would slay in the name of Nagash. You feel his pain as his story progresses with each chapter pulling him further into bitterness. It’s thanks to Nagash that Pharus would become the first victim of his Stormcast kin to be reshaped as a Night of Shrouds.

It raises a question of wether Nagash will create more of these lords from fallen Stormcast Eternals?

I personally liked Pharus Thaums story arc as it gave AoS a morbid story of fallen grace, where redemption to return as an immortal hero is impossible. He could have been a fantastic long running villain for AoS and Lord Arcanum Balthas’s nemesis, but alas he was finally defeated and gone from the world.

That’s only one of the few nitpicks I have with the novel, as Pharus could have been a really compelling villain to follow and see him evolve as a villain. He knows about Azyr and a life as a Stormcast Eternal, and his loss with bitterness against Sigmar for not saving him. I understand that he was necessary as an opponent to test Balthas to save/defeat Pharus that he failed to do the first time.

Lord Arcanum Balthas facing Pharus Thaum

But you might be wondering how I can play my Knight of Shrouds as Pharus if he’s gone for good? Well, with excuses and creative liberties, I have an idea! Basically this Knight of Shrouds is a shadow of Pharus, a copy you might say that Nagash created as an improvement from god first failed creation. This one still having the same spark of lighting (which Nagash saved for experimentation) as before, but smaller and less prominent. With hardly much memories left, this Pharus retains all the hatred and zeal against Sigmar and his creations.

Not the most unique excuse, but it at least gives me the best explanation to play my model as Pharus.

So now that my leader for the Nighthaunt collection is painted, I’ve only got one more unit left to paint before I’m done with the collection. What I do after that Is just some additional work with units and possibly adding endless spells onto my collection.

Spirt hosts await me!


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: The Skeletons did it!

Today I have a unit of Deathrattle models and two Hero models that were re-based, and added to my Soul Wars Collection. After rebasing the on the right bases (were 32mm, now 25mm, don’t ask me why I did it on 32mm), I textured the bases in line with the rest of my collection.

My Deathrattle are based on the sub faction led by King Yuros, a Crypt King who seemed way too jolly and dashing in his skeletal prime. He took part in the war at Glymmsforge, which this war loving king helped strike into the city with his mindless hordes of Skeletal warriors.

The Deathrattle will be allies to my Nighthaunt collection, just to fill in the gap to evenly balance the point total with the Stormcast Eternals.

I’ve done a Necromancer too, not a notable character, but would likely be pawn to raise the undead.

The first ten Skeleton Warriors rebased and ready to play.

I have a few more undead models to paint, but my priorities are to get myself a Knight of Shrouds and paint my Spirit Host to finish off the Nighthaunt collection. I only just realised a two days ago that I had a unit of Spirit Hosts, and since they’re part of the Nighhaunt faction, I can add them to my collection.

After that, it’s just getting the next ten Skeleton warriors and ten Grave Guard painted. All of this will give me an est total of 1,500pt army list.

Oh yeah it’s nearly Halloween! I might have something spooky up my sleeves for a special undead themed post.

A ‘Soulblight’ special 🧛‍♂️


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: more ghosts!

More Nighthaunt today, I’ve decided to finally release these guys after several weeks of a break. Already the end goal is in sight with just a few more posts, with the finale post being the leader of the collection (I won’t spoil it here as it’ll ruin the surprise from the Soul Wars novel!)

These two units have no real background relating to the Soul Wars novel (but I’d like to think they were there during the battle at the command of Nagash), so again this post is a short one.


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Ghostly reinforcements

More Nighthaunt have joined my growing collection, which is inspired by the characters and events in the novel, Soul Wars (by Josh Reynolds). Today I have a unit of ten Chainrasp Horde, Myrmourn Banshees and additional Grimwraith Stalkers.

Let me know if you like these filtered photo style or just white background photography, and post your suggestions in the comment section.

We serve Nagash, there is nothing but Nagash, and all is Nagash.


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Here comes the Jailor

Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Here comes the Jailor

You might be thinking I’m working way too hard on this series of models (Sacrosanct Chamber and Nighthaunt) based on the characters from the novel, Soul Wars (by Josh Reynolds). Well yes, I’ve been painting these models intensively like a Khajit on 20x skooma, in fact, I haven’t done much besides these two factions for a few weeks now!

I’m enjoying this challenge a lot as I enjoy trying to bring to life some of the characters from the novel. In the past I wouldn’t dare paint models like the characters from books I’ve read (unless it was existing unique character sculpts), due to the cringe of a badly painted model. But this year I went out of my comfort zone to paint characters that I enjoyed reading about, and hopefully faithfully bring them to life in miniature form.

It’s also a challenge to build models that I couldn’t afford to get at the moment or can’t obtain, and today, I took on the challenge of building my own Spirit of Torment.

To build this faithful spirit, I used an easy to build Grimwraith Stalker body as the main form, then clipped off its weapon, head and sharp spine growth. Then I used two spare Stormcast Eternals Paladin shoulder plates for the back, to create armour plating like the original model from the Soul Wars starter set.

For the head, I (enthusiastically 😏) cut half of a Highelf Dragon rider’s head horizontally, which was even out to ensure it would fit into the surface for glue. The head was glued to the hood, making sure it fits evenly in place.

For the chains, I used spare Chaos marauder weapons and cut them into pieces and glued them onto the hands and gaps between the hands.

That’s basically what I’ve done with my own Spirit of torment model, and I’ve saved around £15 in total! Kitbashing is a god send to cut corners as well as producing really cool characters.

I won’t be going into detail on the Spirit of Torment character featured in Soul Wars yet, I’ve yet to paint this model yet, so it’ll have to wait. However, I hope you have enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments below if you would like me to do more kitbashing posts!


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