Last week and Monday I painted things

There’s not been much progress with painting the backlog last week, I needed to take a break for few days as I wasn’t in the mood for painting. However, I did manage to paint a kitbashed Knight-Incantor using a Sequitor model from the Mortal Realms collection. I figured it would be better off being used as another wizard, since a Sacrosanct Chamber can have up to nine Knights in total.

It would have been a good Lord-Arcanum model, but, I decided to hold back on that.

A star staff, cus a Shyish star was all we had in the Forge. At least it glows better in the dark!

As well as hardly painting any models last week, I tried two games of the free AOS solo game PDF to test out. Whilst I did do some alterations with the Trolls to be two Ogors Gluttons and a Tyrant. It was a really fun game to play as the game is set on a smaller, more personal match against a randomised opponent.

I’ve already got a few photos ready to be drafted into my three part battle report/ mini story, I just need to play my third and last game to complete the series.

Lastly, today I’ve painted my second to last unit of Nighthaunt units, this time it’s an unusual substitute unit of undead riders……

Skeletal knights on skeletal horses? Ha! Ghostly raptor knights are way cooler, much cooler because their undead…….

That’s all I have for today. I may have a surprise to show this week depending on all things going ahead. If the surprise isn’t coming, then I’ve got my last unit of Nighaunts to show before wrapping the project for good (a sad but a great privilege to have worked on).

Until next time, stay safe,


8 thoughts on “Last week and Monday I painted things

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      I can’t remember the name of the kit, but GW released a watchtower years ago during the time of fantasy (after Storm of magic I think). It had a mechanical skeleton that would wave a moon and comet.

      I cut off the comet and filed it down to glue on my wizards staff. As for painting it, I used Screamer pink followed by a shade of Druchii violet. Then I drybrushed Screamer Pink again and made smaller and smaller drybrushing of lighter mix using Corax white. Finally, I made small dots using pure Corax white followed by small amounts of Druchii violet to add shades away from the centre.

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