Making a Warhammer AoS campaign

Hello, and welcome to a first (and hopefully more to come) post on a planned campaign game set in the realms of AoS (pre Malign Portents) . I wanted to try and construct my own narrative campaign for the first time, using inspiration and help from the GHB 2018.

The campaign narrative has to be engaging and appealing for gaming, as my last campaign that I Co worked on (War for Ghyran) fell due to a lack of structure with the story and where to take it in a narrative sense. After a year of building up my Stormcast Eternals backstory, as well as my opponents Tomb Kings backstory, I was able to write a campaign that can benefit both factions for their own goals (you can see more of this in my planning below)

This time I wanted to improve on the last campaign flaws by making a test campaign planning, that can be improved and edited for the final version outcome.

Tomb of Farnjorll the bloody (test campaign planning)

During the Age of Myth, a barbarian king of the salt seas of Skorton named Farnjorll, ruled his lands with an iron grip and a ruthless pursuit for riches and power. His tribe, the Dajnir, had built their culture around the cliffs of the salt seas of Skorton in the realm of Beasts, Known to be rich in sea life of colossal creatures of predators and prey. Large enough for the tribe to catch and feed the whole gathering for a month.

The king one day found a hidden cave on the coast line down south, which appeared to have been sealed by a long forgotten tribe centuries ago. He and his people opened the sealed cave to find a cold and unwelcoming Tomb. The king didn’t care for it’s dead inhabitants history, only treasure and power was his desire, so he ventured deep into the dark decaying carcass of the dead.

It was Farnjorll who first entered the tombs throne room, which was cast in shadows of the deepest darkness, save for areas of light lit by the tribes torches. The king entered the chambers of the extinct inhabitants throne room, marvelled by the epic scale that dwarfed him. Not long after, he found a crown on a black charcoal corpse that sagged on its crumbled Throne of stone and moss.

It’s jaw was wide open, as if it was frozen in mid laughter at it’s eternal fate. The crown itself was made out of iron in a shape of criss cross horns like a stag, with amethyst covered gems that sparkled in deepest glows of purple. As he wore the crown, he was possessed with madness and raw power of the unknown, that surged within him. He was gifted with great necromantic power of the necromancer, and the curse of madness that sparks from his possessed sight. He killed all of his people out of lust for their souls like a leech. He set about casting his fell magics to raise the dead with words of another world. The dead had arisen, along with his dead people and the forgotten bones of the dead inhabitants.

He, at this point was known as the Farnjorll the bloody (or cursed), for he had set about raiding the lands of the living with madness and crazed monologuing.

History will remember this monster for many atrocities including the saking of a civil city of Fendrike, and many innocent towns in the lands of Skorton. Eventually though, the king was slain at the ‘Battle of the Five Crows’, slain by none other than king Senartati of the Sandheart dynasty with his blade blessed by the sun god. The king of the sun lands had swore an oath to save the people of Skorton in return for its loyalty to his dynasty. He fought the mad leech king with swift strikes and well timed counter attacks with his ancestors blade. Eventually, Farnjorll died with agony from a piercing blow through the stomach, and slowly turned into withered husk of a corpse.

Senartati Ordered his men to entomb this madman’s remains in a Tomb on an Island of no wealth, power, resources nor any foundation worth building for an empire. The corpse will be sent to a worthless tomb along with his dead soldiers, that will remind those who dare dabble in powers of Nagash’s fell Magic. However, the king didn’t realise that the crown on the corpses skull was the source of Farnjorll’s power, which still presented a threat to the lands of Skorton……

To this day, the crown has been waiting for its next host to control and enslave to it’s necromantic will. Events that will follow will shape the history of Skorton for it’s freedom of the crowns threat, or its sadistic power consumes its new host to destroy the people of Skorton.

Now a thunderstorm rages across the lands of Skorton, as the warriors of Sigmar seek to destroy the crown once and for all. They fear that that the long lost legends of the Leech kings return and its prophecy may come true. Lord Celestant Drayven, Lancer of Sigmar, seeks to bring the wrath of Sigmar with his lighting lance, and destroy the evil that still lingers within the crypt of Farnjorll’s grace.

However, another faction of the realm of Shyish, the Sandheart dynasty, seeks to reclaim the crown for their patron master, Nefferata, for she wants the crown for her own political agenda against her enemies. Led by the eternal Ak’henaton, he seeks to find the crown by all means necessary to keep his truce with the Blood Queen to endure.

Campaign games planning

  1. First game- First encounter, territory defence. 500pt Match play, Time of war in Ghur. Playing pitch battle- Knife to the Heart (GHB 2)
  2. Second game- advancing towards Skortan Crypts. 50pt Skirmish. playing Battle plan- Clash at Dawn (Skirmish battleplan)
  3. Third game- finding the location of Farnjorll’s crypt within the confines of the Skorton Crypt archives. 100pt Skirmish- Playing Skirmish Battle- Treasure Hunt (skirmish battleplan)
  4. Fourth game-facing the horde. 1,000pt Match play, Time of war in Ghur. Playing Pitch battle- (Tk) Against the Horde (GBH 2)/ or Realmgate Wars- (SE) Hold or Die (GBH 1)
  5. Fifth game- entering the island and find the tomb to capture the Leech king 100pt (+ extras from last Skirmish renown points) Time of war in Ghur. Skirmish battle- Seize the relic. (Skirmish battleplan)
  6. Sixth game- stop the Leech king and destroy the enemy player. 1,000pt Match play, Time of war in Shyish Pitch battle- (TK) To bind the Storm (GBH 2)(Stormcasts double army size to 1,500pt as Death army gains bonuses)/ or Pitch battle- (SE) War of Storms (GBH 1)

Final outcome

D3 roll for Chosen ending of three choices

The Tomb Kings goal

The oath of the past still clings onto the now eternally decaying Tomb Kings of the Sandheart Dynasty, for they have promised the people of Skorton to help them in their direst need in return for loyalty to the dynasty. Their current king, Ak’henaton, is sent by Nefferata to retrieve the crown of legend to her as part of their long standing deal of alliance. However, the king must choose between his loyalty to the Skorton lands (for Nefferata will use the crown to doom the lands if she had her way), or betray his ancestors oath to enrage them, and keep his alliance to the Mortarch of Blood in good standing.

The Lords of the Pisces Stormhost goal

Sent by Sigmar to stop the new Leech king, the Stormhost must stop the threat from growing beyond control. As part of their growing alliance, the Lords of the Pisces seek to help the Skortons of their plight in return for their loyalty towards the Grey-mane Dynasty truce. Unaware of their ancient truce, the Stormhost have crossed paths with the Tomb Kings, who now seek to reclaim the crown for purposes of likely ill intent. Lord Celestant Drayven, lancer of Sigmar, must not only destroy the cursed crown, but also to decimate the foul necromantic soldiers of the Blood Queen.


Thank you for reading my test campaign planning. I would be grateful for any feed back and suggestions, wether your experienced at planning campaigns, or from a gamers prospective.

With your help, I’ll be able to refine and improve the planning to be more fun and engaging to play. I look forward to seeing your ideas and suggestions 🙂


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Making a Warhammer AoS campaign

  1. The hardest thing I struggle with when writing narrative campaigns or event packs is how to justify every factions presence in the campaign. I start off by asking the players what army they will play – not always that easy since the event might be 6+ months away. This gives me an idea of who will be there.

    The latest campaign I wrote focused on the Thousand Sons scheming to bring an ancient, corrupted Warlord Titan out of its Warp prison. Pretty simple plot. And it’s easy to add an antagonist – like an Imperium army controlling the location of the Titan.

    It gets difficult when you try and justify the presence of four more faction. Especially if you want to give all factions a reason to fight for the price and not just be opposition for the main protagonist of the campaign.

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