Dark Millennium Faction Collection: Harbinger Legion- Defiler

Dark Millennium Faction Collection: Harbinger Legion- Defiler

A short post today on a model that I’ve shown before, and for the last time hopefully, the Defiler.

I’ve made some improvements to the model with rust trims and some minor details on the model. There’s not much to say on the model, however, here’s some photos to show the model in all its weird damnation!

I didn’t want to make a long post today because this model wasn’t that interesting to talk about. As I’ve painted this model awhile back, and I’ve shown it in past posts.

However I thought I’d show you guys an updated progress on the model for my collection. I apologise if this post was too short, but fear not, my next post in the series will be an exciting one for sure!

The next post will be taking a look at the Dark Apostle of the Harbinger Legion. Once part of Lorgars fanatical zealots of preachers, now an outcast for devoting to one of the Chaos gods, this Apostle devotes himself only to the God of disease and Pestilence.


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Dark Millennium Faction Collection: Harbinger Legion- Warpsmith of the Cult of Chimera

Dark Millennium Faction Collection: Harbinger Legion- Warpsmith of the Cult of Chimera

Bind the flesh to metal with flame and misery.

Tear the emotions of mortality and goodness until nothing but void.

Combine the strongest components and materials from only the strongest subjects.

We much create the Chimera.

~chanting of the Cult of Chimera, during the creation of the Flesh Beast.

Working alongside the Harbinger Legion, the Cult of Chimera are a valuable asset to the legion for it’s war machines and ancient technology. Having proven their techno-Heresy skills when invading the Hive world of Torvalion, the cult has gained recognition and funding to build their influence for others to join.

It was the heretic Warpsmiths of the Cult of Chimera that created the unique breed of Helbrutes, the Flesh Beasts.

The Cult wear unfamiliar marks of armour that aren’t recognised by existing marks, nor altered marks of the renegade space marines. It is in fact suggested by the Tech priests of Mars, that the Cult has produced its own identity to distinguish it’s inner members.

The model was made using many spare bitz from many kits, including a classic resin metal model of a Dark Angel Space marine (I clipped its head off like a heretic 😏). The most obvious kit bashing was the helmet, taken from the Kharadron Overlords Set. I thought the alteration would look even more in line with the Dark Mechanicum.This kit bash model had saved me money and less hassle, than if I brought the official resin Warpsmith, having brought a few *cough* Finecast models in the past, I knew it wasn’t worth buying the resin one.

Whilst there’s no Mechatendrites on the model, I can just imagine it, and I think the model would look a tad bit silly with metal tentacles.

Anyway, that’s all there is to say for now on this model, but I will say that you should keep your eyes peeled for future posts, as the Cult of Chimera has influenced certain marines into their cult……

Next time, walking on four legs, bashing it’s two big claws and walks like a constipated sea crab, it’s the Defiler!……….yes……that’s all I have to say to be honest………(anti cliffhanger moment).


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Dark Millennium Faction Collection: Harbinger Legion- Flesh Beast Helbrute

Dark Millennium Faction Collection: Harbinger Legion- Flesh Beast Helbrute

During the campaign of decimation in the year 477.39M to take over the Hive world of Torvalion, the Harbinger Legion used ballistic and chemical missiles to smash the Imperial defences. These strikes would weaken many Imperial Guard defences, but only on the surface, for the Hive world has underground layers of habitation and strategic defences.

Whilst it would only take a simple bombardment of torpedoes or corrosive plague to tear down the Hive, it was however not that simple. The legion needed something from the Hive that was vital for the mission to succeed, something which the Daemon Prince Nal’torvul needed intact.

So, the priests of the dark Mechanicum, notably the ones of the mysterious cult named ‘Chimera’, devised a plan that would give the Legion a chance to raid the lower layers of the Hive without structural damage. They’ve created a new form of Helbrutes that combined both the dark arts of the machines, the flesh of the slain and the blessings of Nurgles diseases into a new kind of monster. The ‘Flesh Beast’

These monstrosity are both flesh and metal with the essence of life and death in eternal cycles. The beast is neither mortally alive nor dead, it’s abnormal state is achieved by means that only the cult of Chimera can master.

Once released from their chains, the Flesh Beasts made short work to tear the walls down, charging into a frenzy as they clear the way down the lower Hive layers.

This heavily kitbashed Helbrute was made using parts from various kits including the Maggoth Lords, Vampire Zombie dragon kit, Garden of Moor gates and Blightking parts. All used to create a very disgusting and very imaginative model.

With such an kitbashed that offers different textures, forms and shapes to test paint, I found this to be a great time to do some creative painting. I’ve really enjoyed testing out colour schemes for the Daemon Flesh, meat racks and bone.

This is probably one my favourite models from this faction collection, as it just screams (literally) to life with character and imagination. But it’s not the only model I’ve kit bashed for this collection……

Next time…………


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Dark millennium faction collection: Harbinger Legion- Chosen

Dark millennium faction collection: Harbinger Legion- Chosen

The Chosen are veteran marines who have seen many battlefields and the slaughter that follows from their bolter and blade. Unlike most Chaos Space marines, the Chosen are well versed in combat, arming themselves with rare and finer weaponry than the renegade marines.

For my Chosen, I’ve kitbashed mine using the Chaos Warriors kit mixed with spare parts from various Chaos Space marine kits. I wanted the unit to look like a renegade elite who have crudely modified armour, after years of disrepair and neglect for maintenance. The unit is devoted to Nurgle, so I’ve made sure to paint the Chosen with plenty of rust, oozes and sickly colours.

First three Chosen, armed with a Plasma gun, blade and bolter pistol and gun.

Second set of three are armed with Meltagun, Boltpistol, Icon bearer and Boltgun.

The unit champion is armed with a Power fist and Plasma pistol.

This unit however is not quite done yet, as I’ll need three more Chosen models in order to have a full strength unit. I’m currently trying to build three more Chosen, but spare similar Chaos Space marine parts are scarce.

Next up, I’ll be showing my re-painted Rhino, that will be attached to my Chosen unit. Once a *Word Bearer Rhino, now it’s filth encrusted with rust and grime (*long time readers may remember my Word Bearers Rhino a couple of months ago).


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Release date for Dark Millennium Faction Collection post series

Release date for Dark Millennium Faction Collection post series

Today, I can announce when the first of the Dark Millennium Faction Collection post will be published. Set (or mark) your calendars for the 21st of November!

This post would be very short if I ended it on that, so, I’ll share a teaser of the first post to come (The model for the previous post teaser will be coming soon!)

Big guts for big tusks! Blessed by Nurgle!


Thank you for reading this post! I would like to thank Ann for her brilliant suggestion on the teaser images for ‘ The Harbinger Legion 2.0 (Coming Soon!)’. The suggestion was a really creative idea (I wont spoil it here) that added more character to the upcoming model. Thanks Ann!

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The Harbinger Legion 2.0 is coming (soon)!

The Harbinger Legion 2.0 is coming (soon)!

The Harbinger Legion series v2.0* is coming soon! Structured in a similar way as my AoS faction collection series, this post series is dedicated to the grim darkness of the 41st millennium.

This collection series will be focusing on my renegade Chaos Space marine collection, called the Harbinger Legion.

Here’s a few photo teases of my first model that will be featured in the series. Enjoy!

Very soon, I’ll be post the dates on when this series will be starting. Until then, I look forward to seeing you soon. 


*= v2.0 meaning that my first attempt (v1.0) was stalled due to uncertainty of wether I’d be playing 40k 8th, and If my model collection would fit into Death Guard or Renegade marines army.

Chaos Space Marines: Death Guard army

Chaos Space Marines: Death Guard army

Today I thought I might try something different from the my usual content, and show you guys my upcoming project that I’ll be starting after I’ve done my Black Templars force. It’s early stages for planning this army, as there’s a lot of decision making for how I’m going to build this army. So far, I’ve just about unlocked the patrol detachment, which only needs a compulsory units of one HQ and one Troop choice.

Death Guard force list

  • 1x Daemon Prince of Nurgle
  • 1x Chaos Lord of Nurgle
  • 1x Hellbrute 
  • 7x Plague Marines
  • 7x Chaos Space Marines
  • 1x Defiler

The leader of the army detachment is led by a Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

 My second HQ choice is a Chaos Lord with the mark of Nurgle, armed with his plasma pistol and filth encrusted blade disease.

The first troop unit consist of seven marines, seven being the lucky number for uncle Nurgle!

 Beside my first troop choice is unit of seven Plague marines, which are a kit bash unit I did years ago when I disliked the official resin kit. This was before the new iteration were released in plastic, which look disgusting and horrendous for all the right reasons.

Ah yes, this model was the bane of all models that I had to paint, so many repaints and colour schemes were used on this model. Thankfully, those days are far behind me now that the Defiler has finally been painted.

 Finally, we have the Hellbrute 

Whilst I do have a playable Death Guard army for 8th edition to play for smaller games, it’s far from ready in my honest opinion. There’s still a lot of areas that need sorting, including finishing off re-basing/ painting models, what units I want to add to the force, and finally getting a copy of the rules for Chaos. Therefore, I’ve got a lot to sort out before I can even play this army, 

But for now, I’m impressed with the amount of models I’ve got that are nearly completed, which gives me hope that my Chaos army can finally be used after years of neglect.

I’ll let you guys know more about this projects progress in about a months time, hopefully that’ll be enough time for me to get my current project done. Speaking of which, my next post on my Black Templars will be released either this Sunday or Monday, depending on how the weekend goes for me.


I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, if your interested to see more about this project, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

I hope you have a fanstastic weekend,