Dark Millennium Faction Collection: Harbinger Legion- Flesh Beast Helbrute

During the campaign of decimation in the year 477.39M to take over the Hive world of Torvalion, the Harbinger Legion used ballistic and chemical missiles to smash the Imperial defences. These strikes would weaken many Imperial Guard defences, but only on the surface, for the Hive world has underground layers of habitation and strategic defences.

Whilst it would only take a simple bombardment of torpedoes or corrosive plague to tear down the Hive, it was however not that simple. The legion needed something from the Hive that was vital for the mission to succeed, something which the Daemon Prince Nal’torvul needed intact.

So, the priests of the dark Mechanicum, notably the ones of the mysterious cult named ‘Chimera’, devised a plan that would give the Legion a chance to raid the lower layers of the Hive without structural damage. They’ve created a new form of Helbrutes that combined both the dark arts of the machines, the flesh of the slain and the blessings of Nurgles diseases into a new kind of monster. The ‘Flesh Beast’

These monstrosity are both flesh and metal with the essence of life and death in eternal cycles. The beast is neither mortally alive nor dead, it’s abnormal state is achieved by means that only the cult of Chimera can master.

Once released from their chains, the Flesh Beasts made short work to tear the walls down, charging into a frenzy as they clear the way down the lower Hive layers.

This heavily kitbashed Helbrute was made using parts from various kits including the Maggoth Lords, Vampire Zombie dragon kit, Garden of Moor gates and Blightking parts. All used to create a very disgusting and very imaginative model.

With such an kitbashed that offers different textures, forms and shapes to test paint, I found this to be a great time to do some creative painting. I’ve really enjoyed testing out colour schemes for the Daemon Flesh, meat racks and bone.

This is probably one my favourite models from this faction collection, as it just screams (literally) to life with character and imagination. But it’s not the only model I’ve kit bashed for this collection……

Next time…………


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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