Sh@t out of hell……

The fair looking, silver haired and majestic golden eyed questioner and I were sitting down at the table enjoying our tea, in the planes of torment and suffering. A plane of onyx earth, red skies and weird horrors lurking about. If Michael Moorcock was here, he’d write a fantastic story about this place called hell, in fact I’m in hell itself!

Anyways, the fair man next to me asked me a question, he asked me what was the rarest thing I own.

“If I were asked what’s the rarest item you own, I’d say Dominator the movie.” I said.

“What?” Asked the questioner, with a smooth almost angelic voice.

“Dominator, you know, the first ever British manga animation to be released back in the early 2,000’s?”

“Never heard of it, but I do have a friend named Dominator, the less said the better” he paused awkwardly before continuing “Is it a cheap dirty anime film?” Asked the questioner mockingly with a soft grin .

“No, definitely not one of those” I said before I gulped as I whispered “It’s worse than that…….”

Dominator the movie retrospective review coming soon! 😈