Chaos Space Marines: Death Guard army

Chaos Space Marines: Death Guard army

Today I thought I might try something different from the my usual content, and show you guys my upcoming project that I’ll be starting after I’ve done my Black Templars force. It’s early stages for planning this army, as there’s a lot of decision making for how I’m going to build this army. So far, I’ve just about unlocked the patrol detachment, which only needs a compulsory units of one HQ and one Troop choice.

Death Guard force list

  • 1x Daemon Prince of Nurgle
  • 1x Chaos Lord of Nurgle
  • 1x Hellbrute 
  • 7x Plague Marines
  • 7x Chaos Space Marines
  • 1x Defiler

The leader of the army detachment is led by a Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

 My second HQ choice is a Chaos Lord with the mark of Nurgle, armed with his plasma pistol and filth encrusted blade disease.

The first troop unit consist of seven marines, seven being the lucky number for uncle Nurgle!

 Beside my first troop choice is unit of seven Plague marines, which are a kit bash unit I did years ago when I disliked the official resin kit. This was before the new iteration were released in plastic, which look disgusting and horrendous for all the right reasons.

Ah yes, this model was the bane of all models that I had to paint, so many repaints and colour schemes were used on this model. Thankfully, those days are far behind me now that the Defiler has finally been painted.

 Finally, we have the Hellbrute 

Whilst I do have a playable Death Guard army for 8th edition to play for smaller games, it’s far from ready in my honest opinion. There’s still a lot of areas that need sorting, including finishing off re-basing/ painting models, what units I want to add to the force, and finally getting a copy of the rules for Chaos. Therefore, I’ve got a lot to sort out before I can even play this army, 

But for now, I’m impressed with the amount of models I’ve got that are nearly completed, which gives me hope that my Chaos army can finally be used after years of neglect.

I’ll let you guys know more about this projects progress in about a months time, hopefully that’ll be enough time for me to get my current project done. Speaking of which, my next post on my Black Templars will be released either this Sunday or Monday, depending on how the weekend goes for me.


I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, if your interested to see more about this project, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

I hope you have a fanstastic weekend,



Harbinger warband: part 1

I thought I’d post a few pictures of my Nurgle Chaos space marine collection. The warband is called Harbinger, a broken group of outcasts from the Deathguard legion who specialise in their own plague named ‘Exstrogrogasnis’. 

  The warbands main leader is Throaxer, a Daemon prince who has a reputation of decimating Imperial guardsmen by using his unholy sword to infect them, and turns them into plague zombies!

  Ghoulosius was once Captain of the Harbinger warband, until he was badly wounded during the Hollow wars in the 40M. He was burdened with the donning of the Helbrute, to be forever trapped inside its warped embrace. Now he goes to war with no mercy for those that stand in his way.

  “The Rust Crab of Hollow” is known by many surviving Imperial guardsmen who fought in that war, for the terror that they witnessed. An abomination that ‘enjoys’ hunting its prey, slowly scraping its rusty claws in delight as it overshadows those who are too fearful at what fate that awaits them.

These five are plague marines are Harbingers most skilled and deadly in their rank as top guards to their Lord, Throaxer.(First picture showing all five plague marines) From the left is Tholius, Idolixius, Boliusiux, Balvix and Dorthium.

If you have any questions about my collection, post your questions and I’ll answer them as soon as I can. 🙂