Looking back on old hobby memories

In this latest post, I’ll be uncovering some old photos of my early days of joining the Warhammer hobby. I haven’t realised I still had these, or even remembered having these photos taken, so this is going to be a fun trip down memory lane! what your about to see is a an early historyContinue reading “Looking back on old hobby memories”

(Version 2.0) Tomb of Farnjorll the bloody

This post is an updated version of my test campaign planning, this time with alterations to the backstory, goals and what system the campaign will based on. The story During the Age of Myth, a barbarian king of the salt seas of Skorton named Farnjorll, ruled his lands with an iron grip and a ruthlessContinue reading “(Version 2.0) Tomb of Farnjorll the bloody”

Making a Warhammer AoS campaign

Hello, and welcome to a first (and hopefully more to come) post on a planned campaign game set in the realms of AoS (pre Malign Portents) . I wanted to try and construct my own narrative campaign for the first time, using inspiration and help from the GHB 2018. The campaign narrative has to beContinue reading “Making a Warhammer AoS campaign”

Post- AoS game evaluation [scrapped blog post]

[Note: Originally I was going to post this battle report a few days after a game of AoS, Khorne Bloodbound vs Death alligence. However, I ended up scrapping the post, as I wasn’t sure it was interesting or even worth posting. I quickly jumped to the end of the report, having felt I wasn’t doing aContinue reading “Post- AoS game evaluation [scrapped blog post]”

On the hobby table: Objective markers

Hello, and welcome back to ‘On the hobby able’. Today, I’ll be showing you three markers I’ve made for my AoS Skirmish campaigns, ranging from a priceless treasure chest, to a decaying Crypt Horror that’s been buried (or clawing out) in the damp soil. These markers can also be used for different battle plans thatContinue reading “On the hobby table: Objective markers”

[unofficial] Tomb Kings Battletome on Mengel Miniatures

A few days ago whilst I was looking through some hobby blog sites, I’ve found something that I had to spread the word on. A website called Mengel Miniatures has an article about an unofficial and fan made Tomb Kings battletome! Tyler M and contributors have created a jaw dropping battletome, that many Tomb KingContinue reading “[unofficial] Tomb Kings Battletome on Mengel Miniatures”

Battle report: Priest Ritual

Todays post is a test battle report post in a game of AoS, which pits the rage-full zealots of Khorne Bloodbound against the undead legion. Setting up the scenario The game involved a lot of carnage from my Khorne Bloodbound, trying to complete their ritual in time to appease their God, Khorne. They have capturedContinue reading “Battle report: Priest Ritual”