The Dovaskar Legacy- part 1: Dreadlord Tilanth, leader of the Red Scarlet dynasty

To start off ‘The Dovaskar Legacy’ series, I present the first of the Aelf of the Red Scarlet dynasty, enjoy!

Tilanth was four generations down the lost royal blood line after the decimation of his birth realm, Ghur. His great grandfather,the disgraced  King, passed on his fateful memory’s of the day when chaos came to their city, remembering everything that had happen. 

Since then, he has passed this on to his sons and daughters, who in turn pass on the story to their sons and daughters. Tilanth is the current blood born to learn of his kins story. So it began, when he announced to the gods that he will avenge his fallen ancestors, be it by the gods help or not.

It took decades for Tilanth years to build up his army, from allying with the privateers of the sky ships, to the beast masters of serpents. He has so far outdone his forefathers, doing what they couldn’t do in a thousand years. 

But Tilanth lacks knowledge of where his homeland is located, all recordings of where the city was were all but destroyed. However, he has been contacted by a mysterious entity from a realm hole shard, calling itself Dovaskar. 

Dovaskar wants Tilanth to come to the realm of Shyish, to a place called Greykeep, where he will help the young Dreadlord find what he seeks. Wether Tilanth will heed the entity’s words, that will be another story for now.

||Next story-Part 2: The Red Queen, Friday 6th May||

The Dovarskar legacy

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be starting a new blog series tomorrow called The Dovaskar Legacy. This will be a showcase of my combined forces of both the fallen exiles of Aelf kin and the undead. This will be a prominent series like my Clan Pestilens army blogs. 

I’ve been really inspired to do something different with my blog posts, to make them a lot more engaging and interesting to look at. Hopefully this will inspire people to build up their own story’s for their Warhammer AOS army’s.
Unlike my Clan Pestilens blog series, ‘The Dovarskar Legacy’ will be a fluff based series, telling the tale of how a long forgotten Aelf empire was reborn by a mysterious necromancer, who calls himself Dovarskar. In each post, I’ll show a unit that’s being featured with a backstory, and mini lore parts to the army’s backstory too.

To finish this post off, I’ll leave you guys with a tale from a village of Greykeep in the realm of shyish, enjoy!

They say he was there when the World-that-was died during the End times. He was there when Aelfs were prosperous during the Age of Myth, side by side as he and the Aelfs built a dynasty called the Red Scarlets, in the realm of Ghur. 

But then, during the early days of the Age of Chaos, the Red Scarlets were decimated by Nurgles followers of Gashstyx. A once prosperous empire, now turned to ashes and corruption. A few survived and fled, whilst others like Dovaskar were killed on the Amber grasses of Ghur.

But death would not embrace Dovaskar, for Nagash took his soul to the realm of Shyish, and remade Dovaskar into something more horrendous and wicked. Since then, he has been training his necromancey skills, mastering its arts to achieve the ability to raise hundreds of undead servants.

No one knew who this poor soul was when he entered Shyish, or what he had become. But folk at Greykeep rumor that this mysterious soul had been enraged at his empires decimation, and vowed to hunt down and destroy the followers of Gashstyx for eternity.

After years of mastering the art of necromancey, the time has come for Dovaskar to raise his dead empire and find the remaining Aelfs of the Red Scarlets and form an alliance to take back their homeland.

Clan Moulder army (so far)

I thought it would be time to show my first ever fully painted army for AOS, Clans Moulder. I spent nearly 6 months painting all the models to a good standard, getting into the motivation to painting all the models.
Since I already had all the models needed to use a fully playable faction, I decided that I needed to give my models an identity, something that is noticeable and striking. So when I looked through my old White Dwarf collection, I found some visual inspirational that I evolved into my own colour scheme. 

The army would be centred around a wealthy packmaster, who has had guidance from the clans  ancestral skills for handling and breeding beasts. The clan would be a minor clan of Clan Moulder, calling their minor clan ‘Clan Sethyran’. Their base of operation is in the realm of Ghyran, where they are forming an alliance with Clan Pestilance, especially under the agreement with Verminlord Corrupter, Sektretch.

The next plan now is to add more Giant rats to my two units, and hopefully have a combined number of 30 models in each unit. Then I’ll add two more Rat Ogres to my two units, totalling up to four Rat Ogres in each unit. Finally I’ll paint five more Chaos hounds to the unit to make a unit of ten (I might substitute this unit as a Wolf rat unit).

Side project: clan verminous- Warlord Serathitius (Final)

With some minor details to add, and painting the base, the model is now officially completed. I’m pretty glad that I’ve finally finished painting this model, It’s been too long since he had any attention (due to my lack of enthusiasm to paint loads of models way back in 8th edition).

The plan now is to decided what base size my stormvermin will be on, and what their armour colour scheme will be. There’s also a second warlord to paint and re-base, but that model in particular will be part of the Clans Moulder hired alliance circle.

Side project: Warmachine-Protectorate of Menoth stater set 

Today I thought I’d show my starting Warmachine faction that I’m  still currently painting as a side project (a year over and still, not completed……). I tried to keep the Menoth look, but with minor colour changes including the trims being purple and the overal metal plates in dusty pale paint.

Above is my painted warcaster, Kreoss. I took my time when I was painting him and the Crusader Warjack, which as you can see, the end result was worth the patients.

Originally I was going to collect Cryx as my starting army, but my mind was set when I saw the Protectorate of Menoth range. I’m not particularly invested to get loads of models for my army, I just keeping it as a small skirmish force to play.

The only models left are my two other Warjacks that need painting, hopefully they’ll be done at some point in the near future.

If you have any questions, post a comment and I’ll reply back as soon as i can. 

Land Horizon


Another digital art picture that I’ve done in my spare time. I thought I’d do one of a horizon view, showing an island ahead that  had a mysterious lighthouse.

I tried doing a air brush effect for the sea and sky, just to see how it would look once I’ve built it up on layers. I kept samples of each colour for layering, so I can go back to it if I redo a mistake, or just adding more of the same effect.

Digital art: different prospective


When I did this picture of an ants head, I stateted to notice that flipping upside down revealed something more interesting. So I decided to add a few details to the flipped over copy, and see how it would look overal.


I was pretty impressed by the picture, it looked like a bat with twin tails, hovering through time and space in a miasma of fog. I might do some further testing on my digital art, i feel more confident using it now that i have learnt some of the basics. 

Steampunk Ice sword 

I did a random sketch based on steampunk theme. The gear at the hilt is a temperature device that can increase and decrease the cold temperature on the ice blade. The blade itself is made from pure harden ice, that’s as hard as steel. 

I’m going to add more sketches as an in between post when I’m not doing my Warhammer AOS posts. I’m also considering doing Fallout/Mad max inspired art, depending on what medium I would prefer using.

If you have any questions on how a dos this picture, or anything else that’s on my blog posts, send a comment and I’ll reply to them all as soon as I can. 

Art canvases

These are some of the canvas paintings that I’ve done during my last year at school. My skills have varied through each of the canvases as my skills for painting got better (well not exactly art pro stuff, but exceptional good).

 This was my first ever canvas painting, based on my imaginations on my own fictional manga series, Drakken. I don’t like it as much as I used to, since I see it as a bit generic for my taste now. But I still like some of the parts to the canvas, especially Brex, the top left picture. My painting skills have vastly improved from what I learnt from painting this canvas.

  During my GCSE Art work, I had to paint an object within a picture that relates to it. So after I researched different pictures of Plague doctors, I gathered my reference pictures and painted a canvas picture. If you look closely at the eye glass, you can see a reflection of what this plague doctor is looking at………

 My final canvas painting is something that I will keep for the rest of my life. This canvas has saved me from a near down hill of losing my GCSE final exam.

Thankfully, I was told that I could do a canvas art instead, based on my research work. The finished result was amazing, I only had two days to complete this canvas!