Scavenge for loot and paint it blue

I remember da day when we surrounded the hummies at the Last stand at Glazer’s Creek, da day we became da biggest and da strongest
-Unnamed Warlord of a Deathskulls Tribe pondering about his youth

Hmmmmm, well I did say I was painting some left over Orks from my wrapped up project. But why did I paint this WIP kitbashed Warboss blue? we all know da Bad Moons yellow is da best.



Inspired Soul Wars: Court of the daughter of the lesser underworld

As promised I’ve painted all of the models that go alongside the Briar Queen. I’ve decided to add my own narrative background for this unit (since I don’t want this unit to be the same group from the Shadespire warband). Instead it’s led by a daughter of the lesser underworld, women who serve Nagash as guardians of their lesser underworld. You can get a glimpse of these deathly matrons of great power in the novel Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds.

Alongside her are spirits of fallen warriors and criminals who act as her court of bodyguards. It is both an honour and a curse to follow their matriarch into battle for she is both a warming light in a sea of cold despair, and a burning fire that hurts the souls of her bodyguards.

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Returning to historical miniatures

Last year I wanted to try something new and fresh for my hobby past time, that was historical miniature collection. Inspired by subjects like the American Civil War, WWI, WWII and many more, I wanted to try my skills at more mature themes outside my comfort zone.

However, due to several media coverages on historical miniature gaming being put into question, I decided it would be best to stall my projects and scarp posts in fear.

But I’ve decided after many months of thinking about wether to return to historical miniature projects or not, I was finally swayed back after seeing 1917. It made me realise that it can be all too easy to forget, and dangerously neglectful if the memories and sacrifices of those who gave their lives for our future were to be lost.

I think back to my Great great uncle who served in the Royal Navy as a 2nd class stocker on a steam drifter ship. How he gave his life to power the ship to patrol the British coast waters in search of mines. Which he eventually lost his life after a German aircraft bombed the ship and all its crew.

His memory and sacrifice was nearly forgotten as his story was lost along with photos of his existence. A ghost. All we have is a record of his service.

Its the stories of those who experienced the horror, tragedy, hardship, bonding of comradeship and most of all sacrifice. My historical miniature project work is a way for me to research such stories and experiences and represent them in miniature form.

My first project will be focusing on Stalingrad, the city of fate.

I’ll also have a few side projects such as my WWI French forces diorama.

This time I’ll be able to cover wider range of subjects without the need of point lists and gaming formations, just to present dioramas and photography presentation.

That’s all for today. If you have any suggestions or themes you’d like me to cover for a historical project, post a comment below for your ideas and inspirations.

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The Briar Queen (Fembruary 2020)

The last of my offering to the Fembruary challenge, The Briar Queen is a powerful Necromancer and Banshee who is the complete opposite to the Knight-Incantor. Whilst the former is a withering spirit who’s soul is branded to the will of Nagash, her life now eternally made to serve and destroy. The later is a reforged soul branded by Sigmar, made to fight in gleaming armour of Sigmarite to serve the God Kings cause.

The Briar Queen comes with six Nighthaunt Chainrasps, like a court of souls who follow their queens command. I’m still in the process of painting them and they’ll be up soon in my Inspired Soul Wars blog series.

That’s the end of my project work for the Fembruary challenge 2020. For my first ever participation in joining a community challenge I’ve done pretty good. I’d like to join more community challenges in the future as I like the community engagement and having a friendly contest to challenge myself and other like minded hobbyists.

If your interested to learn more about the Fembruary challenge, you can check out the official page here

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Anvils of the Sacrosanct Chamber project showcase [WIP]

Today I’ll be showing another showcase of models from an army project, this time being my WIP Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber.

Based on the book, Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds, this project is a small host of Sacrosanct warriors who helped defend Glymmsforge against Maldrek’s procession. Leading the Sacrosanct Chamber is Balthas Arum, a Lord-Arcanum who can wield the magic winds draw its power for defensive and offensive abilities.

I’ve still got some work to do as there are some areas left to fill. Such as my unit of Evocators needing three more models, and a second unit of Evocators is needed for my army. Lastly, there’s the Lord-Arcanum on Gryphcharger to represent Balthas.

As of this time I’m nearly done with this project. I might add a few units along the way, but my primary goal for units as mentioned above are necessary for me to finish my army project.


Three Knight-Incantors
Kitbashed Lord-Ordinator (left) and Lord-Exorcist (right)
Castigators and Celestar Ballista
Two units of Sequitors
Two Evocators and a Gryphound

That’s all I have for today. I’ll be back soon with another Inspired Soul Wars Post, and another army showcase post featuring my Knights of Mousillon Stormhost.

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Bad Moons Tribe project showcase

Now that I have all the Greenskins at my disposal to wreck havoc on the Imperium (especially the Imperial Fists), I can show a definitive blog post showcase of all things Greenskin.

The Bad Moons Tribe project is a patrol detachment army that covers all the slots, a small but brutal party of war hungry rich Orks. My challenge for this project was to paint yellow armour, as yellow was difficult for me at the time. I also wanted to collect a Xenos army, as I didn’t have army at the time that was Xenos.

The project has remained the same for the past two years, although a few alterations have been made like my original Warboss now acting as a Big Mek. But the goal was still unchanged.


Big Mek and Big Mek in Mega-armour
Big Mek on Warbike
Warboss in Mega-armour
Weirdnob Shaman
Fast Attack units
Heavy Support units
Elite units
Troop units
Troop units

If the ‘new’ Ghazgul model looks amazing and worth the price tag, I’ll add him to my collection as a treat and paint him yellow. Yellow Orks are da best so suck on that you grumpy Goffs!

I’m not interested in adding anything else to the project as I feel happy with what I’ve got. I have a few Ork models spare but not worth adding as it’s small model count.

That’s all I have to show for this project showcase post, a small but fun army of rich entitled Greenskins gambling on their teeth, well, on the teeth they can accumulate from the horde. Now, how’s about a diorama photo post of Orks vs Crimson Fists?

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Bad Moons Tribe project: The End (maybe…..)

My latest unit to be added to the Bad Moons Tribe patrol detachment is finally completed, Freebooters wielding big Dakka for adrenaline rush of big explosions!

Kitbashed Nobz from the Build+Paint series, I’ve made them into Freebooters as I needed one more Heavy Support unit for my patrol detachment. I’ve added some hand weapons to make them look like pirates, however their weapons are just replicas for authentic purposes, their real offensive power comes from their kustom heavy dakka.

Sadly, this is my last unit for the project as I’ve done everything to fill in the patrol detachment, a goal I set for myself back in 2018. Now that I’ve reached that goal, I can finally retire from the Orks project knowing that I’ve painted all the models I wanted.

This project has a special place in my hobby journey as it was the last project I was working on when my dog was still around. I did it as a tribute to him after he passed away during the early work on the project.

Now in 2020, I’ve achieved the goal. I feel happy with what I’ve achieved and the journey I’ve been through to build a smashing smug Bad Moons army.

But wait! It’s not over yet…… well yes the project is over now officially. But I do have four more Ork models in storage that I need to paint, including two Ork heavy gunners, a spare Ork Boy and a Warboss from Black Reach. Whilst I’ve already got a Warboss, I have a spare one that was including in the Build+Paint box set.

Orks will be still around on the blog for some time.

So ends my Xenos project.


Fly on the Wall Post Apocalyptic Saga Fan fiction part 4: The Nomad and the Beast

Before the story begins, this is kinda a return of the fan series. For those of you who are new, this was Inspired by The Fly on the Wall Podcast (hosted by Luke and Waz) post apocalyptic saga audio series. My story splinters off from a certain point from the podcast and goes in its own direction. This series is not canonical to the podcast, and is treated as a fan fiction story.

I took a break from writing the fan fiction after I felt that I was taking it too seriously. Not many people read the fan fiction blog posts, so I decided to give it a break.

But after some ideas came to mind and I felt the need to write it down, I’m ready to release part 4!

If your interested to know where this post apocalyptic saga came from, you can check out my ‘Dark Mind’ overlord, IRO, over on his blog. links below.

You can find The Fly on the Wall podcast on most podcast sites and you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

With that, enjoy the horror!


Luke opened his eyes as he was awoken by a loud noise coming from the back of the petrol station. At first he thought it was just a bit of scrap that dropped off from years of corrosion, after the apocalypse left the place deserted from maintenance. Man-made structures built by a an era when the world was still running, but dying from its inhabitants own meddling. In a time when only humanity was its own threat, now the game has changed where mutants and limited resources were the biggest threat. Luke took a few seconds to regain his senses after his rude awakening. Was the building unsafe?

But then he realised it wasn’t that, he heard a roar like a lion announcing it wants a challenge a worthy foe, it sounded familiar. Keith! Luke got up and ran outside with his pistol in hand, heart beating faster as he dreaded what he would discover. Glenn followed after Luke as he got his sniper rifle on the ready. Had Krakstrong finally lost his humanity to the beast that took control of his mutated animal form? Did the raiders sneak in and caught sight of the beast and engaged in combat?

It was soon became apparent that it was a lot worse than the fears Luke had dreaded. He saw behind the back of the station that Krakstrong was shoving Waz against the wall with his massive mutated arm. His grip was crunching at the symbiotic form of Waz as metal and flesh became pressured by the brutes grip. “Who were you talking to! Answer me now or I crush you!” Said krakstrong, as he gritted his teeth in disgust at the sight of Waz. It finally happened, the friendship Luke had once had was tearing itself apart. Hatred, betrayal, jealousy, anger, sorrow and fear was all the gang could feel towards each other.

Luke tightened his grip on his pistol and shouted at Krakstrong “Keith!!! Put him down, there’s no need for this violence!”. Krakstrong roared in anger as that name was said again. He hated that name, he never wanted to be human again. “I told you I’m Krakstrong!!!!!” He threw Waz towards Luke and Glenn with a crash of bodies. On the floor, Luke was pinned to the ground by the weight of Waz. His body was aching from the collision and he could feel his legs go cold. Glenn was lucky enough to have dogged the collision and helped Waz on his feet, but as soon as he did so he was smashed in the side by Krakstrongs backhanded swipe.

Glenn was knocked off his feet and landed on the ground with a loud thunk. He was knocked down unconscious.

Waz lifted himself up by self propelled symbiotic arms, springing him high up towards a safe distance from Krakstrong. “Do not interfere the great work” said Waz in a cold unemotional tone towards Krakstrong. The beast pounded the ground and prepared itself to make a full on charge.

Luke tried to get up and help Glenn but he realised his legs wouldn’t move. Were they broken? It would be a serious problem as he wouldn’t be able to reach James at the Water purification power plant facility on time. He’d die from his degrading health and fail his people, his family from the Final Apocalypse…..

He soon realised that his legs weren’t broken as he propped himself up by using his hands as support. As he inspected his legs, his eyesight began to lose its perception, blurring and strobing like a psychedelic nightmare. Luke lost his focus and dropped to the floor in a dizzy sickness. His temporary sickness was getting worse at the wrong time. Time was running out…..

Krakstrong and Waz were fighting each other on the road just a few meters away from the petrol station. The unconscious bodies of Glenn and Luke were trapped and unable to stop the infighting.


Krakstrong charged towards Waz like a rhino thundering towards its prey at great speeds. The massive ape form was intimidating with arms as big as logs, four arms of lethal brutality that could shred metal with enough force. He would kill this abomination Waz, it served its use as a guide and now its betrayed its friends like krakstrong knew it would. Why did that pathetic man slave think Waz would be a friend like it used to be? Couldn’t he see the machine is all that remains of this vessel?

The beast knew Waz had a role, a dark role in the complex web that ties the four friends to the inevitable showdown. He heard whispers in his mind that guided his actions, telling him to do what was right in the natural order. It told him to slay Waz now before the irreversible could happen.

Waz, son of the machine, key to the gates of the flood. The Final Apocalypse’ Said the voice in his mind.


Waz threw away his robes and revealed his body of mutated horror as cables, metal, flesh and natural growths mixed constantly to his form. He turned his arms into blades of steel and flesh, his form bulked to match Krakstrongs size. He charged towards his foe like a juggernaut as he pounded the ground with his massive feet.

He was an abomination to everything, even to the mutants he was a stranger. But why should he care? He was the thing that would bring about the salvation of mankind and save the earth from total annihilation. All his life he had a purpose to be something better, to never succumb to the desires and self interest like the mindless selfish, dishonest and corrupted fools who splay themselves to leaders of class and political backstabbing. Never faltering in his goal to help his friends and family, and by extension to his community.

His goals have since grown to involve the whole world as his mission to protect and save, at the cost of sacrificing his connection to his friends and family. Even more so his old identity.

The Final Apocalypse was only the first step towards salvation, the site in which history would be made was only days away now. Another chapter in mankind’s journey towards greater heights. The Dark Mind was only a distraction, the real goal was yet to come.

Waz, no not Waz anymore. The Nomad, son of the machine, the key to the flood. The Final Apocalypse’ a ghost inside Waz’s mind whispered.


James looked at down from the cliff edge where he spectated the fighting. He smiled to himself as he saw the two who were once friends fight to the death. Fate can be cruel but then that’s life is it not? Didn’t fate create the Dark Mind?

A rat came towards James and rested on his lap, chewing on a bloody remains of bone and flesh. Seeing his child enjoy its meal made his smile widen. Rats were seen as nothing more than pests, vermin that were exterminated by the thousands just for breeding and surviving in this world. Why should the humans judge themselves as the rightful rulers of earth, to kill the rats when they themselves are just as simple and verminous to themselves.

“The rats, just like the ones back in London…….” mumbled James as a memory, a memory of the original James come to mind for a brief minute. They sometimes flash before him unexpectedly, fragments of someone’s memory that appear like ghosts from another time. They were becoming more frequent, James knew why, he was too used to this form that he couldn’t separate his true self to this identity.

He’s been outside for too long, it was time to go back home.

“Let’s go, I think brother Giger will want me back soon” Said James as he pats his rat on the head and stood up. He looked below one more time at the fighting at the pet, he’d like to spectate till the end but plans are in place that needed his attention. He turns around and walks along into a puddle of dark water and sinks below its depths. As soon as he was below, the puddle sunk into the ground and left a bare dry land as if the puddle was never there.


End of part 4

Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband: More hunters

Today I have the next four hunters ready to join the hunting pack warband to track down some foul beasts and dangerous foes.

Having all of the painted miniatures together in one unit looks pretty cool, I’m happy with the results. After I’ve got a few more miniatures painted I’ll do a project final post on this warband of all the models I’ve painted.

My next goal is to paint some Freeguild Great-swords to add this warband project, some close combat mortals who will be just as crazed as their Stormcast allies.

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Aelven Ruins

I’ve built some ruins using some bitz and miniatures spare, I thought it would be a great idea to make a ruin scenery that could work alongside my arcane ruin scenery.

This would be great for games of AoS and Warhammer Fantasy Battles, as a statue remains of Aelven residence that once ruled the land. It just adds an extra level of immersion for gaming.

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