Inspired Soul Wars: Court of the daughter of the lesser underworld

As promised I’ve painted all of the models that go alongside the Briar Queen. I’ve decided to add my own narrative background for this unit (since I don’t want this unit to be the same group from the Shadespire warband). Instead it’s led by a daughter of the lesser underworld, women who serve Nagash asContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars: Court of the daughter of the lesser underworld”

Returning to historical miniatures

Last year I wanted to try something new and fresh for my hobby past time, that was historical miniature collection. Inspired by subjects like the American Civil War, WWI, WWII and many more, I wanted to try my skills at more mature themes outside my comfort zone. However, due to several media coverages on historicalContinue reading “Returning to historical miniatures”

The Briar Queen (Fembruary 2020)

The last of my offering to the Fembruary challenge, The Briar Queen is a powerful Necromancer and Banshee who is the complete opposite to the Knight-Incantor. Whilst the former is a withering spirit who’s soul is branded to the will of Nagash, her life now eternally made to serve and destroy. The later is aContinue reading “The Briar Queen (Fembruary 2020)”

Anvils of the Sacrosanct Chamber project showcase [WIP]

Today I’ll be showing another showcase of models from an army project, this time being my WIP Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber. Based on the book, Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds, this project is a small host of Sacrosanct warriors who helped defend Glymmsforge against Maldrek’s procession. Leading the Sacrosanct Chamber is Balthas Arum,Continue reading “Anvils of the Sacrosanct Chamber project showcase [WIP]”

Bad Moons Tribe project showcase

Now that I have all the Greenskins at my disposal to wreck havoc on the Imperium (especially the Imperial Fists), I can show a definitive blog post showcase of all things Greenskin. The Bad Moons Tribe project is a patrol detachment army that covers all the slots, a small but brutal party of war hungryContinue reading “Bad Moons Tribe project showcase”

Bad Moons Tribe project: The End (maybe…..)

My latest unit to be added to the Bad Moons Tribe patrol detachment is finally completed, Freebooters wielding big Dakka for adrenaline rush of big explosions! Kitbashed Nobz from the Build+Paint series, I’ve made them into Freebooters as I needed one more Heavy Support unit for my patrol detachment. I’ve added some hand weapons toContinue reading “Bad Moons Tribe project: The End (maybe…..)”

Fly on the Wall Post Apocalyptic Saga Fan fiction part 4: The Nomad and the Beast

Before the story begins, this is kinda a return of the fan series. For those of you who are new, this was Inspired by The Fly on the Wall Podcast (hosted by Luke and Waz) post apocalyptic saga audio series. My story splinters off from a certain point from the podcast and goes in itsContinue reading “Fly on the Wall Post Apocalyptic Saga Fan fiction part 4: The Nomad and the Beast”

Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband: More hunters

Today I have the next four hunters ready to join the hunting pack warband to track down some foul beasts and dangerous foes. Having all of the painted miniatures together in one unit looks pretty cool, I’m happy with the results. After I’ve got a few more miniatures painted I’ll do a project final postContinue reading “Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband: More hunters”

Aelven Ruins

I’ve built some ruins using some bitz and miniatures spare, I thought it would be a great idea to make a ruin scenery that could work alongside my arcane ruin scenery. This would be great for games of AoS and Warhammer Fantasy Battles, as a statue remains of Aelven residence that once ruled the land.Continue reading “Aelven Ruins”