Art project Ocean/Horror theme, final design

Art project Ocean/Horror theme, final design

This project was quite a challenge to do, with all the research source work and consistency towards the themes I’ve chosen for the project. I’d say it was more challenging than last years art project, which you can see from this link below (

I’ve personally liked how the project has become its own identity, it’s own universe that I can say I’ve built from my concepts towards telling a visual story about the effects of pollution. Whilst the design has a fantastical element in its visual design, it does however effectively incorporate elements relating to pollution (for example, the imagery of three for the jelly fish design relating to the cycle of pollution for marine life).

The final design incorporated a lot of my previous sample testing and medium practice, contributing towards improving and changing the design to look as close to my conceptual vision as possible. To me, this final design has shown me how far I’ve gotten in my creative aspiration to work as an artist, the effort that I’ve devoted towards my art course work has been worth it.

But for now, there’s still more paperwork to do before deadline, hopefully I might at least get a Merit grade, or if I’m lucky a Destinction grade (by the Emperors grace I hope I’ve done better than my previous course grade!)

Thank you for reading this post on my art project, and I hope you’ll stick around for my summer art project (coming soon). 🙂


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Art project Ocean/Horror theme [WIP] part 4

Art project Ocean/Horror theme [WIP] part 4

Today I have just finished my development sample, based on my previous sample design project work. The design is based on a jellyfish species known as a Moon Jellyfish, which I thought would be an excellent inspiration to create a plastic version of the species. 

To create this sample I’ve used the following materials:

  • 2L drinking bottle
  • Marker pens (black, dark blue and light blue)
  • Small pliers 

The design is based on three visual imagery related to pollution in the sea, 1) the shape represents the jellyfish as well as marine life in the sea, 2) encased in a plastic bottle, this represents plastic waste that’s been dumped into the sea and finally 3) a skull represents death to marine life that are sadly entrapped and killed by pollution waste.

This project is nearly at an end, as I’m now currently planning my final design to realise my project in its final 3D form. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you guys next time in part 5! 🙂


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Art project, influenced by artists work [WIP]

Art project, influenced by artists work [WIP]

Today I wanted to share a few photos of my current art project, which is based on the theme of ocean and horror. The sample designs are influenced by various artists including H.R. Giger, Francis Bacon and John Blanche.


Alien arm (Tape moulding), inspired by H.R. Gigers works

Tech Priest (paper folding), inspired by John Blanches artwork

Figure (Paper folding + Tape moulding), inspired by Francis Bacons artworks


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Best of 2016

Best of 2016

A bit late for this post to be made, considering it’s the first of February tomorrow! Also, it’s soon going to be a year since Ive first started blogging!

But anyhow, today I want to show some of the best posts of 2016 from my blog that I thought deserved some spotlight treatment. It’s a mix of  table top hobby mixed with my own art work. Enjoy!


Skaven Warlord, Scarus the left claw

This was probably one of my favourite painted small miniature from last year, I had tons of fun painting the model for my combined Skaven army (although at the time he had a different name for the model, before I changed it to Scarus). The purple skin tone marks him as one of the enlightens followers of Pestilens, in service to Verminlord Sektretch.

This year I’m hoping to make a second Warlord as Scarus after the events of the campagin that he was in. He won’t be the same as he is in the picture, but I won’t spoil the surprise. 😉

Link to the post:

Project: Sci-fi inspired scratch built robot 

The biggest project of 2016 was my scratch built robot (none-functioning of course), which had to be made on a six week deadline with process notes, design sketches, prototypes and the final outcome design. Thankfully I was able to complete this project a week before the deadline, with just a few annotation work to finish off.

When I look at this project, nostalgia just hits me like an incoming paper duck on superglue. It’s a big achievement to me, as the task was something I didn’t want to fail. I was a lot more prepared for this task with a calm mindset, in a mirror reflection of my near stress anxiety levels of my GCSE art project final design.

I’m hoping to do a project that will be more elaborate and a successor to this design, pushing for more creativity and professional standards.

Link to the post:

Gorthblox, Greater Daemon (SEVEN!!!!!!)This big fella was done during the summer holidays, a time when all manner of Nurgle priests and Nurglings came to my door for crusty coffee and plague cakes (no kidding!). They offered me a rust encrusted lantern that can summon a Great Unclean one from the realm of chaos for free! (Well they jabbered on about in exchange for my soul or something….).

All jokes aside, I brought this model as a treat for getting a merit in my Level 2 art and design course. This model in particular I’ve been pushing new techniques and colour pallet that I’ve not tried out before, resulting in form of a really disgustingly badass Daemon!

Link to the post:

Completing my first AoS army!It took me nearly a year to get this army completed before I finally had my first game of AoS last year. This army would be the starting point for my combined Skaven force for Clan Skelnix, lead by a very old Verminlord.

This was a massive achievement in terms of actually getting a fully painted 1,000+ pt, where as before I could never paint a full army for WHFB. Not only that, but an army that looks great from painting all the models in consistency. 

Funnily enough, just months after this army was done, I was able to have a fully painted 1,000pt Nurgle force done as well! I’m hoping to reach up to 2,000pt for my Skaven force, with at least two units of 20x Clanrats (that’s gonna be nightmare to do 💀).

Link to the post:

Blog Persona profile imageBased on my stuffed toy monkey ( if you must know his name is Jeff), who inspired me to use his face as a reference to create a digital art picture of him. Whilst people might use selfies or logos for their profile, I’ve decided to take a different route to have some sort of recognisable image associated to my blog site.

After ten years of being in the loft, I’ve finally found inspiration to take Jeff from his retirement to be use for art project. Hopefully he’ll be used for future projects.

Link to the post:

Verminlord SektretchThe post that started it all off, this model was my first project for my blog site. This model is an important piece in a personal way, as it got me to where I am today with my painting standards.

At first I found the task to be difficult to undertake for professional standards. But I continued the project with determination to finish the model by pushing my techniques and styles to the limit. 

The result is astoundingly amazing, back then I thought this would be the only model that can achive with the best of my talent at art. However, it was only just a stepping stone for the posts that followed on from it. As you’ve seen above, I’ve since painted a lot more models that far exceed the standard of this model. But to me, this model derseves a personal place as the model that really got me into painting table top miniatures.

Link to the post:


It’s thanks to you guys that I’m still blogging for nearly a year now, your comments and compliments have given me that much needed inspiration to do the best that I can. I can’t thank you guys enough at how your comments have helped me through a very mixed year.

I hope you have enjoyed the post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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