Lodge Grymthenian, first wave officially completed!

It seemed like forever painting this unit, doing a batch load was taking more time than I had expected. However, apart from that, I was able to finish my Vulkite Berzerkers off today (as the snow in the UK was bad, and I couldn’t attend my art course). I’m pleased with the outcome, it’s gratifyingContinue reading “Lodge Grymthenian, first wave officially completed!”

The Everwinter is here……

Snow has come to the UK, covering the land in a blanket of white frosty snow. It can only mean one thing….. The Beastclaw Raiders are here!!! Not only will I be posting my thoughts on the Malign Portents book, but I’ll be doing a Beastclaw Raiders post as well very soon. I’m very excitedContinue reading “The Everwinter is here……”

Lodge Grymthenian (part 4)

I’m nearly done with the first wave of Fyreslayers for Lodge Grymthenian, having many spent weeks painting models from my Start collecting Fyreslayers kit. Today, I have two Hero models that were just recently finished, the Auric Runeson and the Auric Runesmiter. In between painting my Vulkite Berzerkers, I’ve been painting these two to keepContinue reading “Lodge Grymthenian (part 4)”

New Retro Sontaran

Inspired by Synthwave music and new retro art, I’ve decided to give a classic British icon, the Sontaran solider, a visual makeover. My reason for using a Sontaran toy as a test subject for this project, is because I’ve always seen the Sontaran armour design (modern Doctor Who series 3) as a design that couldContinue reading “New Retro Sontaran”

Nine years later!

A big milestone for me this month, as it marks nine years since I’ve first brought my copy of White Dwarf (which was how I got into the hobby). Nine years, it’s been that long, I feel old lol. My first issue of White Dwarf still intact and full of nostalgia! If it wasn’t forContinue reading “Nine years later!”

The Time of Tribulations month (2/3)- Duke Harton

There was a delay for this post, due to the Fyreslayer start collecting set distracting me lately. However, tonight I can final return my focus back to short post series celebrating the coming of the Malign Portents! Today’s post features a kitbash model I did during the Christmas holiday of 2017, after the announcement ofContinue reading “The Time of Tribulations month (2/3)- Duke Harton”

Lodge Grymthenian (part 3)

Hello, and welcome back to my Lodge Grymthenian post series! Today’s post is both a final outcome for my Magmadroth with a Auric Runefather as well as a an apology post for Monday’s lacklustre post. Anyways, let’s continue! Now that my rider, the Auric Runefather, is painted I can now glue him into the stoneContinue reading “Lodge Grymthenian (part 3)”

Lodge Grymthenian (part 2)

Today’s post will be very short for two reasons: 1) I’m very tired, I’ve got tons of tasks to do tomorrow, so tonight is my only free slot to post this. 2) since at the time of taking photographs yesterday, I was considering posting this post tomorrow or Wednesday. However, I’ve had other obligations toContinue reading “Lodge Grymthenian (part 2)”