You can now follow me on Instagram

That’s right, I’m now on Instagram! If you want to see more miniature photography you can follow me on my Instagram BjornStormcast. It’s very early days but I’m sure it’ll grow just like the blog has. Until next time, -Bjorn

I’m back……

Yup, after two weeks of silence (of sorts) from blogging I’ve returned to posting the usual. What happened? Well things just got out of control for me due to several things that made me stop posting. I needed a break away from blogging to take a refresh and take a break. Constantly doing the repetitiveContinue reading “I’m back……”


This is a reference to a meme on the Fly on The Wall Podcast instagram. I decided to draw Nigel because I was bored being stuck in isolation. At least Luke can now create more memes of Nigel. Nigel is the hero we never asked for, but deserved in our time of need. Until nextContinue reading “Nigel”

Roboute Guilliman, art project

You thought I would forget Lorgar’s arch nemesis? Well, I did just that earlier than expected, it’s a nice picture that I’ll be using as my new profile picture. That’s all for today, until next time, -Bjorn

Lorgar, Bearer of the Word: Art project

The other day I wanted to do some drawing, so I got out my sketchbook out and started planning what I wanted to draw. After my test drawing of Perturabo using a reference photo impressed me, I wanted to do something similar for this drawing. I wanted to draw Lorgar, inspired by ADB Horus HeresyContinue reading “Lorgar, Bearer of the Word: Art project”

Fan fiction Fly on the Wall Podcast Post Apocalyptic Saga link post

I’ve decided to make a post to link all of my Post Apocalyptic saga fan fiction posts, based on The Fly on the Wall Podcast series hosted by Luke and Waz, into an all in one link post. This will be updated with each new fan fiction post published on the blog, links below areContinue reading “Fan fiction Fly on the Wall Podcast Post Apocalyptic Saga link post”

Going Primal

Ah another toy salvaged from…..not my toy box this time, but at a carboot sale months back. I saw this at a toy stall in the carboot indoor market that was in a spinning case for many months. I just had to get it! Looking pretty worn out with missing parts (his transmetal ape headContinue reading “Going Primal”

The road to disappointment

This was written back during my last day at P16, the day I’d finally leave school and set off towards my new life and aspirations to become an artist as a career. Years of pressure, being bullied and constant issues with the conforming brainwashing of school would be all behind me. A fresh start inContinue reading “The road to disappointment”