Lodge Grymthenian, first wave officially completed!

It seemed like forever painting this unit, doing a batch load was taking more time than I had expected. However, apart from that, I was able to finish my Vulkite Berzerkers off today (as the snow in the UK was bad, and I couldn’t attend my art course). I’m pleased with the outcome, it’s gratifying to see a fully painted unit for once in a while. If only I could do the same for my Clanrats 😒.

I’m currently planning my final thoughts for my first wave of Fyreslayers in part 5 of Lodge Grymthenian series. I’ve got the photography done, this time with an improved background and lighting (a long time coming considering I had advice months ago about the lighting issue). All that’s left is the annotation and stuff!

Since I’ve mentioned a lot of things this week on what I’m intending to do, I thought I’d give you guys and gals a schedule on what I’m planning to post for March. I think it was nows the time to change the way I post my content, by showing you guys and gals my schedule plan so you can see what interests you to mark on your colanders.

Here’s what I’ve got planned for March.

March time slot

  • Lodge Grymthenian part 5 (Friday 2nd/ or Saturday 3rd)
  • Malign Portents supplement Book, my thoughts on the book (Friday 9th)
  • Beastclaw Raiders Battletome (Friday 16th)
  • Daughters of Khaine Battletome and (maybe) some models painted (???)

Hopefully, I’ll rise up to the challenge and deliver great content without any major setbacks!

Until next time readers!


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The Everwinter is here……

Snow has come to the UK, covering the land in a blanket of white frosty snow. It can only mean one thing…..

The Beastclaw Raiders are here!!!

Not only will I be posting my thoughts on the Malign Portents book, but I’ll be doing a Beastclaw Raiders post as well very soon. I’m very excited to post my thoughts on these two supplements for AoS, watch this space for further updates!

Oh one final thing….

The dog didn’t like the snow, so he’s staying inside.

To my readers who are in the UK, stay safe and don’t do anything reckless in this weather!


Lodge Grymthenian (part 4)

Lodge Grymthenian (part 4)

I’m nearly done with the first wave of Fyreslayers for Lodge Grymthenian, having many spent weeks painting models from my Start collecting Fyreslayers kit. Today, I have two Hero models that were just recently finished, the Auric Runeson and the Auric Runesmiter.

In between painting my Vulkite Berzerkers, I’ve been painting these two to keep my motivation going as I get unmotivated easily by painting battleline units. Especially when the Vulkite have a lot of detail to cover, in a batch load it can be a grind for me.

I think this has helped me get more progress done to finish the Vulkite off, as hero models are more fun to paint, so its good to plan in between painting tasks.

I haven’t really got much to say for today, my course work has been my major focus for this week. However, I’ll be doing an overview on my first wave of Fyreslayers in part 5, on how the process went and my pros and cons on the project so far.

As for my last post mentioning about my announcement (well announcements actually), I have few to announce below.

  • As of today, I will be sadly scrapping my plans on the campaign ‘The Leech Kings Crown’. This is due to several reasons which I can’t go into detail, however I will say that it was a decision of my own choice in the end. I want to focus more on my own projects that I can spend more time on, rather than a failed plan. It’s sad for me as I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to writhing the background story, locations, art and narrative for the campaign. However, I think it’s best that I move on.
  • With the coming release of the Daughters of Khaine, I will be making plans to launch a mini post series on a few models from the faction. As a long time Dark Elves fan, I’m very eager to finally get some answers about Morathi after the End Times, and what happens in between the Age of Myth and the Age of Sigmar.
  • Blog changes coming soon! I’ll be giving my blog appearance a clean up with new banners, front page and other stuff. However, the blog name will stay the same!
  • Finally, I’ll be having look at the new Malign Portents book, and posting a dedicated post on my thoughts on this latest tale in the mortal realms!

Before I go, here’s a photo (no teaser this time) of my final Fyreslayers unit for the first wave!


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New Retro Sontaran

New Retro Sontaran

Inspired by Synthwave music and new retro art, I’ve decided to give a classic British icon, the Sontaran solider, a visual makeover.

My reason for using a Sontaran toy as a test subject for this project, is because I’ve always seen the Sontaran armour design (modern Doctor Who series 3) as a design that could work in an 80’s Sci-fi game/art. I’ve always had a a strange connection to the 80’s of nostalgia that I never experienced (being a 90’s generation), there’s this unknown feeling I have whenever I listen and watch old media from the 80’s.

This project is a test experiment to try out the Procreate app with an example theme, and see if it could be something I’d commit to for my FMP in art.

First, I took photographs of my Sontaran toy with several shots, then decided on which image I would use for my development work.

Once I’ve decided which picture I’ll be using for my development work, I’ve then tested some filter options further until I was pleased with the outcome.

I’ve used Procreate to do most of the digital art, layering over my photograph image. This took some time to do, as I was aiming to colour over the upper torso areas that were reflecting light, as well as adding more edge colours on top.

The video below is my process work on using the Procreate app for this image.

My thoughts on the final outcome

I thought that this mini project experiment was a good opportunity to really test out ideas, based on my inspiration with Synthwave music and new retro art. I’ve found it difficult at first to see wether this experiment would work, because it could easily look out of place visually.

The colour scheme for my final outcome, consisted of dark blue, pink and white for the armour. These colours were chosen as they are very much associated with retro art and Some Synthwave album art, I wanted to recreate my image with the pink/blue colours that can visually and mentally draw the mind to a retro prospective.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed working on this project and testing out this sample experiment for myself. I really like the visual look of the final outcome, it’s appearance is very much in line with new retro art. The contrast of the warm glowing eye lenses against the cold pink/blue armour works pretty well, giving the appearance of a figure with more than mercy for it’s intentions.

However, I think the final outcome could be improved with more work on the lower half of the body. Whilst it does look fine as the purple light glow doesn’t reflect on the legs, it dose however look like it could be worked on to improve the final outcomes imagery.

Also, I could try and test out other photography images on different objects, as that could broaden my options for practicing my digital art on curved, angles and abstract forms.


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Nine years later!

A big milestone for me this month, as it marks nine years since I’ve first brought my copy of White Dwarf (which was how I got into the hobby). Nine years, it’s been that long, I feel old lol.

My first issue of White Dwarf still intact and full of nostalgia!

If it wasn’t for a random encounter of the magazine at my local newsagents, I wouldn’t have joined the hobby. It wouldn’t be until April/May time when I’d start my journey into the hobby after buying an issue (Imperial Guard release issue) of White Dwarf from my local GW store.

Thanks to White Dwarf, I’ve found a hobby that would take me to where I am today, it was because of the creative painting side that pushed me to be an artist as a career.

So happy ninth anniversary to me! I dread what my 10th anniversary will be like…


The Time of Tribulations month (2/3)- Duke Harton

There was a delay for this post, due to the Fyreslayer start collecting set distracting me lately. However, tonight I can final return my focus back to short post series celebrating the coming of the Malign Portents!

Today’s post features a kitbash model I did during the Christmas holiday of 2017, after the announcement of the Malign Portents teaser. I’ve had a suspicion that Nagash would be behind it, the skulls, death and morbid tone gave me the impression that Death alliance would be the focus. So, I’ve used my spare Vampire Lord model, and an unused Chaos night steed and combined them both into one.

As you’ll notice, the rider was taken from the Zombie Dragon kit, which I’ve used for my Abhorrent Ghoul King, Ren. I was originally going to give my Vampire Lord a jousting pole, but that was already used for another model that needed something badass like a Lancer (hinting at my final model presentation for part 3 😉).

For a model from the Death alliance, I view this model is one of my best painted death models to paint (Terrorgheist at second place), it’s got that dreaded feel of a noble bloodsucking vampire who’s essence is cold and cursed. This would fit nicely as Storms of Magic summon (for the vampire counts) if I was still playing 8th edition. But I digress, WHFB is long gone now.

Part of me would be happy to paint more Death models for future projects, especially now that the new Nagash book is great place for mixing different faction units. But I just don’t have the motivation to paint Death models as much as I used to. I’ve made too many errors with the factions colour scheme, and I just don’t feel like repainting a whole army again.

So for now, Duke Harton will mark a temporary end to my Death alliance army, until I might regain my passion to one day paint them again.


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