Two weapon crews painted and ready to burn those golden thunder man-things! I’m glad that I’ve finally got these two painted, got them since Island of Blood came out a decade ago. I’ll be sure to use these as detachments for each of my Clanrat units, some meat sheiks cover will help the weapon crewsContinue reading “Warpflamers!!!!!”

The future of The Rats after Domain?

After reading all three books of The Rats trilogy (and The City graphic novel), I’ve decided to look back and theories the connections of each books revelations to the end bomb shell book of Domain. Below I’ll be giving brief catch ups with each books endings relating to the rats, and where there origins started.Continue reading “The future of The Rats after Domain?”

When Skryre got steam

I’m back with more painted Skaven models done after a few days of spraying and painting my batch of models. I’m getting many backlog models (even neglected ones from 7-8 years ago) painted in order to finally getting a fully painted army ready for gaming. Today, I have three wizards (one a rocket looney, anotherContinue reading “When Skryre got steam”

The Rats Trilogy

Over the past three or four weeks this month, I’ve been reading all three of James Herbert’s books in the Rat Trilogy (well quadruple series If including The City graphic novel). After finding a copy of The City last month I was intrigued to learn more about James Herbert and his fictional works. Luckily enoughContinue reading “The Rats Trilogy”

Dark Future

Completely came as a surprise when I found this book at a secondhand book shop today! Beside a second copy of Storm Warriors by GW ( I got a copy at the same book shop!), this book was way down the book shelf that can easily be missed. I think this might be the oldestContinue reading “Dark Future”

Steam punk Skaven suits

Over the past couple of days I’ve been researching all things Skaven, from new lore in the sample Battletome preview and updated rules for the Skaven in the AoS app. All things went well. Lore so far was good with the established location of Blight City, and some small bits about post End Times history.Continue reading “Steam punk Skaven suits”

New reinforcements for Clan Skelnix

With the announcement of Battletome Skaven being on preorder last week, I thought it was about time I got back into painting my Skaven collection in time for the new release this weekend. I’ve got a few units now ready for painting including four new kitbashed hero’s, two kitbashed battleline units for Clan Skryre andContinue reading “New reinforcements for Clan Skelnix”

What Is New Grim?

Apologies for not getting this post out on the 31st of December last year as promised, due to my lazy timing in getting it done and wanting to have more time to finalise it to my liking. I’ve been doing this in a few blog posts throughout the months of last year, each post hintingContinue reading “What Is New Grim?”

2019 book reading challenge!

After counting how many books I’ve read last year, I was surprised to learn that I made a big record of reading twelve books (one being an Omnibus so it’s technically fourteen books), so this year I want to beat that record by reading more books this year. I still have some books left toContinue reading “2019 book reading challenge!”

The Skaven are here!

Holy heck GW did it, after three years of waiting and waiting and waiting, the children of the Horned Rat are finally getting their own Battletome! Not only that, their finally going to be united in one book! As a Skaven fan boy, this is what I need for AoS and it’s coming really soon.Continue reading “The Skaven are here!”