Post- AoS game evaluation [scrapped blog post]

Post- AoS game evaluation [scrapped blog post]

[Note: Originally I was going to post this battle report a few days after a game of AoS, Khorne Bloodbound vs Death alligence. However, I ended up scrapping the post, as I wasn’t sure it was interesting or even worth posting. I quickly jumped to the end of the report, having felt I wasn’t doing a good job at writing the report.

Now I’ve decided to post this scrapped attempt battle report, as I’m interested to see what opinions and advice you guys have on the subject. It’ll be interesting to see how this post will fare (as a casual gamer, err it didn’t go well for me lol. I’m not that good at wargaming, the dice gods tend to mock me……)

Anyways, enjoy the post!]

Last week, I’ve played a game of AoS against my friend, a 1000pt game using my Khorne alliance against Death allegiance. The battleplan objective was to capture the opponents objective from their respective zones, as well as defending our own objective.

For my tactical plan against my opponent, I did some research on my opponents army from previous games, as well as seeing the army’s warscroll effectiveness. Overall, I’ve written a two page essay style research on my opponents army, and what tactical choices I can make using the models I’ve got. Now, I’m renown for losing most tabletop games, as well as having bad luck with dice rolling at around turn 2 and 3, so I needed to really focus on defeating the Death allegiance with what I’ve gathered from my research.

Back in February, I played my first game of Khorne Bloodbound against the Death alligence, which I had some success for a few rounds. Whilst I nearly won the game, the Death army screwed my Khorne alliance pretty badly. This is in part due to my casual play style of not taking the game too seriously (I mean sending a unit of 20x Bloodreavers against the Necropolis Knights is a great idea, right?). 

Also, have you guys ever played against a unit of Necropolis Knights? Their damn op as a unit! (it almost makes the Tomb king players badass for fielding a whole army of these abominations!).

Therefore, I needed to take my opponent out by using the units weakens to my advantage. My plan was set when I placed my units in my deployment zone.


  • Black= scenery
  • Blue= objectives
  • Red= Khorne allegiance
  • Purple= Death allegiance
  1. 5x Flesh Hounds
  2. 10x Bloodletters of Khorne
  3. Bloodsecrator
  4. 5x Skullreapers
  5. Mighty Lord of Khorne
  6. Khorgorath
  7. Skull cannon
  8. 10x Blood warriors 
  9. 3x Necropolis Knights
  10. 10x Tomb Guards
  11. 3x Ushabti 
  12. 10x Crypt Ghouls
  13. Abhorrent Ghoul king
  14. 10x Crypt Ghouls
  15. 10x Crypt Ghouls
  16. Tomb king

The image above is my movement plan that I did on my first turn, moving my units up to either charge or flank any enemy’s that try to slip through the gaps. Whilst this plan was going smooth at first, it soon became apparent that things got chaotic from the constant annoyance of the Necropolis Knights (curse that icon bearer!).

What nailed the break line was the Tomb king slaying 9/10 of my Bloodletters of Khorne in one turn! However, my Flesh Hounds were resilient enough to deny the Ghoul king his magic and defeated him in combat. Sadly my Warlord was killed by the Necropolis Knights, even his reality axe didn’t have any worth against this abomination unit.

Skipping to the end, a few units were left standing on my side but couldn’t stop the outcome of the Tomb king taking hold of my defended zone. Ultimately, I’ve lost the battle.

So what did I learn from this battle?

  • Necropolis Knights are becoming a tedious thorn at my side, it’s a unit that can withstand anything as long as the Icon bearer is alive. My only option is to find a way to dish out multiple wounds on the unit using my Blood Warriors and Khorgorath.
  • The skullcannon was okay, it did some damage on a lucky roll, although it’s 1 attack for range attacks is a hit and miss. 
  • Skullreapers were actually useless, they defended the objective till the end, but were slaughtered easily by the Tomb King. 
  • Flesh Hounds were one of the top units I’d recommend for this battle report. Not only did they nullifie the Abhorrent Ghoul Kings Magic, but they also slain him in combat!
  • The Mighty Lord of Khorne did a good job of holding the Necropolis Knights at bay, but even he was slain by the unit. Possibly bestow him with gifts for my next game
  • Bloodletters of Khorne didn’t even stand a chance……….
  • Bloodsecrator did a fine job of buffing my units, although I think he could have been more useful if my Blood Warriors had joined him.
  • Blood warriors didn’t get a chance to cause any attacks, it all ended too soon for them to deal any damage to the foe.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!



On the hobby table: Objective markers

On the hobby table: Objective markers

Hello, and welcome back to ‘On the hobby able’. Today, I’ll be showing you three markers I’ve made for my AoS Skirmish campaigns, ranging from a priceless treasure chest, to a decaying Crypt Horror that’s been buried (or clawing out) in the damp soil.

These markers can also be used for different battle plans that require objective markers, or objects to defend. So when it came to creating my own markers, I didn’t need to wait long to find some bitz that would look great as markers.

Below are three markers I’m currently working on, I hope you’ll find these markers to be inspiring and odd!

A severed hand from a Verminlord Warpseer, still clenching his glowing artefact of corruption. This marker would be a good choice for Chaos alliance players, especially Skaven players seeking to reclaim or retrieve a rival clan artefact.

The remains of a Crypt Horror can be both a well earned reward, and a bad omen. For their bones can be used by the Flesh-Eater Courts to create bone weapons and magical trinkets  for both champions and their delusional leaders. This objective is easily built using spare parts from the Crypt Horror kit, as well as using a spare square base (which is great for objective markers, as I have too many square bases that I don’t use anymore).

Last but not least, the goal of all plundering raiders and treasure seekers, the good old treasure chest! This chest was taken from Games Workshops Lord of the Rings starter set (no longer produced), which came with other small objective markers for the game (whatch this Space for more objective markers from the set soon!). It was a simple step of glueing the chest onto a circle base, which looks pretty cool after painting the marker.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back with more objective markers soon, as well as some new markers for buffs and effects to represent warscroll effects. Until then, I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you guys next time!


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


[unofficial] Tomb Kings Battletome on Mengel Miniatures

A few days ago whilst I was looking through some hobby blog sites, I’ve found something that I had to spread the word on. A website called Mengel Miniatures has an article about an unofficial and fan made Tomb Kings battletome!

Tyler M and contributors have created a jaw dropping battletome, that many Tomb King players would be inspired to read and play. What’s even better is the fact that the battletome is on PDF, so it can be read anywhere on the go.

I have a friend who has a Tomb Kings army that he’s been using for a few AoS games now, creating an amazing backstory and colour scheme to represent his army. Sadly it’s a shame that the faction is no longer being supported in AoS, only carried on in the compendium download.

However, this stunning fan battletome has all of the existing warscrolls with new battalion warscrolls, alligence ability’s and so much more. If your a Tomb King collector, I would highly recommend you check out Mengel Miniatures website which I’ll link below:


Thank you for reading this post. If you can, check out Mengel Miniatures and spread the word about the site. Fan made projects like this deserve praise for the hard work and effort being put into the project.

Until next time guys, 


Battle report: Priest Ritual

Battle report: Priest Ritual

Todays post is a test battle report post in a game of AoS, which pits the rage-full zealots of Khorne Bloodbound against the undead legion.

Setting up the scenario
The game involved a lot of carnage from my Khorne Bloodbound, trying to complete their ritual in time to appease their God, Khorne. They have captured a feeble Ghoul Queen from an undead faction, who seek to take her back from the zealots of Khorne. 

We used the battlescroll ‘condemned’ from the Generals Handbook, which fitted perfectly with our factions that we’ve used for the game. Below is a list of what we’ve used for this battle, capping at 1,000pt.
Khorne Bloodbound:
* 1x Mighty Lord of Khorne

* 1x Bloodsecrator

* 1x Bloodstocker

* 1x Slaughterpriest (ritual priest)

* 1x Khorograth

* 25x Bloodreavers 

* 8x Blood Warriors

Combined undead:

* 1x Tomb king

* 1x Abhorrent Ghoul King

* 3x Necropolis Knights

* 3x Ushabti

* 10x Crypt Ghouls

* 10x Crypt Ghouls 

* 10x Crypt Ghouls

* 10x Crypt Ghouls

Battle outcome

For at least three rounds, I was able to get the first turn in each battle round, and successfully score a wound roll for the captive ritual. However, my army was quickly diminishing from the enemy faction, mainly from the Necropolis Knights who dealt some serious attacks on my BloodReavers and Blood warriors. 

Vice versa, I’ve done some major attacks on the undead, taking out units of Crypt Ghouls as well as taking down one Necropolis Knight twice (it came back on the field due to its units ability). But overall, during the fourth turn, my priest was defeated, units wiped out and my Mighty Lord of Khorne was bested by a Tomb King (sadly, didn’t even get a six to slay the king with my lords reality tear axe in his final moments!).
What went well? 
One of the most significant achievements I’ve done in a long time was successfully rolling dice, unbelievably getting the first turn every battle round was a big advantage for getting closer to my objective goal. Also, I was able to wound the captive model in a clear streak of successful rolls. 

Combinations with unit abilities was also a hi-light for me, as my Bloodreavers got pretty lucky with their bonus attacks from my Bloodsecrator being keyworded of ‘totem’ and ‘chaos’, totalling in 2 attack. Not only that, the Bloodsecrator using his totems ability each hero phase can boost all units within 18′ with an extra attack characteristics and ignoring battkeshock test. That’s a total of 3 attacks for each Bloodreaver (4 for champion) that ignors battleshock tests, pretty sweet indeed!
The Blood warriors also had some success during their battle against the Necropolis Knights, with their back up ability to deal combat when they’ve been wounded and slain by combat phase. This would be very useful against heavy wound units such as Verminlord Corruptors, Screeming Bell and Hellpit Abomination.
What could be improved?

I did some evaluation mind mapping on what could be improved for my army in terms of strategy and army list structure. Below is a list of what I personally feel could be improved:

1. Full strength units could have made a small difference for the game, giving me more time to complete the ritual. I had two units under strength that had been beaten up by turn 2-3. I’ll elaborate on my disagreements with pitch battle points for understrength units in another post soon.
2. My original plan was to reserve my Mighty lord of Khorne from battle as a back up for the ritual if ever should my Slaughterpriest be bested. However, my lords combat abilities could have been useful if he’d stayed with the Blood Warriors. This would be helpful against the Necropolis Knights, as my Blood warriors could deal some damage to the Knights, as well as their Lord deal the final blow.

3. My army was below its 1,000pt limit by 100pt, which I could have used to boost units or add units with that much points. However I haven’t got any more models to fill that space up, so I might invest in boosting my Blood Reavers to a unit 35x, a hero model to boost units by its ability or adding a unit of Khorne Deamons to the army. There’s a variety of options to create new lists, so I can pick and mix units and characters to suit the battleplans objective goal.

4. Since this was my first game using Khorne Bloodbound, I had a bit of luck using them in battle, however I think I need to understand my army a lot more in play style to fully grasp its pros and cons for AoS games.


I hope you guys have enjoyed this post-battle report post, I’ve very much enjoyed playing the Khorne Bloodbound faction for the first time. I want to do more battle reports  with photos in the future, to show how the battle developed throughout the battle rounds.

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Hope you all have a good day today, and I hope to see you guys next time,