Art project, influenced by artists work [WIP]

Today I wanted to share a few photos of my current art project, which is based on the theme of ocean and horror. The sample designs are influenced by various artists including H.R. Giger, Francis Bacon and John Blanche. Enjoy! Alien arm (Tape moulding), inspired by H.R. Gigers works Tech Priest (paper folding), inspired byContinue reading “Art project, influenced by artists work [WIP]”

Inquisitor warband, Silence of the Shroud (Ordo Hereticus) part 3

Today I present not one, but two painted models for the ongoing series ‘Silence of the Shroud’ warband collection. This time, we explore the origins of Crunch, and how his past life was a luxury compared to what he is now. Also, we find out how Salvador became a member of the inquisition group.

Inquisitor warband, Silence of the Shroud (Ordo Hereticus) part 2

Today we delve deeper into the core of the Silence of the Shroud warband, meeting the 3rd and wisest member of the group, Intarnix IV. A Tech priest who’s goals are both for the preservation of the machine, and sadistic mechanical alteration with mortal subjects.