HG Deathscythe complete

HG Deathscythe, a model kit that brings me much nostalgia back in time to the early 2000’s when I got my first model kit, the NG Deathscythe. I never got to finish that kit off as I was way too young to build model kits haha! For this model I wanted to add some realismContinue reading “HG Deathscythe complete”

Sh@t out of hell……

The fair looking, silver haired and majestic golden eyed questioner and I were sitting down at the table enjoying our tea, in the planes of torment and suffering. A plane of onyx earth, red skies and weird horrors lurking about. If Michael Moorcock was here, he’d write a fantastic story about this place called hell,Continue reading “Sh@t out of hell……”