A.B.C tribute art, part 5: Deadlock in the style of Ken Walker

Medium: acrylics

Thought it’d be Hammerstein today? Well the power of Khaos can be deceiving, what’s order when you can jump the cue using magic and mayhem at your disposal?

Todays subject is Deadlock, originally created by Pat Mills for 2000AD comic, he is a wizard anarchist who serves Khaos to spread mayhem throughout the galaxy. Concepts like order, rules and obeying superiors is alien to Deadlock, for he despises such things that stands in his way. He has on occasion been at odds with Hammerstein due to both being polar opposites to each other. Hammerstein is a solider who values loyalty, order, respect, laws, rules and honourable combat. Deadlock on the other hand is an anarchist, he seeks mayhem, freedom, individual choices, power and sacrifices to Khaos.

He’s even got his own series (because he was such a badass), and he’s also met Nemesis the Warlock.

Whilst I couldn’t achieve the brilliant standard that Ken Walker did for the Hellbringer arc (it took him a month to paint six pages worth of story!) I could at least try to paint Deadlock as best as I can.

Next up, this time I will be doing Hammerstein!



A.B.C Warriors tribute art, part 4: General Black Blood in the style of Carlos Ezquerra

Drawing in Line Marker and Sharpies Black permanent marker pen.

Today’s post carries on my tribute art series, this time being one of my favourite A.B.C Warrior/ Volgan/ traitor, General Black Blood of the Straw Dogs.

I did this tribute artwork in the style of the late Carlos Ezquerra, who did some artwork for one of the A.B.C Warriors stories. Like many of his work Carlos’s is really talented at creating emotion and action in his own style without too much detail or complexity visually.

I’ve tried to recreate Black Blood in the style of Carlos Ezquerra, but it’s really difficult in practice to capture the look of Black Blood in that style.

Next up an A.B.C Warrior who’s been fighting since the Volgan war, the opposite side of Black Blood, a bot by the rules and born to fight, it can only be Hammerstein. But the question is, which artist inspiration will I use to recreate Hammerstein?


A.B.C Warriors tribute art, part 3: Ro-Jaws in the style of Kevin O’Neill

Line Marker sketch

Digital art clean up and changes

Light grey shading

Colour version using digital art app Procreate

Today I have a third tribute artwork based on the creation of Pat Mills A.B.C Warriors, this time I’ve done everyone’s favourite loud mouth, Ro-Jaws.

I did Ro-Jaws in the style of Kevin O’Neil because I liked how Ro-Jaws looked In Kevin’s artwork in Nemesis the Warlock (also created by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neil). The style is simple yet full of character for characters like Nemesis, Torquemada, Ro-Jaws and many others.

Next up, a tribute artwork for both the late Carlos Ezquerra and one of the A.B.C Warriors most sickest monster, it can only be General Black Blood.

Until next time,


A.B.C Warriors tribute art, part 2: Joe Pineapples in the style of Simon Bisley

Rough sketch using one of Simon Bisley’s artwork of Joe as a reference (the one where he’s holding his badass rifle!)

Using Line Markers (0.3/ 0.8) to trace over the pencil sketch, then erasing the pencil marks to clean up the drawing.

Originally I was going to use a black pen marker to fill in the shadows, but I didn’t have any to spare and my line markers won’t be good enough for the job. So I used Procreate digital art app to fill in the shading areas in an oriental brush.

Continuing on with my A.B.C Warriors tribute art series, I’ve done my second artwork in the style of Simon Bisley for the best assassin bot, Joe Pineapples.

Joe Pineapples is a A.B.C Warrior who first appeared in the the series first prog, written by Pat Mills for 2000AD back in 1979 in prog #119. It wasn’t until Simons art run that Joe had a redesign to make him look more punk and sleeker, emphasising on his assassin qualities.

I wanted to recreate the scene where Joe uses his sniper rifle, but I’ve cropped my recreation as I’m terribly bad at full body anatomy composition. Originally I was going to use pen and black ink, but I didn’t have any black ink to spare, so I used digital art to cover the bigger shaded areas.

Next up, should I do Ro-Jaws or retired version of the A.B.C Warriors leader, Hammerstein? I think going for the Ro-Busters era would be awesome to try out!

Until next time,


A.B.C Warriors tribute art part 1: Mongrol in the style of Mike McMahon

Original inked artwork using fine ink pens, ink colour pens, inks and blue glaze.

Photo editing version

Final artwork using Procreate art app

This blog post series is a tribute to 2000AD’s Sci-fi war series, The A.B.C Warriors written by Pat Mills and various artist who have illustrated the team over many decades.

I wanted to try this art project for two reasons, 1) I haven’t done an art project since my Kray Twins art project a year ago, I’m getting rusty from a lack of consistent art work. My break from art is long overdue. 2) I’ve always wanted to try and recreate the A.B.C Warriors ever since I first read them back in 2013, the first work of Pat Mills that I’ve enjoyed reading and got me into reading more of his 2000ad work. I liked how unique each character looked that suited their personality, like Hammerstein for example having a masculine and heroic physic wielding his heavy hammer. The members of the A.B.C Warriors personalities really adds weight to the story, and how each of them has a story to tell (well Blackblood is the least sympathetic bot of the lot).

The artists like Kevin O’Neil, Mike McMahon, Carlos Ezquerra, Simon Bisley, Clint Langley and many more have always made fantastic artworks for the A.B.C Warriors. Whilst the group have had big visual changes of the years stylistically, they still however retain their personalities and design over the past decades. From Bisley’s punk 80’s comic book art to Langley’s blockbuster Sci-Fi digital art, the A.B.C Warriors have a refreshing appeal for every decade and artist interpretation.

Inspired by the original cover art for A.B.C Warriors book one by Mike Mchaon, I wanted to recreate Mongrol in a similar style to Mikes work. I’ve gone for inks as I like the different effects it has when applied. Like the colour ink pens are great for covering big areas in a flat colour, and ink paints to shade areas like shadows and background. Sort of like old comic book art, but using more modern tools for the job.

The photo edit and digital art is used to refine the artwork and add a finishing touch. Hopefully this artwork will be at least a good enough tribute to the brilliant artwork of Mike McMahon.

My next subject is Joe Pineapples, one of the coolest and deadliest members of the A.B.C Warriors. I might do him in the style of Simon Bisley’s Black and White ink work, or try the deep end and go digital art like Clint Langley’s version of Joe.

Until next time!


Justice, a tribute artwork to the late Carlos Esquerra

Inspired by Carlos Esquerra and John Wagner’s creation of Judge Dredd, part of 2000AD comic publication. I do not own the character or anything that’s part of its respective creators.

The other day I’ve found a touch screen ballpoint pen, which I needed for a long time. As you can see above it’s really helped me create better accurate drawings compared to my older works. I’ve decided to do a crop drawing of Judge Dredd in memory of the late Carlos Esquerra, who sadly passed away last year.

R.I.P Carlos