Hobby projects for late 2020

This year I’ve managed to get a hefty amount of backlog and neglected miniatures glued and painted. Being in isolation has forced me to be creative with what I have to work on the things I tend to put aside. If I keep up this approach I’ll have only one storage box left of neglected miniatures! But knowing myself I’ll probably only have two storage boxes left.

Most of my Skaven miniatures are all painted with barely a few spare parts left. Sometimes I can be creative with my projects if I have an idea. For example I’ve recently made five Gargoyle rats using a neglected Tyranid kit and Clanrat heads. A fine Clan Moulder creation!

Using my new camera (WIP learning the functions)

Speaking of new camera, I’ve recently gone for an upgrade after four years of using my other one. I’m still learning the basics with this new one, but I think it’s already done better job at capturing my miniatures.

The Grymthenian Lodge

Book reading challange

The first few months of the challenge was going really well. I had a few books read and managed to read a few army books in full. However due to the pandemic I’ve become very slow at getting more reading books completed.

Recently I finished reading Konrad as my tenth completed book. I’ve got six months left to read ten+ books before the 2020 challange ends. Therefore I’ll need to put more time into reading books just so I can catch up.

Hobby projects

Since my last post on hobby projects some of the projects were finished off or put aside. Below is a list of what I’m currently working on. Bear in mind though that I’m prone to changing things due to my nature of being creative.

Warhammer 40k-

  • Primaris Crimson Fists- just need one Dreadnought to finish the project.
  • White Scars Successor Chapter Astral Bears
  • Night Lords (completed)
  • Black Templars (completed)
  • DG Exiled Iron Warriors (completed)
  • Bad Moons Orks (completed)
  • Chaos Knight House Devine- considering getting a War Dog Moriax or one of the Chaos Knight kits

Warhsmmer AoS-

  • Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber (completed)
  • Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband (completed)
  • Knights of Mousillon Stormhost- need to paint two Knight-Incantors, one Lord-Arcanum and two units of Sequitors.
  • The Skullfiend Tribe (completed)
  • Nighthaunt (completed)
  • Ogor Mawtribe Bloodgullet Tribe (completed)
  • Skaven Clan Skelnix- few spare miniatures left including four Stormvermin.
  • The Grymthenian Lodge- completed as an ally force.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles-

  • Warriors of Chaos Nurgle warband- need to paint second unit of Chaos Warriors and a Wizard on horse.
  • Dark Elves- paint a unit of Spearmen and five cold one knights

Changing things around

Recently I’ve set up my own Instagram account as a way of broadening my reach for my table top miniature and artwork. It took me a bit of time to get the hang of things learning something new.

Rather than posting my latest works on here, I’ll be posting them on Instagram. That’s not to say there won’t be anymore content on here, instead my blog will be changing focus from WIP miniature painting to collection showcase and research into Warhammer subjects.

If you want to see my latest works or catch up on older miniatures I’ve painted in the past, you can check out my Instagram at BjornStormcast.

That’s all for today.

Currently I’m running a painting challange here on the blog, celebrating The Island of Bloods 10th anniversary. You can find out more info here: https://callumart.wordpress.com/2020/06/27/skaven-and-high-elves-painting-challenge/

Until next time,


This week……I haven’t done much

Ah it’s that time of the week where I show my weekly miniature painting work. Yeah……..that’s usually the case, but not so much today. I’ve hardly done much tbh.

But! I have done some work, I always have work……..

First off, I painted two old metal Undead BloodBowl miniatures as Substitutes for Chainghasts, dudes that like to hang out with the Spirit Torment.

I found these two (and two others) in a charity shop years ago, and painted them up for a AoS project around the time I started blogging. Since then, I’ve stripped the old paint off so I could give them a brand new, cleaner look to fit with the rest of my Nighthaunt army.

Last time, I mentioned that my Nighthaunt collection was pretty much going to end. What I didn’t realise was that I have a few more miniatures kitbashed/ added from my backlog. The Backlog box disgorged it’s stomach of forgotten miniatures onto my desk and laughed at me for thinking I was done.

Always remember, your backlog is your worst friend.

Well, at least I’ve got some more undead stuff to paint. That’s if I had any Matt black paint left………

It’s not just the dead that’s been on my painting table (sounds disturbing but don’t worry, I’m a novice Necromancer!) I’ve also made a scenery piece of a long forgotten Aelven/Elven ruin.

This is part of my scenery set for areas that are obscure and long forgotten lands that were once inhabited. I did a similar scenery piece in the same style, you can see that one below.
Scenery piece I did awhile ago.

These two scenery pieces will be featured in my third and last solo battle report campaign. I can’t wait to do some immersive photography!

Next up, whilst I’m not sure if I’d say this is completed, however, it’s looks good enough to post here (I’ve got nothing else new to show so why not). This is my WWII diorama display representing the Lincolnshire Regiment.

Still WIP.

The last miniature for this week is a kitbashed Knight-Incantor of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer.

Morbid, depressing, dead, sinister, dark, brooding and metal x100.

It wouldn’t be a send if I didn’t show my latest efforts in cooking meals. This week it’s pasta again, but slightly improved after weeks of practicing.

I had planned to show something cool for this weekend, but sadly things didn’t go to plan. Maybe next week I might be able to do a post on it for when it arrives.

Stay safe Stormlings (yes, that’s what I’m going to call you for now on).


Last week and Monday I painted things

There’s not been much progress with painting the backlog last week, I needed to take a break for few days as I wasn’t in the mood for painting. However, I did manage to paint a kitbashed Knight-Incantor using a Sequitor model from the Mortal Realms collection. I figured it would be better off being used as another wizard, since a Sacrosanct Chamber can have up to nine Knights in total.

It would have been a good Lord-Arcanum model, but, I decided to hold back on that.

A star staff, cus a Shyish star was all we had in the Forge. At least it glows better in the dark!

As well as hardly painting any models last week, I tried two games of the free AOS solo game PDF to test out. Whilst I did do some alterations with the Trolls to be two Ogors Gluttons and a Tyrant. It was a really fun game to play as the game is set on a smaller, more personal match against a randomised opponent.

I’ve already got a few photos ready to be drafted into my three part battle report/ mini story, I just need to play my third and last game to complete the series.

Lastly, today I’ve painted my second to last unit of Nighthaunt units, this time it’s an unusual substitute unit of undead riders……

Skeletal knights on skeletal horses? Ha! Ghostly raptor knights are way cooler, much cooler because their undead…….

That’s all I have for today. I may have a surprise to show this week depending on all things going ahead. If the surprise isn’t coming, then I’ve got my last unit of Nighaunts to show before wrapping the project for good (a sad but a great privilege to have worked on).

Until next time, stay safe,


Inspired Soul Wars: Court of the daughter of the lesser underworld

As promised I’ve painted all of the models that go alongside the Briar Queen. I’ve decided to add my own narrative background for this unit (since I don’t want this unit to be the same group from the Shadespire warband). Instead it’s led by a daughter of the lesser underworld, women who serve Nagash as guardians of their lesser underworld. You can get a glimpse of these deathly matrons of great power in the novel Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds.

Alongside her are spirits of fallen warriors and criminals who act as her court of bodyguards. It is both an honour and a curse to follow their matriarch into battle for she is both a warming light in a sea of cold despair, and a burning fire that hurts the souls of her bodyguards.

Until next time,


The Briar Queen (Fembruary 2020)

The last of my offering to the Fembruary challenge, The Briar Queen is a powerful Necromancer and Banshee who is the complete opposite to the Knight-Incantor. Whilst the former is a withering spirit who’s soul is branded to the will of Nagash, her life now eternally made to serve and destroy. The later is a reforged soul branded by Sigmar, made to fight in gleaming armour of Sigmarite to serve the God Kings cause.

The Briar Queen comes with six Nighthaunt Chainrasps, like a court of souls who follow their queens command. I’m still in the process of painting them and they’ll be up soon in my Inspired Soul Wars blog series.

That’s the end of my project work for the Fembruary challenge 2020. For my first ever participation in joining a community challenge I’ve done pretty good. I’d like to join more community challenges in the future as I like the community engagement and having a friendly contest to challenge myself and other like minded hobbyists.

If your interested to learn more about the Fembruary challenge, you can check out the official page here http://leadballoony.com/2020/02/03/leadballoonys-3rd-fembruary-challenge/

Until next time,


Inspired Soul Wars: Nighthaunt Collection so far

Today I’ll be showing my current progress with my ongoing project on my Nighthaunt collection. It’s been a few years in the making that’s only recently had a boost in units, but it’s grown since I started the project back in 2018.

The project has so far reached a playable force of 1,500pt (1,620 if I used a Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal steed), all units are above the minimum requirement apart from my Grimghast Reapers. It’s only a four model unit that’s way below it’s minimum unit size, I’m hoping to add more models to get it to a stable unit.

My theme and inspiration for the project was inspired by the novel, Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds. I’ve based my project on two themes depending on what models I use to play games of AoS.

  • Pharus Thaum’s Procession, Nighthaunt themed on the Soul Wars novel led by a Knight of Shrouds and hero models representing Thaum’s tools.
  • My own Processiom force led by a Knight if Shrouds on Ethereal steed (homebrew lore WIP)

Because I’m playing ghosts that don’t have specific uniform or visual allegiance unlike most factions, I can easily choose my units theme for narrative games and match point games.

Now onto my units to my procession army.

Grimghast Reapers are fairly decent for a 4+ save that can’t be altered, so they can be useful at taking down block units without rend being an issue. A block of 12 models is a good sized unit that’ll last for a few turns, summoning them using a Death Wizard will be handy for getting them closer to charging into combat.

Chainrasp Hordes are pretty weak as units of 10, for £25 that’s a pretty bad joke. But Mortal Realms collection series was a really good deal as you get 10 Chainrasp Hordes miniatures for £3. So I’ve boosted my current unit of 10 to 20 and added another unit of 20 as a solid battleline unit. Whilst they’re weak as a unit, they do have usefulness as a block of 2 attack per model and a re-roll of 1 for wound rolls. Stuck at 5+ to save and 6 bravery, don’t expect miracles, just let them slow down your foes as a distraction unit.

I haven’t had much success with this unit as it’s barely at minimum strength, one of the issues I have with the Tempest of Souls set. But, these guys are classed as a battleline unit If it joins a Nighthaunt allegiance. So if your not keen on using Chainrasp Hordes till fill up all the minimum battleline slots, these guys will be a nice mix to the main backbone of the horde.

I’ve not had much success when I played a unit of four Myrmourn Banshees, they didn’t last long on the battlefield against the forces of the Sacrosanct Chamber. As a unit of Anti-magic specialists that can gain extra attacks for dispelling (for every four Myrmourn Banshees) a successful spell cast and dispelling an Endless spell. Whilst they only have a a single attack per model, they do have a nice rend of -2 and D3 damage. So stacking up the dispelling pool of extra attacks could prove to be a killer combo, if done right.

The Spirit Host are pretty tough with 3 wounds and six attacks for each model. They can score some nasty mortal wounds if one of the unmodified hit rolls is a 6 (attack sequence ends for the hit rolls of 6). I’m wondering wether to boost this unit to six models or just include two more units, I think it’s only three Spirit Hosts and a Lord Executioner to unlock a battalion warscroll using those models.

Finally, there’s the hero’s of the Nighthaunt Procession from a Tomb Banshee, Spirit Torment, Cairn Wraith, Guardian of Souls, Lord Executioner and a Knight of Shrouds. I’m still collecting more hero models as I go along, but not many left to add.

Currently I have enough for a 1,500pt list with the choice of either a knight of Shrouds or a Knight of Shrouds on a Ethereal Steed.


That’s all I have for today. It’s been a very busy and rewarding time as my work on my Nighthaunt project has reached a milestone. I plan to take this project to it’s natural conclusion at either 2,000pt of 2,500pt by adding more units as I go along. Either way, I’m very pleased to have painted all my models without the neglected model habit sinking in.

Until next time,


Inspired Soul Wars: Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed

Having some spare bitz and neglected miniatures in storage, I decided to make my own Knight of Shrouds on a Ethereal Steed. My goal was to build a ghostly Freeguild traitor captain who’s been reshaped as a terrifying general of the Nighthaunt procession.

How he died is a mystery, but you may find clues as to the cause of death. Whatever it was, Nagash took his soul after the Captain fulfilled his part of the bargain by doing a foul deed……

Very soon I’ll be showing more Glaivewraith Stalkers that I’m currently painting, and an up to date collection post on what I’ve done so far. Plenty of ghosts.

Until next time,


Inspired Soul Wars: shared soul of two Executioners

The Lord Executioner, or two in the case of this duo of undead spirits acting as one.

I thought I’d use some models from W:UW that I had spare for this unique model, on the theme of a shared spirit acting as one Lord Executioner. I’ll think of a backstory when I’ve got all of my hero units collected and painted.

Until next time,


Inspired Soul Wars: Souls of the Skaven

It’s not only the souls of humans that can be used by Nagash as tools for war, undead vessels that are one with Nagash. At times the Great Necromancer can even pull the souls of other races to his command, the Skaven are no exception.

The Night of Shrouds (left) was once a Skaven warlord who by his very nature betrayed just about everyone, nothing new for the Skaven race. But Nagash chose this particular Warlord after he tried to defy Nagash by storming into Nagashizzar to retrieve some warpstone stockpile.

Rather than discarding the soul as a mindless lesser spirit, Nagash remoulded this vermin Warlord into a small Night of Shrouds. To add to the irony, a small warpstone is lodged in the left eye socket, a reminder of his addiction that killed in the end.

Following this small but powerful general is the Lord Executioner (right), a Plague monk who had a very creepy obsession of decapitating his foes and using their heads in his Plague brewing. Following him is his pet rat, who skitters beside its master as it did in life.

I’ve got a few more Skaven units that I’ll be painting as Nighthaunt units. Some will be quite creative!

Until next time,


Inspired Soul Wars: Guardian of Souls (the Skaven ones)

If there’s a race that Nagash despise most, it would have to be the Skaven. Both in the Old World and the Age of Sigmar, the Skaven have caused Nagash much trouble when he was nearly on the cusp of completing his grand plans. Those pesky rats have a thing for ruining the part.

Just as well that the souls of the Skaven can be used for meaningful purposes, when the Great Necromancers can fish the souls away from the Great Horned Rats grasp. These souls can be put to use in ironic ways, like a Guardian of Souls who warpstone addiction can never be satisfied, being a ghost an all can be difficult grabbing objects.

Nagash has such a good sense of humour for a god that’s pretty much as stale as a dusty old coffin.

I now have a fully loaded 1,000pt Nighthaunt army with enough horde units to last a couple of turns. I’ve just recently painted ten more Chainrasp Hordes and four more Myrmourn Banshees.

So here’s a list of my Nighthaunt army project so far

  • 1x Night of Shrouds
  • 1x Lord Executioner
  • 1x Tomb Banshee
  • 1x Spirit Torment
  • 1x Guardian of Souls
  • 20x Chainrasp Hordes
  • 20x Chainrasp Hordes
  • 8x Myrmourn Banshees
  • 8x Glaivewraith Stalkers
  • 3x Spirit Host
  • 4x Grimghast Reapers

For the Grimghast Reapers it’ll take me some time to get reinforcements to make the unit a minimum playable unit. Due to how GW put only nearly half the unit size in the box, they aren’t as good in game. But hopefully I can get a few more from the Mortal Realms series.

What’s next? I’m going to build another unit of Glaivewraith Stalkers, about eight in total. I’m also going to include a unit of The Thorns of the Briar Queen, I’ll be making the Briar Queen a Daughter if the lesser Underworld. I’ll elaborate more on who the Daughters of the lesser underworlds are in a later post.

Lastly, as far as I know from what issue have been shown, I’ll be adding another Tomb Banshee to my project. If I want to play the army as Banshee cult, I’ll need some hero slots filled with Banshees.

Meanwhile, whilst I’m waiting for the Nighthaunt issues from the Mortal Realms collection, I’ve got some extra reinforcements from the Skaven. The nighthaunt kind.

I’ve already kitbashed my Lord Executioner and Night of Shrouds ready to be painted!

I’d imagine these were the souls claimed by Nagash after the Necroquake, the infiltrators who wrecked Nagash’s Master plan.

That’s all from me for today.

Until next time,