The Skaven from 7th ed, 8th ed and End Times

Welcome back to another special post celebrating the tenth anniversary of The Island of Blood, the last boxset edition to Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Today I thought I’d share some interesting facts featured in White Dwarf from Skaven 7th ed to End Times.


WD361, January 2010

Two articles on the Skaven included ‘The 13 Trials of the Ratmen’ written by Jeremy Vetock, a lore scenario article where various parts of Skaven lore is presented as scenarios for gaming. The second article is Warhammer Army Masters showcasing Colin Grayson‘ s Skaven Collection. Very disgusting, but highly recommended for inspiration for highly disturbing kitbashing!

WD372, December 2010

For the second anniversary of Citadel Hall of Fame series of articles featuring miniatures votes by sculptors. Seb Perberts (miniature sculptor) Deathmaster Snikch was voted by Darren Latham (at the time of the article he was a veteran figure painter, a judge for U.K. Golden Daemon and member of E’avy Metal team) as his pick for the hall of fame.

WD374, January 2011

The article ‘Die+Die! Man-things: Skaven tactics for Warhammer’ Jeremy Vetock writes about ways of playing Skaven effectively in game. With advice and tactics on how to crush your foes like a Grey Seer high on Warpstone shards! Advice was also given by Matt Ward, Robin Cruddace and Andrew Kennrick, sharing their tips on how to fight back against the Skaven. Nobody likes vermin when they block the pipes in Nuln!

To balance this unfairly mob of Skaven haters (jk) Phil Kelly and Andy Hall offer some fresh ammunition on ways they deal with opponents when playing the Skaven.

WD375 March 2011

In ‘The Battle for Karak Eight Peaks’ Jeremy once again returns to detail the saga of the history behind Karak Eight Peaks, a once magnificent Dwarf ancestral home now in dissatisfaction after the Skaven and Greenskins overrun the Dwarfs.

A campaign game for 8th ed was made recreating the battle to take back (or keep) Karak Eight Peaks in scenario games. Special rules and table top deployment missions were included to make the campaign truly special. Shame that the End Times came………

Blood in the Badlands supplement (2011)

Andy Hall and Pete Foley were part of the year long campaign game Blood in the Badlands, a series of games leading up to the location of Fozzricks Flying Fastness. A strange flying castle made by a renowned wizard who built this strange flying fastness. This would be his last creation before he and his creation vanished.

Every century or more, it returns to an unknown location in the Badlands to the location it was originally created. This is only temporary as it soon leaves the earth towards the sky, never to be seen for another generation.

Andy played as Clan Mange and Pete Foley played as Clan (Mors) Fawsquikk.

WD378, June 2011

Queen Headtaker was the first Skaven metal miniature to be shown in Finecast.

WD379, July 2011

As part of the release of Storms of Magic Jeremy Vetock built a Skaven list designed for playing SoM in mind. The Ironklaw Clan is a 2,000pt army list led by Vektel Ironklaw with a monster and magic pool. Including a binded Chimera, Hydra with envenomed fangs and a Chaos Spawn with Mark of Nurgle.

WD382, October 2011

Dreadfleet had a Skaven ship called Skabrus, captained by Skaven rat-lord Skretch. He was once a Warlord of Clan Skurvy of high renown, until his ship was eaten by an Orb leviathan (the crew thought the glowing light was chunk of Warpstone).

Everyone died in the leviathan gut. Then they were resurrected by Count Noctilus (intended for the Orb Leviathan to be resurrected, he mistakenly resurrected the dead Skaven within the gut). The crew of zombie of rat-men use the carcass of the dead Orb Leviathan as their ship, powered by a warp stone generator.

WD388, April 2012

Army of the month featured Ben Johnson (who now works for GW) Skaven army, article written by Dan Harden.

WD Nvember 2013

Triumph and Treachery was released for Warhammer 8th ed for all factions.

End Times

Book 4: Thanqoul was released as part of the End Times series featuring new lore, rules and miniatures.

WD mini issue 74, 27th June 2015

Wharmmer celebrates its 30 year anniversary, marking the end of Warhammer Fantasy Battles to be replaced by Warhammer Age of Sigmar. AoS would soon be revealed on 11th July 2015.


That’s all for today. Just to let you know theres only a few weeks left until the Skaven and High Elves painting challange is over. I’ll be showcasing everyone’s entry in September (date yet to be decided).

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Skaven and High Elves challange still ongoing

Just you let you guys know there still time to join in The Island of Blood themed painting challange! I have a link to the original post if your interested in joining in.

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The Skaven: an almost complete guide to 7th ed, 8th and the End Times. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Skaven 7th ed and Island of Blood

Celebrating 10 years of the release of the Island of Blood and Skaven 7th ed

This year marks a very important anniversary for many like myself who have been in the hobby for a decade or more. As Warhammer 8th edition was released back in 2010 a boxed game came out a month later, one of the best and sadly the last Warhammer Fantasy starting boxset. The Island of Blood.

The set pitted the stoic and noble High Elves against the malformed backstabbers of the Skaven. Introducing new plastic kits of existing units and brand new units, the set was designed as a starting point for both factions aimed at newcomers and current veteran collectors. The Island of Blood sees Prince Althraon stop Skreet Verminkin seizing the Phoenix Stone from the Island of Blood, a warped place of chaotic taint that Is guarded by Crimson guards who ward off trespassers daring to set foot on the island and it’s secrets.

I and many others who got the set (my friend shared two sets with me as he collected High Elves) were absorbed by the sculpted details that went into the kits. The Skaven having pretty much a good chunk of units as a starting point to play. Around this time I started collecting Skaven as my second Warhammer army, so the set was in many ways a blessing by the Horned Rat!

Today I wanted to try something that I haven’t attempted since my last FMP artwork at college, researching on a massive scale. I want to cover the timeline of Skaven 7th ed to End Times as much as possible, using resources from White Dwarf’, supplements and the army book. In fact my research has been sourced from old White Dwarfs, the army book and supplement books.

The post will be covering the following subjects:

  • The sculptors who designed the Skaven miniatures, writers who had written the background for the Skaven, artist who created visually stunning artwork and other contributors.
  • Battle reports featured during releases relating to the Skaven
  • Supplements and miniature releases

This will be quite a chunky blog post for sure so each of the subjects will have its own section for ease of reading. Sadly however I wont be able to cover the High Elves as I don’t have much information from 7th ed to Endtimes. It’s a shame, but I will in future post some sort of blog post covering the faction.

I want this post to celebrate the Island of Bloods 10th anniversary, the craft of writing, lore, art, sculpting and painting of the Skaven and to thank all those during the time of Warhammer Fantasy for their hard work.

Hobby projects for late 2020

This year I’ve managed to get a hefty amount of backlog and neglected miniatures glued and painted. Being in isolation has forced me to be creative with what I have to work on the things I tend to put aside. If I keep up this approach I’ll have only one storage box left of neglected miniatures! But knowing myself I’ll probably only have two storage boxes left.

Most of my Skaven miniatures are all painted with barely a few spare parts left. Sometimes I can be creative with my projects if I have an idea. For example I’ve recently made five Gargoyle rats using a neglected Tyranid kit and Clanrat heads. A fine Clan Moulder creation!

Using my new camera (WIP learning the functions)

Speaking of new camera, I’ve recently gone for an upgrade after four years of using my other one. I’m still learning the basics with this new one, but I think it’s already done better job at capturing my miniatures.

The Grymthenian Lodge

Book reading challange

The first few months of the challenge was going really well. I had a few books read and managed to read a few army books in full. However due to the pandemic I’ve become very slow at getting more reading books completed.

Recently I finished reading Konrad as my tenth completed book. I’ve got six months left to read ten+ books before the 2020 challange ends. Therefore I’ll need to put more time into reading books just so I can catch up.

Hobby projects

Since my last post on hobby projects some of the projects were finished off or put aside. Below is a list of what I’m currently working on. Bear in mind though that I’m prone to changing things due to my nature of being creative.

Warhammer 40k-

  • Primaris Crimson Fists- just need one Dreadnought to finish the project.
  • White Scars Successor Chapter Astral Bears
  • Night Lords (completed)
  • Black Templars (completed)
  • DG Exiled Iron Warriors (completed)
  • Bad Moons Orks (completed)
  • Chaos Knight House Devine- considering getting a War Dog Moriax or one of the Chaos Knight kits

Warhsmmer AoS-

  • Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber (completed)
  • Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband (completed)
  • Knights of Mousillon Stormhost- need to paint two Knight-Incantors, one Lord-Arcanum and two units of Sequitors.
  • The Skullfiend Tribe (completed)
  • Nighthaunt (completed)
  • Ogor Mawtribe Bloodgullet Tribe (completed)
  • Skaven Clan Skelnix- few spare miniatures left including four Stormvermin.
  • The Grymthenian Lodge- completed as an ally force.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles-

  • Warriors of Chaos Nurgle warband- need to paint second unit of Chaos Warriors and a Wizard on horse.
  • Dark Elves- paint a unit of Spearmen and five cold one knights

Changing things around

Recently I’ve set up my own Instagram account as a way of broadening my reach for my table top miniature and artwork. It took me a bit of time to get the hang of things learning something new.

Rather than posting my latest works on here, I’ll be posting them on Instagram. That’s not to say there won’t be anymore content on here, instead my blog will be changing focus from WIP miniature painting to collection showcase and research into Warhammer subjects.

If you want to see my latest works or catch up on older miniatures I’ve painted in the past, you can check out my Instagram at BjornStormcast.

That’s all for today.

Currently I’m running a painting challange here on the blog, celebrating The Island of Bloods 10th anniversary. You can find out more info here:

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Skaven and High Elves painting challenge

Skaven and High Elves painting challenge

I thought it would be a good idea to set up a painting challenge to celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Island of Blood release. That way everyone has a chance in getting involved with the celebration. Whilst its months away yet to celebrate, there plenty of time to build up, read and discuss one of the last Warhammer Fantasy Battles starter set edition (8th ed).

The challenge is to paint any High Elves or Skaven miniatures before the deadline. You can kitbash, make a diorama or go crazy on the theme of the Island of Blood for either Skaven or High Elves. Anything from a single miniature to a diorama display of your imagination.

However, not everyone owns Skaven or High Elves miniatures on hand to work on, nor even much of the High Elves kits still in production. But fear not, you can use AoS Aelves miniatures to represent the High Elves. Maybe the release of the Lumineth or the Idoneth could be painted in the style of the Aelves of the past?

Even if you don’t have any miniatures required for the project, you can still join in challenge with a unique opportunity to go creative. Maybe you want to recreate the guardians that oversee the Island as it’s mysterious protectors? Or maybe build a Skaven contraption like a mechanised Warp Grinder? A High Elves Mage on a really cool diorama? So long as it fits with the theme of the faction you can go anywhere with your project.

The starting date is July 6th and ends on September 1st. Rather than just a month long challenge I thought some extra time will help get the most out of your hard work, and gives everyone time to prepare their project.

Here are some of my past skaven miniature work I’ve done that might give you some inspiration. For High Elves, well, I only have Dark Elves so you’ll probably prefer looking at other places for inspiration (unless an ancient Elven/Aelven statue might help)


Once your done all you need to do is link this post to your blog post entry, and I’ll include your post in the round up end challenge post.

Over to you,


Clan Skelnix: 5 years on (10 years in the making)

If I went back in time about ten years ago and told my younger self that I would one day successfully paint all my Skaven miniatures, my younger self would be dismissing it as an impossible goal. Too many miniatures brought and built for gaming, but very poor on quality of painting.

If I went back in time five years ago and told my younger self you’ll be getting these Rat-men done in five years time, I’d be met with a disapproving look (ah the days when I could get chips and Tikka masala ready to eat at lunch breaks from the local shop near my school 😦 ). Back then I was starting a fresh colour scheme as I attempted to tackle my grey plastic and crap painted Skaven, as AoS started my circles bases rebasing task.

Now, in 2020 as we come closer on the 10th anniversary of Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition and The Island of Blood boxset. For years I’ve been repainting my Skaven as part of a five year plan (not exactly planned, I just wanted imagine a rough deadline for the project before the 10th anniversary of TIoB) to finish this army project.

Today marks a big milestone as all of my Skaven collection is mostly painted and battle ready for gaming. That’s right, all of this is ready for war! Apart from my second Poisoned Wind Mortar and four Stormvermin, the former not too important as it’s now in legends, the latter I’m not too sure if I want add to my unit or as kitbashes.

Almost full on my own work desk!

This project has taken me nearly 10 years to reach to this point where I have a all of the essential units painted, and additional specialists to go along with aspects of the Greater Clans. The first five years was amateur work on ‘The Purple Warptide’ Clan (a name my friend seemed to be greatly amused by for some reason). It was a terrible effort on my part as a painter when compared to today’s newcomers.

The next five years was a fresh new look for my Skaven as they were now called Clan Skelnix, as I transferred my army over to AoS. This was the longest project I’ve ever taken on that would seem like forever to accomplish. Whilst I’m not at the finishing line yet, that forever feeling has been proven wrong as I’ve painted all of those pesky Clanrats.

Thrall Clan Skrentus Clanrats, this unit was my last ever unit of Clanrats painted after nearly ten years in neglect.

There’s only a few loose ends to finish off before I can say I’m retiring from the Skaven project for good. As mentioned there’s the Poisoned Wind Mortar to paint, four Stormvermin to work on as well. A kitbashed Arch Warlock, Warlock Bombardier, three more Packmasters, kitbashed unit of 5 Rat gargoyles (substituting Wolf Rats warscroll) and 18 spare Clanrats miniatures (not practical as a unit since most of them don’t have the any weapons) to be used for kitbashing purposes.

Finally, there’s this tank from Mantic Games Warpath that I’ll be using as a substitute Warp lightning Cannon.

I even drilled a hole for the barrel, something I always forget when it came to Bolters……

As for the future of the project and what direction I’ll take it on? My original goal of getting all grater clan sub factions towards 1,000pt has been scrapped. At best my army has major influences from Clan Moulder, Clan Skryre and Warlord Clan. Unless I can focus my attention on getting Clan Pestilence done then it’ll more than likely be a supporting sub faction rather than the main aspect of the army. Since this project was based on a Clan Pestilence led force, it seems a shame that it’s become a background part of the project.

However, now that my Clan Skryre part of the project is it’s own Thrall Clan, it does help make the Clan Pestilence be more of a centre stage for Clan Skelnix. That said, I have a rough idea of where I want to take this project next (knowing me it’ll change like always).

  • Finish Clan Pestilence with the Start Collecting set, roughly giving me 1,000pt altogether with my current collection.
  • For Clan Moulder I think it’s safe to say it’s done for now unless GW release a new Verminlord and new units to boost the faction.
  • Clan Skryre there’s just the matter of getting a unit of Stormfiends to finish off this faction. I’m considering getting Mantic Games Warpath Veer-mum Nightmare, as they look just right for the part as heavily kitted our mutated experiments (+ they can work well into a Clan Moulder allegiance!)
  • Clan Eshin I don’t care about much.

As for the Warlord Clan and Masterclan they’re done as I don’t see anything that needs adding into those sub factions.

Apart from what I’ve already got in my backlog to work on and the list above, there’s not much left to do with my Skaven. Now that I think about it once the Skaven are done it’s just a matter of finishing off my Sacrosanct Chamber miniatures for the Knights of Mousillon.

Then that’s it. Just adding units here and there when I feel like it, with no backlog and focus on being more of a painter than an army painter.

That’s all from me for today. Until next time,


Stormvermin WIP

Recently I’ve been slowly painting my Stormvermin during my break, a unit that should’ve been painted nearly five years ago now.

Despite my delayed efforts, I’ve nearly reached the end of painting my armoured elite rat guards yes-yes. Thanks to Wudugast for the horde painting advice, I’ve slightly altered the way I paint hordes by painting it in batches of five minis, rather than a whole unit in a batch.

I only need to paint four more (not five as I used one for kitbashing my own Clawlord on a Brood Horror). Once painted, I can use this unit as a battleline unit for Skaventide lists, all together that gives me a total of three battleline units in my collection.

Then finally I only need to paint two more units of Clanrats to finish off my unpainted battleline units. I can’t wait to finally unshackle the chains of having neglected Clanrats in my box of backlogs!

Until next time,



I’ve taken a break away from my Stormcast Eternals painting to go back to one of my old projects: the Skaven! It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything with the Skaven so I wanted to get back into the project with a kitbashed monstrosity.

I wanted to build a mount for a new hero model to go face to face with mounted hero opponents. Unless it’s a Screaming Bell or a Plague Furnace, you’ll be a petty thing as a on foot Warlord against a Lord-Celestant on Dracoth.

I needed a disgusting mount that would inspire and scare my subjects to my cause. A beast of Clans Moulder design, a fierce fighter like the Warlord Clans and the diseased blessing of the Clans Pestilence. But what to base my latest creature?

Do you remember the Warlord on Broodhorror kit made by Forge World?

It’s not a particularly spectacular model unless your a Clans Moulder collector, the Brood Horror would make for a fine addition to the horde. But what if you don’t like the Warlord Version of the kit and prefer a plastic kit to customise?

Well, I made just that. Meet my Clawlord/ Plague Priest on Brood Horror.

This mounted Clawlord will be part of my Warlord Clans aspect for my hombrew Clan Skelnix. Having another Clawlord on foot would be boring as I’ve already got two on foot, so having this latest mounted model will spice things up.

As for his subjects? Well I only have two units of twenty Clan rats painted since starting the project. Not a lot of troops to command indeed. I’m not great at painting horde units as a fact.

Well, after learning some advice from a fellow blogger and horde painting expert, Wudugast, I’ll be using his/her advice on painting Hordes. That means painting more rat-men as part of my next project going forwards.

On the left is twenty Clanrats with hand weapons and shield, in the centre are fifteen Stormvermin and on the right are an extra twenty Clanrats to be added to one of my existing units to make a unit of 40x.

Until next time,


Inspired Soul Wars: Souls of the Skaven

It’s not only the souls of humans that can be used by Nagash as tools for war, undead vessels that are one with Nagash. At times the Great Necromancer can even pull the souls of other races to his command, the Skaven are no exception.

The Night of Shrouds (left) was once a Skaven warlord who by his very nature betrayed just about everyone, nothing new for the Skaven race. But Nagash chose this particular Warlord after he tried to defy Nagash by storming into Nagashizzar to retrieve some warpstone stockpile.

Rather than discarding the soul as a mindless lesser spirit, Nagash remoulded this vermin Warlord into a small Night of Shrouds. To add to the irony, a small warpstone is lodged in the left eye socket, a reminder of his addiction that killed in the end.

Following this small but powerful general is the Lord Executioner (right), a Plague monk who had a very creepy obsession of decapitating his foes and using their heads in his Plague brewing. Following him is his pet rat, who skitters beside its master as it did in life.

I’ve got a few more Skaven units that I’ll be painting as Nighthaunt units. Some will be quite creative!

Until next time,