Book review: Red Dwarf; Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers

To celebrate the return of Red Dwarf this month, I’ve decided to do my first review on one of the four books from the cult classic Sci-Fi series.

 [This is my first review, so if my quality of grammar and reviewing isn’t that great, I do apologise].

Book~ Red Dwarf; Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers

Publisher~ Penguin Books

Written by~ Grant Naylor

Genre~ Sci-Fi/ comedy

My views:

I found the book to be really entertaining from start to finish, exploring each of the characters more wider backstorys that sets up their role in the story progression. The book was actually written by Grant Naylor, who along with Doug Naylor and Rob Grant created Red Dwarf, so the book is very much on par as the televised series standards. The book is split into three parts, telling the story of listers journey from Mimas on Saturn, to being the last human alive on Red Dwarf. 

The book demonstrates a great way of fleshing out character thoughts, which really helps to see how their views and actions affect their choices in the story. This is clearly present with Rimmer, who goes through a really deep thought reflection before his ‘uncertain’ inevitable fate.

However, my only down side on what the book could improve on is that the ending of the book is sort of left on a cliffhanger, I won’t spoil it, but I felt that the final part was rushed.

Overal, this book has more than stayed true to its source material, delivering the same characterisation of the Red Dwarf crew. With added exploration not just from outer space, but for the characters that we follow on the journey. I hope you have enjoyed this review!