The Dovaskar Legacy- part 1: Dreadlord Tilanth, leader of the Red Scarlet dynasty

To start off ‘The Dovaskar Legacy’ series, I present the first of the Aelf of the Red Scarlet dynasty, enjoy! Tilanth was four generations down the lost royal blood line after the decimation of his birth realm, Ghur. His great grandfather,the disgraced  King, passed on his fateful memory’s of the day when chaos came toContinue reading “The Dovaskar Legacy- part 1: Dreadlord Tilanth, leader of the Red Scarlet dynasty”

The Dovarskar legacy

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be starting a new blog series tomorrow called The Dovaskar Legacy. This will be a showcase of my combined forces of both the fallen exiles of Aelf kin and the undead. This will be a prominent series like my Clan Pestilens army blogs.  I’ve been really inspired to doContinue reading “The Dovarskar legacy”

Clan Moulder army (so far)

I thought it would be time to show my first ever fully painted army for AOS, Clans Moulder. I spent nearly 6 months painting all the models to a good standard, getting into the motivation to painting all the models. Since I already had all the models needed to use a fully playable faction, IContinue reading “Clan Moulder army (so far)”

Side project: clan verminous- Warlord Serathitius (Final)

With some minor details to add, and painting the base, the model is now officially completed. I’m pretty glad that I’ve finally finished painting this model, It’s been too long since he had any attention (due to my lack of enthusiasm to paint loads of models way back in 8th edition). The plan now isContinue reading “Side project: clan verminous- Warlord Serathitius (Final)”

Side project: Warmachine-Protectorate of Menoth stater set 

Today I thought I’d show my starting Warmachine faction that I’m  still currently painting as a side project (a year over and still, not completed……). I tried to keep the Menoth look, but with minor colour changes including the trims being purple and the overal metal plates in dusty pale paint. Above is my paintedContinue reading “Side project: Warmachine-Protectorate of Menoth stater set “

Digital art: different prospective

   When I did this picture of an ants head, I stateted to notice that flipping upside down revealed something more interesting. So I decided to add a few details to the flipped over copy, and see how it would look overal.    I was pretty impressed by the picture, it looked like a batContinue reading “Digital art: different prospective”

Stage set model: practice shots part 2

This is the last ten pictures of the photography practice, doing different angles to get a variety of shots to compare. I prefer the second picture on this post, because I like how the angle of the photo shows the interior, and how the light is entering from the gap at the top corner.    Continue reading “Stage set model: practice shots part 2”