This is a reference to a meme on the Fly on The Wall Podcast instagram. I decided to draw Nigel because I was bored being stuck in isolation. At least Luke can now create more memes of Nigel.

Nigel is the hero we never asked for, but deserved in our time of need.

Until next time,


Roboute Guilliman, art project

You thought I would forget Lorgar’s arch nemesis? Well, I did just that earlier than expected, it’s a nice picture that I’ll be using as my new profile picture.

At first I wanted to draw Rogal Dorn, but I found the drawing to be less like Dorn and more like Guilliman. So I went for a stoic Guilliman in uniform. Can you guess which famous actor I’ve picked as a visual reference for drawing Roboute?

That’s all for today, until next time,


Lorgar, Bearer of the Word: Art project

The other day I wanted to do some drawing, so I got out my sketchbook out and started planning what I wanted to draw. After my test drawing of Perturabo using a reference photo impressed me, I wanted to do something similar for this drawing.

I wanted to draw Lorgar, inspired by ADB Horus Heresy book, Betrayer, which I finished reading a few days ago. Hating Lorgar more than ever, I wanted to create a very powerful, wise, prideful and twisted imagery of the Primarch.

To start off, I went and searched for a reference image of who I wanted to base the XVIIth Primarch on. When I read Lorgar’s words, I imagine Richard E Grant playing as the character for his soft high gothic voice, with a twist of sharpness when the monster within is unleashed.

What better reference picture than one of Richards roles that I first saw him in when I was a kid, The little Vampire. I can’t show the image on here, but it’s a good reference picture of him smiling sinisterly with his Vampire costume and makeup. I’ve also got some reference photos of Lorgar, one from his Primarch book and another one in full chaos mode (I think it’s the same artist who did Chapter Master Valrak’s YouTube profile picture?).

Rather than using a pencil, I used a red pencil when outlining and shading the portrait, something I haven’t tried out before until now. As they say in Art College, try something new and out of your comfort zone.

Using a red pencil/crayon, I’ve noticed it was a lot more smoother to shade the picture. With a chalk tip/graphite pencil I tend to get too rough on the shading and outlining.
Once the sketch is complete, I did some photo editing to make it sharper, brighter and filtered in B&W. But wait, the face doesn’t look right…….I keep thinking I’ve accidentally drawn Gav Thorpe, despite the fact I’ve used a reference photo of Richard E Grant.

Now for the digital art stage! With the photo ready, importing it into Procreate art app to be put through layers of colour and editing. I tend to add separate layers for different areas like for example Skin, eyes, armour, background, added effects and tonal change.

Already Lorgar looks as bright as a neutron star about to explode, just like Monarchia……..
He’s even got a nice scar left by Corax after their clash on Istvaan V, a mark of prowess or shame, who could say?

After the painting stages are done, it’s back to the photo editing with light balance and another filter. We need to make Lorgar look his best, so a really dark and morbid tone should suit his ‘killing smile’.

Some may not like it too dark, me, for this art subject in particular, it’s justifiable. #RIPArgalTal #FErebus

Finally, I wanted to add one final effect before it goes into its final piece stage. Adding some nebula glow to represent the almost otherworldly aspect to Lorgar’s deep descent into Chaos.

With that done, what’s the message in my art work and what inspired me.

Artwork’s message and meaning

Art is subject and everyone has their take on the subject in question, so don’t let my words be the final judgment on your views.

I wanted the picture to represent Lorgar as the serpent, the smiling demigod who’s pulling the threads of many plans and religious founding during his zealous crusade in the Horus Heresy. I’ve noticed in many official and fan artworks how Lorgar doesn’t smile, despite the fact that he smiles a little bit too much.

Once, he was the runt of the herd whom no one respected or even acknowledged, even to his own brothers of demigods. But after all the events that transpired leading up towards the Heresy, we get to see Lorgar at the height of his power, and his greatest weaknesses open to be exploited by the Chaos Pantheon.

My artwork was set with one goal in mind for my target audience, and that is for them to hate it. Why? Because what your seeing is no mere victim or a misguided demigod seeking the truth, what your seeing is the truth. Chaos corrupts all it touches, even best intentions for good can be set for a pathway to damnation. Lorgar is an example of someone who plays the victim and expects people to see his point of view because he saw the “truth”, how the Emperor is nothing but a false god along with the Imperium that he created.

But that’s his excuse. He knew the cost of his actions when he sent Argal Tal and his chapter into hells gate, he knew what the Heresy would result in, he knew Guilliman would seek his head for the burning of Calth as he was about to play victim to the XIIIth Primarch. He means good intentions, but only to himself, if he ever cared for his sons and the rest of humanity, he would’ve searched deep within himself and be more self assertive. But because he needs to worship something greater than himself, he can never question himself.

Even a demigod like Lorgar can be manipulated by mortals like Erebus and Kor Pharon, who use Lorgar to their own agendas because he cannot see his own faults to know he’s being used. Or are we the reader being fooled? Lorgar for all we know is playing victim to his own sons, letting them think he’s too dependable on others to be guided. But in truth, he’s using them in such a way where he can see what their motives are, who’s really the ally and enemy within.

My artwork in my opinion is about the truth of who we are, not the universal truth. The truth that Lorgar seeks is not the masters we must follow, but it is the actions we make that define our lives and those we affect. Lorgar is so hellbent of finding the truth of real gods to pray and grovel over to because he wants no responsibility for himself. Why be the master of your own destiny when gods can be both a source of power, religious guidance and an excusable diversion for your own sins (blame the gods for my actions).

One day the gods will tire of Lorgar and find a new plaything. On that day he will truly know the meaning of guilt and despair far more crushingly than the burning of Monarchia


My inspirations for this piece as mentioned above are Richard E Grant as an actor/ voice actor I’d imagine would play as Lorgar. imagery of GW IP artwork of Lorgar and fan artwork of Lorgar.

For reading inspiration from Black Library includes Gav Thorpe for Lorgar’s Primarch book, Anthony Reynolds for The Purge and Scion of the Storm and ADB for The First Heretic, Betrayer and short stories relating to Lorgar.

Finally, artist inspirations are Francis Bacon, Neil Roberts and Paul Dainton.

That is all for today. I hope you have enjoyed this post, and if your have any suggestions on which Primarch I should do next, post a comment in this post on who you’d like to nominate for me to ruin.

Until next time,


Fan fiction Fly on the Wall Podcast Post Apocalyptic Saga link post

I’ve decided to make a post to link all of my Post Apocalyptic saga fan fiction posts, based on The Fly on the Wall Podcast series hosted by Luke and Waz, into an all in one link post. This will be updated with each new fan fiction post published on the blog, links below are in chronological order.


Update (5/4/20): I’m currently editing part 5 to make sure it reads and visually appeals without being too fan fiction-y and too silly. As a halfway point for the entire fan fiction story, I want to make sure it ties plot threads that I’ve been plotting through the series.

Mainly, I want to set the halfway point where there’s a clear goal and destination, not that the characters, background and story up to this point has been established. It’s all to easy to get too sidetracked with ideas and creative overloads, dragging the story for too long and too overly ambitious for the plot I originally had in mind.

So once part 5 is out, everyone will be on track and happy to know that the filler and exposition parts are done.

Oh, and part 5 will be dropping some big stuff about the post apocalypse. Stay tuned!


Posts below are art posts relating to the fan fiction.

I’ve got some suggestions for listening to music whilst reading these stories, as it’s immersive to the story that’ll make the experience much more enjoyable. These are my personal favourites when I’m writing these fan fiction stories, I hope you’ll enjoy them too!

  • Mitch Murder, Hardwired album
  • Fallout 1 and 2 and 3 OST
  • Wasteland 2 by Mark Morgan
  • Sanctum, Metatron Omega
  • Impact Winter, Mitch Murder
  • Death Stranding, Ludvig Forssell

Lastly I’m grateful to Luke and Waz for letting me do this fan fiction project, despite how much I keep posting about my work I’m very thankful for the guys positive feedback and enjoyment of my work.

You can find the Fly on the Wall Podcast on your preferred podcast app (might not be on all podcast apps), Twitter and Instagram.

Here’s a link to their Twitter site and give their podcast a listen!

If the link doesn’t work, just type in FlyOnTheWallPo1 on Twitter.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you’ll enjoy the fan fiction stories (or not).


#Fembruary challenge 2020

First things first, this is my first time entering a blogging community challenge, it took me awhile but I’ve finally got the courage to start.

Second thing is, I ain’t that good at painting feminine miniatures.

But hey, that’s what challenges are for, to test yourself and overcome areas that your not comfortable at.

If you don’t know what the Fembruary challenge is, it’s a yearly challenge set up by a blogger named Alex, also known as leadballoony. The challenge is to paint a female miniature in February, from any genre and any miniature company you like.

For more information on the challenge, here’s a link to Alex’s blog post.


So what am I painting for Fembruary? Well I’ve already painted my first female miniature as part of a unit that I did today. A unit of Castigators for my revamped Stormhost (that I’ll elaborate in detail once I’ve finished writing the lore post. Not long now!).

Ignore the two male Stormcast Eternals, the female miniature is on the right.

Is that it? No, I’ve got another female model to paint next week! Since I’m collecting the Mortal Realms magazine to build up my existing Stormhosts (my revamped one and the Anvils of the Heldenhammer). I’m hoping my newsagent will be able to reserve next Wednesday copy as it will have the exclusive female Knight-Incantor miniature.

If they can’t reserve it due to high demand, I have a plan B! But I’ll share that at another time.

Before I go, just as a sneak peak to my big lore post on my homebrew Stormhost, I have a digital artwork of one of my characters thats a female Lord-Arcanum. #Fembruary2020

Until next time,


Four who ride in the post apocalypse

Recently it was announced on the Fly on the Wall podcast that their long running Post Apocalypse series will be ending on the 30th of December. So what better time than to reveal my week long artwork, my last one in tribute to the series.

More art, I know, I probably shouldn’t be doing too much on the Fly on the Wall podcast stuff for it might look like I’m taking credit from somebody’s work. I mention in my posts on the subject that it’s fan made, I make art and fan fiction just for the sheer fun and effort, it pleases me seeing the reaction that Luke and Waz, and what their thoughts are. Also, I’d like to apologise to Waz for getting his name wrong in my prologue fan fiction story. I kept naming him ‘Woz’ instead of ‘Waz’. Apologies for getting that wrong.

It’s a good feeling to know that at least my artistic skills are put to good use rather than my current downhill career path is going. For those of you who may not know, I started this blog a couple of years ago as an online collection of my College artwork, like a virtual blog portfolio of my work in progress. But once I found out about the Warhammer community on WordPress, the blog became more about my hobby projects.

Three years later, it didn’t go down well.

Doing these fan fiction projects based on Luke and Waz’s podcast for free means a lot to me, it’s not a shill statement nor me being pally with them for reputation or social climbing. I’m just happy my talents are being used for something meaningful and appreciated and criticised. Oh and for conspiracy theories for the stuff I make. Yes it’s defiantly a time traveling Brian Blessed.

I might not be able to become an artist, nor have a job in anything art related. But I’ll say F@£k it and carry on.

Anyways, now back to my art work.

This artwork was a test to see how well I could draw and colour in an artwork featuring multiple characters in one page. So I did my pencil sketching and traced that over with a Japanese nib 3.0 pen.

Now for some colour!

Above photo was a basic colour guide for me to shade and highlight, and any special effects I might want to add to the artwork. It’ll take some time to add the light and shadow areas, but the results are worth it for putting effort into it.

Once that’s done, the picture should look decent enough, although you could add some extra effects and texture just to finish it off. Just try not to add too much as that’ll make the picture out of focus and messy.

As my year 8 art teacher once said.

Less means better, more means messy.

– my year 8 art teacher

To finish off, I’ve used a filter and edited the photo lighting to my standards. The abomination is finally complete!

Drawn to life are the gang of the Fly of the Wall podcast featuring big mutant ape man Krakstrong, a bandit outlaw (I don’t know who he is……), Bounty Hunter Glenn and half man half machine Waz.

I think this will do as a good tribute to the lads, they’ve done a lot of great work on the post apocalyptic saga. Congrats on a very enjoyable and thrilling series!

What’s next? I might continue my fan fiction story that diverts from the lads post apocalyptic saga, but I’ve already written two big posts of part 1 and 2. I need some time to write part 3. As for artwork, that’ll be done as part of the fan fiction series as I think this posts artwork will serve as my final tribute work.

Will I do anything else for the podcast? I’m going to take a break and let others contribute their work. As I’ve said before this is just for fun and effort, so I’m hoping more people will put show their talents with their contributions.

As Waz once said


-Lord Waz

before I go, I’ve got some previews of my artwork for part 3 of my fan fiction, and beyond……..

Got any theories for the artwork?


That’s all from me for today. I’ve got plenty more of my 12 days of Winter posts coming up, so check back each day and see what’s on my blog.

Until next time,