Going Primal

Ah another toy salvaged from…..not my toy box this time, but at a carboot sale months back. I saw this at a toy stall in the carboot indoor market that was in a spinning case for many months. I just had to get it! Looking pretty worn out with missing parts (his transmetal ape headContinue reading “Going Primal”

Another bot painted

Today I’ve got another Transformers toy to show you guys, I’ve forgotten the name of this particular one, but it was part of a duo set I got over a decade ago. This one was one of my top ten favourite Deception toys because of its design and flexible poses, it’s simple but visually awesomeContinue reading “Another bot painted”

Adding painting improvements to Transformers Headmaster Quake

Last year I painted a Cyberman toy as a test experiment for fun, which turned out really well. Now, I did some test work on some toys I had left in a box for awhile now, judging by the paint work from production, I thought they lacked a lot of things that would’ve made themContinue reading “Adding painting improvements to Transformers Headmaster Quake”

12 days of winter [day 8]: New Retro Gorkamorka (or is it Morkagorka?)

made using Procreate app The Destruction God of AoS has been rebuilt by the planet Eating Chaos bringer, Unicron. Now, Gorkamorka (or Morkagorka) is reborn as a tetchy upgraded monster with more dakka lasers and ultimate strength compared to the punny Ironjaws Warboss. (I very much doubt this will happen, but you never know……..😏) ThankContinue reading “12 days of winter [day 8]: New Retro Gorkamorka (or is it Morkagorka?)”

Titans Return: Soundwave (a rambling of a Soundwave fan)

If there’s one thing I love most apart from table top hobby, it’s big metal alien robots from another planet. Or to be more specific, the Transformers franchise! I still love the franchise even to this day, although I’m out of the loop when it comes to the latest releases and tv shows. But whatContinue reading “Titans Return: Soundwave (a rambling of a Soundwave fan)”