Two weapon crews painted and ready to burn those golden thunder man-things! I’m glad that I’ve finally got these two painted, got them since Island of Blood came out a decade ago. I’ll be sure to use these as detachments for each of my Clanrat units, some meat sheiks cover will help the weapon crews get close enough to cause some damage.

I’ve got my copy of the Skaven Battletome the other day after waiting patiently to buy it, so far I’m enjoying it. However, I have doubts about it. I have this feeling that the book lacks something, it feels unfinished in some areas. I’ll share my full thoughts once I’ve had time to analyse the whole book.

Anyways, that’s nearly Clan Skryre done with only one Warlock Engineer left to paint before I can move on. Then it’s just painting all of Clan Verminus models (60+ Clanrats and one unit of 20 Stormvermin). Currently I’m working on my second unit of 20x Clanrats in order to have a second battleline unit, good enough for a 1,000pt Skaventide list.

Until next time!


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