5th blogging anniversary: The Storyteller and Edna

Today’s post is a continuation from my last post, my Fallout Wasteland Warfare collection. This time it’s my best attempt at making the Storyteller and (recently finished companion) his Eyebot, Edna. Both characters were based on the Shoddycast Fallout lore series on YouTube. When I got the T-45 power armour kit and saw the gammaContinue reading “5th blogging anniversary: The Storyteller and Edna”

Blogs 5th Anniversary: The Minutemen

Last week I got to work on my latest hobby project, The Minutemen from Fallout Wasteland Warfare by Modiphius. I got both the Minutmen Posse and the T-45 kit. Since I wanted to make a small group on patrol and not a clone of the BoS, I went for one T-45 suit to represent theContinue reading “Blogs 5th Anniversary: The Minutemen”

5th Anniversary month: Fallout Wasteland Warfare Minutemen

To mark my 5th anniversary on WordPress I’ll be doing a month long journey posts of a new project that ill be working on. After taking some time to research and list what I would like to work on, the list was narrowed down between either a Fallout Wasteland Warfare collection or build a Gundam.Continue reading “5th Anniversary month: Fallout Wasteland Warfare Minutemen”