Clan Skelnix emerges: Plague Monks

Today I have unit of Plague Monks painted after many days of batch painting, and many refills of water. It’s not a fun process painting block infantry units especially if their the rat kind who would most likely need 40x models. But, I will admit it’s a good feeling to finally get this lot painted after two years of neglect.

I wanted to try something different with my unit of Plague Monks by painting their clothing black, to create contrast between the Clanrats and the Monks. Whilst Clan Skelnix’ Verminous horde are bred from uncontaminated stock (apart from a chunk that worship the Pestilence), the Plague Monks are notable for their bruised purple skin that’s riddled with toxic diseases. I wanted to show how joining Pestilence will change the look of the Skaven in Clan Skelnix, but retain their volcanic red fur that marks the Clan.

With the Plague monks painted, I’ve gathered all of my Clan a Pestilence models to see how far progress is going. 20x Plague Monks, a Verminlord Corrupter and a Plague Priest.

So far I have amassed a total of 500pt (GBH 2018) about half way towards my goal of 1,000pt list. Thankfully since the ‘Start Collecting! Clan Pestilence‘ set is est around 480pt, it’ll cover the other half of my list as well as being a great money saver!

As you can see in the photo above, I have a unit of unpainted models of kitbashed Plague Censer Bearers. I made mine using spare Clanrats (none armoured ones) and censer ball option from the Plague Monks kit, this is an easier alternative for those who don’t like working with resin. It’ll cost roughly around £40 which isn’t cheap, but if your aiming for a Pestilence faction only, you’ll be saving a lot of money for two battleline units. Also considering the fact that GW kit of five Plague censer Bearers costs £20, it’s better to just build your own using Clanrats.

I’ll be working on these guys next using the same colour scheme as my Plague Monks.

Also on the pipeline is my kitbashed Warlock Engineer which was built as a ‘renaissance’ inventor, wielding his warpstone powered pistol and his electro halberd.

With that, I’m going back to paint some more Skaven and say my blessings to the Great Horned Rat.



Clan Skelnix emerges: old acquaintances

Clan Skelnix emerges: old acquaintances

It’s been a very long time since my Skaven had any attention with many models still neglected for painting. My reluctance to paint big units of twenty rats has been a curse for me every since I started collecting Skaven back in 2010-2011. Like every Skaven blogger you’ll read will say, you either paint them throughout the sluggish process, or you’ll regret buying hundreds of Clan Rats. 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy really put a curse on me.

Lately I’ve been drawn back into painting my neglected Skaven models and improving some of the bases that I didn’t quite finish off. It was clear from the start that my work was going to take me a lot of energy and materials (not cheap either), to get units painted. I’ve gone for the simple decision to use Nurgle rot for basing without texture paint and grass, as it’ll at least look thematic without the full look.

My current tasks were as followed:

  • Paint 16x Giant Rats
  • Use Nurgle rot for Clan Rats bases and Arch Warlock
  • Create a Skaven styled Endless spell model (proxy rules possible).
  • Paint 20x Plague Monks
  • Kitbash my third Warlock Engineer
  • Rebase my second Plague Priest and paint it

There’s quite a lot already for me to do on the list, and at first it was daunting, but I did get a few tasks done already! Maybe not the best of my painting skills, but just about good enough table top wise.

Clan Moulder has yet again got the most attention as I finish off painting my Giant Rats, totalling to about 28 models! Great news is that the Giant Rats are the last of my Clan Moulder models to be painted, reaching just enough under 1,000pt. After years of painting these guys on and off, I’m relieved to have completed this collection in the Skaven umbrella of factions.

Now I’ve got five more more Skaven collection assets to paint, sigh…..

Below is a new photo of all of my Clan Moulder models in one happy family reunion!

Apast from two Packmasters of six, this collection just fits nicely for a 1,000pt match play game (2018 GHB).

Now onto the next unit, with Clan Moulder done, I can focus on getting more units painted like Clan Rats. Only problem is I hate painted Clan Rats! It’s really boring trying to paint the same models over and over in a block of twenty. I’ve only ever painted one unit of Clan Rats by sheer luck and enthusiasm.

The first (and probably only) unit of painted Clan Rats needed their bases painted as they didn’t look thematically tied with the collection. So withba fresh pot of Nurgles rot, I applied the great Unclean ones less desirable fluids onto the bases.Ah, already looking better!

My Arch Warlock also received his blessings too on his base, not that he asked for it!Arm mounted rocket launcher? Why not.

Now for my Endless spell I wanted to give it a thematic link to my army. So I used a spare part from the Verminlord kit and cut it down to half length, then glued it into a 32mm base. The blade itself is soaked in warpstone power that seems to weep a pus like liquid down its blade and into the ground. The pus liquid is forming a swamp like environment that looks very similar to the rest of the Skaven model bases……

once owned by a disgraced Verminlord, the Great Horned Rat cursed the blade and broke it in half, hurling the blade down to one of mortal planes. It seems to be eternally weep warpstone energy that oozes out toxic swamp-like liquid into the ground, transforming the once lush and living landscape into a dying and chocked up carcass.

Finally I have a WIP unit of Plague Monks who have different colour scheme for their uniform, I’ll elaborate this on a later post. But for now, here’s how the rabid lot look like so far.I love the freehand painted banner!

My current goal is to get my Plague Monks finished by tomorrow, and start painting my second Plague Priest. After that I’m going to try and paint my second unit of Clan Rats as I need a second none aligned batteline unit.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

-Master Moulder Bjorn

Looking back on old hobby memories

In this latest post, I’ll be uncovering some old photos of my early days of joining the Warhammer hobby. I haven’t realised I still had these, or even remembered having these photos taken, so this is going to be a fun trip down memory lane!

what your about to see is a an early history of my beginning into the table top hobby, and what they mean to me now when I look back on them. Just a warning though, a lot of these are very bad in quality due to shaky camera quality, and the model painted are not the most pleasing to gaze upon lol.

So without further or do, lets dive in!

HPIM0404Tomb kings scenery at Warhammer world 2010

HPIM0405Giant sized Rat Ogre (anyone know the what they call these?)



The Island of Blood game board was used for the 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy when the new boxed games was released back in 2010, featuring the High Elves and the Skaven. I got the opportunity to take some photos of the game board when it was available to play at Warhammer World, looking at it close up was amazing to see the depth of detail being done to create it. Sadly, its no longer available to play at Warhammer world (about eight years to be precise!).

Whilst playing at Warhammer World with my shoddy painted Skaven (today they’re not as bad now, check the Skaven tag on my blog if your interested in seeing how my army looks now), I took a few photos of a game I had with a friend. These photos remind me a lot about 8th edition and what it meant for me as a wargamer, it was hard to play back then, but I had fond memories of the games and people I’ve met when the world was still turning. Now, Mallus turns in it’s darkened state above the realm of Azyr.

This was a collection of photos showing both the Lizardmen vs Dark Elves, played on a grass mat with meh painted scenery. Back then my Dark Elves hadn’t been painted properly as I didn’t have a colour scheme in mind for the army. in fact, it would be eight years later until I’d finally applied a consistent colour scheme in the livery of red and silver. These photos were taken roughly around 7th/ 8th edition days.

Finally, one final photo that in my opinion is one the most important one from all shown here today…….

This photo isn’t the best one taken (and sadly the only one), its not a picture of the best painted miniature ever, not even me seeing my favourite BL author in person, nor is it me rejoicing at finishing painting 40x Clanrats for my Skaven army. for you see, this photo was important to me as its one of the earliest photos taken showing me gluing my army of Dark Elves at Christmas. This photo is a story of beginning, how at this moment of history captured was a record of my journey into the hobby of table top wargaming. 

To you, it might not seem much (I wouldn’t blame you as the photo quality is pretty bad), however to me, finding this photo this week after looking through old photos for my dog was a big thing for me. It reminds me of where I’ve started when I started the hobby, and where it’s led me today.

I hope this post has inspired you to look back in the past and remember your early days when you first went to your local GW or gaming club. It may remind of the good and bad days when looking back, but those memories remind you of who you are today as a hobbyist.

Until next time,


Second wave

Bad news guys, I’m afraid January- Nurgle month will have to be delayed until this weekend or next week to start. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I’ve had to do some intense writing and filling in requirements on my course work (long story short, I’m two weeks behind work from my new project today, the Christmas holidays distracted me).

But fear not! I’ve just about gotten up to date with nearly everything (don’t ask me why, I’m an annotation mad man) although I’ve had to delay my first post dedicating to Nurgle month. Hopefully, once everything is sorted, I’ll post an update on when I’ll be scheduling my posts.

So to sort of make up for the delay, I have some WIP Skaven models I’ll show you guys instead. This week I had a surge of energy to paint some more Skaven, so I took the opportunity to get my next lot of Clanrats painted. Once completed, I’ll have two battlines fully painted for my Allied Skaven force (which will be a backstabbing glorious day for Clan Skelnix to have more meat shields!)

Early days, but already the clothing has been based layered. Soon I should be able to fully base later all of the areas of the models to be inked and drybrushed. Behind are my two weapon teams, a Warlock Engineer and an unpainted scary bloke with flies buzzing in his hood…

For those of you who prefer big stuff, I have a Doomwheel waiting to be painted.

I’m looking forward to painting this contraption for my Clans Skryre force for Skirmish ( I think a Doomwheel can be used if I remembered correctly? 🤔).

I hope this post has at least been interesting for you. Again, I would like to apologise for my unprofessional delay, but I’ll be sure to get things back into schedule once the set back is fixed.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


On the hobby table: Objective markers

On the hobby table: Objective markers

Hello, and welcome back to ‘On the hobby able’. Today, I’ll be showing you three markers I’ve made for my AoS Skirmish campaigns, ranging from a priceless treasure chest, to a decaying Crypt Horror that’s been buried (or clawing out) in the damp soil.

These markers can also be used for different battle plans that require objective markers, or objects to defend. So when it came to creating my own markers, I didn’t need to wait long to find some bitz that would look great as markers.

Below are three markers I’m currently working on, I hope you’ll find these markers to be inspiring and odd!

A severed hand from a Verminlord Warpseer, still clenching his glowing artefact of corruption. This marker would be a good choice for Chaos alliance players, especially Skaven players seeking to reclaim or retrieve a rival clan artefact.

The remains of a Crypt Horror can be both a well earned reward, and a bad omen. For their bones can be used by the Flesh-Eater Courts to create bone weapons and magical trinkets  for both champions and their delusional leaders. This objective is easily built using spare parts from the Crypt Horror kit, as well as using a spare square base (which is great for objective markers, as I have too many square bases that I don’t use anymore).

Last but not least, the goal of all plundering raiders and treasure seekers, the good old treasure chest! This chest was taken from Games Workshops Lord of the Rings starter set (no longer produced), which came with other small objective markers for the game (whatch this Space for more objective markers from the set soon!). It was a simple step of glueing the chest onto a circle base, which looks pretty cool after painting the marker.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back with more objective markers soon, as well as some new markers for buffs and effects to represent warscroll effects. Until then, I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you guys next time!


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Clan Skelnix returns!

Clan Skelnix returns!

For many Warhammer AoS players, today is an exciting day as the GHB 2017 is finally released. I thought this would be a chance for me to dust the labyrinth of unpainted Skaven models, rebasing and painting the models to fit with my existing force.

For long time readers of my blog site will know my Skaven force by the name of Clan Skelnix, led by Verminlord Corruptor, Sektretch. This faction has been my first force to be transferred over to AoS, having painted a demigod Verminlord Corrupter and completed a 1000pt+ Clan Moulder force. If your interested to know more about Clan Skelnix and its backstory, see Clan Skelnix backstory to learn more about the faction.

This was my first step to establishing my Skaven force for AoS, as well as my first faction to play for AoS. The faction grew as I’ve painted various Clan units to add to my growing force. I thought my old habits of not painting a whole army would finally go away.

However, I’ve stopped painting my Skaven when it came to the Clanrats, Stormvermin and etc. I’ve always had a lack of motivation for painting block units, as it’s very slow to get a unit of 20+ painted.

This time last year, I did a post about my plans to stop collecting Skaven after seven years of growing the force (You can check the post here to learn more about it). A year later, I’ve not added any new models since that decision. However, Since a lot of changes have happen this year, I’ve decided it was about time I came back to continue building my Skaven force for AoS. 

It all started this week, as I suddenly had a gut feeling to attempt to paint at least 20 Clanrats. Strangely enough, I’ve actually done it!It took me a total of four days to paint this horde unit, not bad. There are a few areas that need finishing for basing the models, but apart from that, they’re just about finished. 

Leading this unorganised unit of selfish rats is the one and only, Scarrus the Left Claw!

Scarrus was part of my Skaven army for a Path to Glory game, War for Ghyran. Since then, I’ve made a new kit bashed model of the Warlord to represent Scarrus after the campaign and beyond. To make him stand out, he has a shield artefact, given to him by Verminlord Sektretch during the campaign. I thought this would be a nice addition to the models appearance.

My next goal is to paint another twenty clanrats with rusty blades, making a total of two worthy battline units of twenty filthy rat-men. After that, I’ll only need to paint two weapon teams from Clan Skryre, a fully painted Island of Blood Skaven models set. Although, I have two sets rather than just one, so there’s a lot more to paint…..

Finally, I’ll be adding twenty more Clanrats for both units to make a unit of forty Clanrats. With the cost of a full horde unit discounted, I’ll be able to add more to my army with a strong battle line units.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


AoS collection (progress so far)

AoS collection (progress so far)

After a few months of project work on my AoS collection since the last update post, I’ve had a few new additions to my Khorne alliance. The rest haven’t changed since last time, but that’ll change now that Skirmish is released.

I’ve got my copy of AoS Skirmish, it’s a lot more focused on the narrative aspect for smaller games as a one off match or a campaign. From this I’m going to focus all of my effort to make a 50 renown point army for faction models that are keyed as [Skirmish]. At least I won’t have to invest much into these factions now that I can just use them for smaller games.

The first faction to be on my Skirmish project will be my Liverbone Court army, which will be a 50 renown group led by Elder Hag Hexter. Since I’ve already given her a backstory, the campaign narrative will be easier for me to write a goal for Hexter and her Court minions. 

For now though, here’s a list of factions that I’m currently working on for my AoS collection.

✔️= completed

(*) = current progress

[Skirmish] = for AoS Skirmish 

The Grey-mane truce: Stormcast Eternals (Lords of the Pisces), and Kharadron Overlords (Admiral Blackstone’s privateers). 

  • Lord Celestant on Dracoth (currently being painted)
  • Lord Relictor (currently being painted)
  • Questor Knight ✔️ [Skirmish]
  • 5x Liberators (Basecoated)
  • 5x Liberators (Not basecoated) [Skirmish]
  • 5x Liberators (Not basecoated)
  • 4x Retributors (Not basecoated) [Skirmish]
  • 3x Prosecutors (Not basecoated) [Skirmish]
  • 5x Judicators ✔️ [Skirmish]
  • (Yet to be decided on the Skirmish Kharadron Overlords)

Khorne Bloodbound, Axes of Skarbrand

  • Mighty lord of Khorne ✔️
  • Bloodsecrator ✔️
  • Bloodstoker (Currently being painted) 
  • Slaughterpriest (undecided for faction) ✔️
  • 10x Bloodletters ✔️
  • 10x Blood warriors (currently being painted)
  • Khorgorath ✔️
  • 25x Blood Reavers (Not basecoated) 
  • 5x Skullreapers (currently being painted)
  • Skull cannon ✔️
  • Flesh Hounds ✔️
  • Aspiring Deathbringer ✔️

Combined Nurgle army, Stagrot Warband

  • Great Unclean One ✔️
  • Nurgle Sorcerer ✔️
  • Lord of Plagues ✔️
  • Harbinger of Decay ✔️
  • 2x Chaos Spawn ✔️
  • 10x Chaos Warriors ✔️
  • 2x Beasts of Nurgle ✔️
  • 10x Plague Bearers✔️
  • 3x Plague Ogres ✔️
  • Bray Shaman ✔️
  • Harbinger of Decay (Not basecoated)
  • Harbinger of Decay (Not Basecoated)
  • 5x Chaos Knights (re-based in progress)

Flesh-Eaters Court, Liverbone Court

  • Abhorrent Ghoul king on Terrorgheist ✔️
  • Ghoul king ✔️
  • Ghoul king (Basecoated) [Skirmish]
  • 3x Crypt Horrors ✔️ [Skirmish]
  • 3x Crypt Horrors (Basecoated)
  • Crypt Haunter Coutier ✔️ [Skirmish]
  • Crypt Haunter Coutier (Basecoated)
  • Crypt Infernal Coutier (Not basecoated)
  • Crypt Ghast Courtier ✔️ [Skirmish]
  • Crypt Ghast Courtier ✔️
  • 10x Crypt Ghouls (Currently being painted) [Skirmish]
  • Varghulf Coutier (Kit bash process)

Combined Skaven army, Clan Skelnix

  • Verminlord Corruptor ✔️
  • Screaming Bell ✔️
  • Warlord ✔️
  • Warlock Engineer ✔️
  • 6x Packmasters ✔️
  • 3x Rat Ogres ✔️
  • 3x Rat Ogres ✔️
  • 12X Giant Rats ✔️
  • Hellpit Abomination ✔️
  • Plague Priest ✔️
  • 20x Stormvermin (Currently being painted)
  • 40x Clan Rats (re-basing in progress)
  • Warlock Engineer (re-basing in progress)
  • Warlord (re-painting)
  • Doomwheel (re-painting)
  • 4x Weapon teams (re-basing)
  • Greyseer (re-painting)
  • Assassin (re-painting)


If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!
Hope you all have a great day,