Fallout fanfiction: Head-screen

Today I thought I might share a fanfiction story I’ve made during my pass time. It’s a self contained story which doesn’t tie into any of the games main story events. Hope you guys enjoy the story!


Once, there was a vibrant small town on the edge of Boston, a thriving town that was the dream for many Americans. ‘The future’ they said would be a prosperous and bright one for years to come.

But that dream was not a reality, for America was on the cusp of a full scale nuclear war. After the war for Anchorage was won by the USA, the Chinese had lost all options to claim fuel supply’s that they so desperately need to survive. So it was that they have prepared to ignite their nuclear weapons towards America.

It came as a sudden horror to the towns folk when it was announced by the military that nuclear annihilation was coming. In an instant the town was teared from history by the great atomic war of 2075. All that was left was the husked wreckage that the town once stood on, except for one building, Posiden energy station.
This story follows a very unusual post war survivor by the name of ‘Head-screen’, a entrepreneur who is known for his unusual headwear. A tale of what an average merchant would to survive in a world that tries to kill you before you could even scream.
Part 1, Feral Keeper

The land was dry, barren and silent, as the dust blew through the wreckage of the forgotten town, not too far from Boston. If anyone during the pre-war time were still inside the buildings before the bombs fell, than they would be but ash and bone. Nothing living moved in the town apart from the wind blowing tattered flags and shredded curtains.

However, just down south from the town was a gas station down the road. The tar road has crumbled and spilt from lack of attention for nearly 200 years, the technology to repair the roads have long been forgotten. Just as the gas station is in clear view, it’s obvious to see that the building structure was far from being unaffected by the nuclear blast winds. All the of windows have been smashed through, letting the wind howl into the building. Not only that, but the building itself is in a state of disrepair as ceiling panels, metal plating, walls, doors and lighting were either broken or corroding away.
Inside, at the station till stood a tall man in a stripe grey suite with his red tie, black boots and wearing a half working TV box set on his head. This chap was known to travellers by the name of ‘Head-screen’, a cocky entrepreneur who would sell (cheap quality but pricey) junk to wanderers who pass by his shop. His past is shrouded in mystery, very much like the town near by. Some say he’s a ghoul who wears a TV box to hide his melted face, many say he’s actually a rouge robot from out of space, whilst others say that he might be a mutated fly-man that evolved from a Bloatfly, but none can say what he truly is.

He was waiting at the till impatiently as his customer was looking at the junk on display, this customer had been at the shop for almost two hours. She wore a dirty green dress that was in tatters in patchy areas, her shoes were just barely even on her feet, her hair was short messy and grey and her skin seemed old and worn down. She was Just dribbling and starring at the shelf like a hungry day dreamer on radroach meat. Head-screen mumbled as the customer breathed heavily as though she were out of breath from running, but deeper than normal. “Look las, I know your taking your sweet time to gaze at my products, but I haven’t got all day ya know!” Grumbled Head-screen in a static tone from his speakers, as he looked at the customer with irritation. 

However, the customer suddenly turned around at the owner, eyes the colour of sickness, teeth as ridged and yellow as decay, skin melted and worn from radiation and a growl like a sore throat. His customer was sadly a feral ghoul, a regular customer who always came on a Tuesday just to look at the shelf until just after 17:14pm. This ghoul was once the co-owner of the station until the bombs came, the radiation had sadly turned her feral over time. She now lived in the shadow of her former life as nothing more than an animal with no purpose.

Head-screen jumped out of his seat as his screen face formed into a shocked face and waved his hands in peace, the feral ghoul turned back around to stare at the shelf once more. Why she stares at a shelf is a mystery, maybe a fractured memory that she still retains of a moment in the pass, or just staring at the owners nicely arranged display of cheap goods.’This is gonna take awhile’ sighed Head-screen as he looked at the clock, only just gone 14:30pm. 

By the time the feral ghoul left the station, the owner had fallen asleep from boredom of waiting around. His screen face was a static fuzzy screen of crackle, lighting the dark room as night time approached. 

Just outside the station, a group of raiders appeared from the darkness with crude gear and malice in their hungry gaze. One of the members spoke with a gruff but excitingly devilish tone “time to get some goods from the oven boys!”. The raiders laughed as they started to approach the station with their pipe pistols loaded and ready to seek and destroy……….

To be continued.


I hope you guys have enjoyed this fanfiction story, I’ve had fun writing it in my spare time. If you guys want me to write more on this story, comment below and like the post. 

Thank you for reading this post!


[note: this is just a fanfiction post based on the Fallout franchise, which is owned by Bethesda. I don’t not own any of the characters nor setting of the Fallout franchise, and all property’s belong to its respective creators].

[WIP] Khorne Bloodbound: The Axes of Skarbrand painting 

[WIP] Khorne Bloodbound: The Axes of Skarbrand painting 

Once again, Khorne has been the focus for my hobby time this week. I found an awesome red primer at Halfords for reasonable price, which did an awesome undercoat job for my collection. I’ve already nearly completed painting the Khorgorath, just need a few more areas tidying up.

The whole army is inspired by the guide imagery of different Khorne Bloodbound warbands from the AoS starter box, The Axes of Skarbrand being chosen as a guideline for my collection. I’ve chosen this guide because I like the concept of a warband being mixed in with a Deamon warhost, who follow Skarbrand to battle. Also, no bronze trim for the guideline image, which is a relief for me.

The colour scheme for the model skin is done in two sets, one for the main body and the other being the darker areas of mutation. If your interested in having the same effect for your models, I’ve noted down the process below as a guideline;
1) Basecoat the model in Plastic primer red (Halfords spray paint).

2) Shade the model in Reikland Fleshtone all over.

3) Then use Agrax Earthshade on the legs and shoulder areas, drawing out the shade for a blended transition of shade tones.

4) Finally, shade the above mentioned areas again in Druchi Violet, again draw out the shade to transition from the previous shade layer.

5) Drybrush the model using Mephiston Red, but don’t dry brush over the dark shade areas, just lightly drybrush the edges of the the shade areas.

6) Finally, Drybrush the light areas with Ryza Rust, again don’t Drybrush over the dark shade areas.

7) For the dark shade areas, I started with a drybrush of Screamer Pink, followed by another drybrush of Pink Horror and finally dry brush using Emporer’s Childern.

8) The scar wounds were done using a layer of Pink Horror, followed by a hilight of Emporer’s Children.

The latest addition to the force are a unit of Bloodletters, all undercoated in the same spray as the rest of the army. These will be painted slightly different from the rest, as I don’t like uniform colour being the same on Deamon skin. 

The Mighty Lord of Khorne and his Bloodhound show slightly different tones of shade, the lord being shaded in Reikland Fleshtone and the Bloodhound shaded in Agrax Earthshade. This will develope over time to show two different colour paths for the models, the Bloodhound’s colour scheme being a prototype for Deamon flesh painting.

The Bloodsecrator is slowly looking close to the guideline image of ‘The Axes of Skarbrand’, although it’s far from being complete. I’m trying out a few techniques on the model to see what I can achive in terms of painting skills that are out of my comfort zone. 

Finally the Bloodstoker, the skin is going to be alter as the white basecoat was pretty sloppy of an attempt on my part. Thankfully it’s nothing major to worry about for now.


I hope you guys have enjoyed the post! If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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Crispy ‘Khorne’ flakes, and the World’s pain

Crispy ‘Khorne’ flakes, and the World’s pain

“If there’s one thing about Khorne’s Bloodreavers that I’ve come to realise, is that they really need to wear some decent winter coats. Probably because their so warm blooded by their curse, that they’ve forgotten that they themselves are cold blooded in reality…….”.

– Brother Gregor of the chapel of Sigmar, wearing his thermal bright yellow robes before losing it to a Reaver champion.

Hello, and welcome back to another AoS collection post. Today I wanted to show how my Khorne Bloodbound (part of my combined Chaos Grand Alliance) collection is going so far. As well as an off topic end subject on a book that I’ve been reading lately.

It’s flakey business

First off, we have a full unit of 25 Blood Reavers as the backbone of the army. So far so good, but painting twenty five models is going to be a stretch considering my enthusiasm for painting big units is lackluster.

  My recent game of AoS had my Warlord in a sticky situation, staying at the sidelines as a backup didn’t sit well for him. It bored Khorne so much that he left my General to be bested by a tomb king. No worthy skulls for the skull throne that day…..

One of my favourite models from the range, the Bloodsecrator was the most effective model in my collection when it came to thursdays battle.

This model might not be part of the collection for future games, as the baseing and colour scheme is going to be different from this model. So he might be used for Warhammer Quest, or just as a centrepiece once I’ve brought another priest.

In all honesty, I prefer the Blood Warrior models from the starter set rather than the models in 10x unit kit box. The designs looks less cartoony than the current set kit, looking more grim and close to their lore description as heartless savages. 

As you can see from the photo, I’ve made my own banner man (who might have a big lore role in the future), kit bashing it from space wolves, Plauge monks, Cold one Knights and tank bitz.

Fantasy from the labyrinth

Currently I’ve been reading a few books during my spare time, one such book in particular that I’ve really enjoyed reading was ‘The Warhound and the Worlds Pain’.

For those who don’t know about this book, it was written by Michel Moorcock who has written a few Sci-Fi and fantasy books in his career. I won’t give the story synopsis due to copyright and spoilers, so you’ll have to research that part yourselves. However, the story’s theme revolves around the concept of being your own master, not Bowing down to gods/deitys to control your destiny. 

Who knew that going to a second hand book shop in an antique buissness area would be a source of thousands of old second hand Sci-Fi/Fantasy books (and old DC/ Marvel comics too!). I’ve really enjoyed this book so far, the story, setting and characters are impressively structured by the author. So much so, that it’s firmly got a place in my top 20 books of all time.


Hope you guys have enjoyed the post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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Battle report: Priest Ritual

Battle report: Priest Ritual

Todays post is a test battle report post in a game of AoS, which pits the rage-full zealots of Khorne Bloodbound against the undead legion.

Setting up the scenario
The game involved a lot of carnage from my Khorne Bloodbound, trying to complete their ritual in time to appease their God, Khorne. They have captured a feeble Ghoul Queen from an undead faction, who seek to take her back from the zealots of Khorne. 

We used the battlescroll ‘condemned’ from the Generals Handbook, which fitted perfectly with our factions that we’ve used for the game. Below is a list of what we’ve used for this battle, capping at 1,000pt.
Khorne Bloodbound:
* 1x Mighty Lord of Khorne

* 1x Bloodsecrator

* 1x Bloodstocker

* 1x Slaughterpriest (ritual priest)

* 1x Khorograth

* 25x Bloodreavers 

* 8x Blood Warriors

Combined undead:

* 1x Tomb king

* 1x Abhorrent Ghoul King

* 3x Necropolis Knights

* 3x Ushabti

* 10x Crypt Ghouls

* 10x Crypt Ghouls 

* 10x Crypt Ghouls

* 10x Crypt Ghouls

Battle outcome

For at least three rounds, I was able to get the first turn in each battle round, and successfully score a wound roll for the captive ritual. However, my army was quickly diminishing from the enemy faction, mainly from the Necropolis Knights who dealt some serious attacks on my BloodReavers and Blood warriors. 

Vice versa, I’ve done some major attacks on the undead, taking out units of Crypt Ghouls as well as taking down one Necropolis Knight twice (it came back on the field due to its units ability). But overall, during the fourth turn, my priest was defeated, units wiped out and my Mighty Lord of Khorne was bested by a Tomb King (sadly, didn’t even get a six to slay the king with my lords reality tear axe in his final moments!).
What went well? 
One of the most significant achievements I’ve done in a long time was successfully rolling dice, unbelievably getting the first turn every battle round was a big advantage for getting closer to my objective goal. Also, I was able to wound the captive model in a clear streak of successful rolls. 

Combinations with unit abilities was also a hi-light for me, as my Bloodreavers got pretty lucky with their bonus attacks from my Bloodsecrator being keyworded of ‘totem’ and ‘chaos’, totalling in 2 attack. Not only that, the Bloodsecrator using his totems ability each hero phase can boost all units within 18′ with an extra attack characteristics and ignoring battkeshock test. That’s a total of 3 attacks for each Bloodreaver (4 for champion) that ignors battleshock tests, pretty sweet indeed!
The Blood warriors also had some success during their battle against the Necropolis Knights, with their back up ability to deal combat when they’ve been wounded and slain by combat phase. This would be very useful against heavy wound units such as Verminlord Corruptors, Screeming Bell and Hellpit Abomination.
What could be improved?

I did some evaluation mind mapping on what could be improved for my army in terms of strategy and army list structure. Below is a list of what I personally feel could be improved:

1. Full strength units could have made a small difference for the game, giving me more time to complete the ritual. I had two units under strength that had been beaten up by turn 2-3. I’ll elaborate on my disagreements with pitch battle points for understrength units in another post soon.
2. My original plan was to reserve my Mighty lord of Khorne from battle as a back up for the ritual if ever should my Slaughterpriest be bested. However, my lords combat abilities could have been useful if he’d stayed with the Blood Warriors. This would be helpful against the Necropolis Knights, as my Blood warriors could deal some damage to the Knights, as well as their Lord deal the final blow.

3. My army was below its 1,000pt limit by 100pt, which I could have used to boost units or add units with that much points. However I haven’t got any more models to fill that space up, so I might invest in boosting my Blood Reavers to a unit 35x, a hero model to boost units by its ability or adding a unit of Khorne Deamons to the army. There’s a variety of options to create new lists, so I can pick and mix units and characters to suit the battleplans objective goal.

4. Since this was my first game using Khorne Bloodbound, I had a bit of luck using them in battle, however I think I need to understand my army a lot more in play style to fully grasp its pros and cons for AoS games.


I hope you guys have enjoyed this post-battle report post, I’ve very much enjoyed playing the Khorne Bloodbound faction for the first time. I want to do more battle reports  with photos in the future, to show how the battle developed throughout the battle rounds.

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Hope you all have a good day today, and I hope to see you guys next time,


Lords of the Pisces

Lords of the Pisces

Today I was able to paint a full Judicator unit (apart from the arrow bags, they’ll be paint separately), with a good enough paint pallet that I was comfortable with. Since these guys were completed, I thought I might share some photos of the current progress on my Stormcast Eternals collection. 

I don’t feel like adding much descriptions for the units, as I’m feeling pretty tired tonight. But anyways, Enjoy!


Knight-Questor, Lancer Drakeoath

Retributors #1

Retributors #2


Liberators #1

Liberators #2

Liberators #3

Lord Relictor

Lord Celestant on Dracoth


Hope you guys have enjoyed the post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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The Grey-mane truce, part 1: Stormhost lords of the Pisces

The Grey-mane truce, part 1: Stormhost lords of the Pisces

Today I thought I would post a backstory lore on my Stormhost that I’m currently building, this will show some context as to what my Stormhost intentions and background are about. Hope you guys enjoy the post!

In the eye of the storm, I rise from the ashes anew in coldness. Deprived of warmth and cowardness to all my enemies, and to those who would threaten the rulership of Sigmar. We are the half-lived, we care not for pride nor glory, but for the means to achive our duty. Lest we become what our elders had become, for damnation is their ways. 

We are the lords of Pisces, the tide that will devour our foes in the storm. Let none escape from our brooding hammers, for they seek vengeance at a whim.

Reincarnate and rise!!!

-Stormhost Pisces mantra, first told by Lord Celestant Karseverous the cold-born

Many Stormhosts have a hopefull mindset for sigmars great plans to retake the mortal realms, to rebuild what was lost from the golden age of mythical times. However, some Stormhosts have old agendas that linger from their past lives, seeking only to destroy and avenge their fallen people. One such Stormhost is the host of Pisces, or as other Stormhosts would name them as the ‘Half-lived’.

The reason why they are called the half-lived is a rumour, that they are so cold blooded in their actions, which could be effects caused by reforging so many times that they have lost their identity and souls by battle. Their eyes glow frost blue with inhuman stares under their helmets, implying that they have lost themselves forever in their brooding agenda.

What’s their agenda? It’s their sole purpose in life to retake their kingdom from the chaos gods, showing no mercy for the accursed taints of any who bear the mark of corruption. They seek to reclaim the Grey-mane Dynasty and re-establish a civilisation built  on the tenets of the new ways. 

So far they have reclaimed the heart of the Grey-mane dynasty capital, Lanius archvengus. However, they are being slowed down by the ghoul hordes of Elder Queen Hexter, who herself wants to reclaim the lands for her own twisted plans.

Heros of the storm

  • Lord Celestant Karseverous the cold-born, with his Dracoth Helixis
  • Knight-Questor Lancer Drakeoath
  • Lord Relictor Intonious Blackheart
  • Lord Castellant Gallenstein


Hope you have enjoyed this, of you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


[note: this is just fan fiction based post, and not officially apart of AoS lore. Stormcast and names that are apart of Games Workshops IP are owned by them and their respective property’s.]

The explanation 

The explanation 

Continuing on from the last posts cliffhanger, I’ve posted some pictures of some models from the Khorne Bloodbound faction (including a Bloodstoker, Bloodsecrators and a Khorgorath). Now if your a regular reader to my blog site, you’ll know that I’m not collecting KBB (short for Khorne Bloodbound) since I’ve scrapped my original plans on getting a small force, and that I’ve posted my 2017 resolutions for the hobby that doesn’t mention any Khorne faction. However, as I’ve mentioned in the resolution post, I’m currently collecting Stormcast Eternals, hence why I’ve brought myself a AoS box set for both factions.

I’m personally looking forward to building my Stormcast army in time for the new releases, especially the updated army book! I’ve already got a unit of Judicators, a unit of Liberators and two Retributors, added with the units from the box game will bolster my forces to play a 1,000pt or more game.

But what about the KBB? Well, this is where I drop the bombshell, as these guys will be added to my growing Chaos force. I’ve estimated that for point wise it will be around a total of 2,500 to 3,500pt of combined chaos Alliance (I’ll recheck that for a proper calculation). These include the combined Skaven forces, Nurgle combined forces and the newest members, the Khorne Bloodbound. Already this army is becoming some sort of Grand host by accident!!! 

The great thing is about this new addition is that I won’t need much Khorne models for the faction, as the box game offers a reasonable amount of units to cover the basics, with just a few new additions to add to finish it off. Since each faction is limited to around 1,000pt/ 1,500pt (for narrative play I’ll use all of the models with no limitation) with a deity/avatar to lead the forces (for example, Sektretch leads the Skaven and Gorthoblox leads the Nurgle faction). So probably later on I may consider just getting a Bloodthister, but it’s not an essential item that I want just yet until my Stormcast army is completed.

If that’s the case, then what about Tzeentch and Slannesh you say? A mix bag really, as of the following:

  1. Slannesh is in an odd place at the minute, he/she fate is uncertain as to wether it will be still in the lore or not. So for this reason, Slannesh is off the table for now.
  2. Tzeentch, well, I’m not sure if I want to get Tzeentch models to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Tzeentch range, but I’m not sure if I want to buy much models for the army. In my ideal plan I would consider buying a Lord of change/ Kairos Fate Weaver, but none of the units within the army. This is because I feel that the LOC will be a perfect model as the Alliances main commander, the one who pulls the threads to combine the army to his own means. But for now, Tzeentch will be something I’ll go back and evaluate once I’ve got a few tasks done from my resolutions.


That was a long post, a lot more than what was meant to be explained for the actual subject for this post. But I felt that it would be worthwhile delving into my mindset on what’s currently going on with the collection. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed the post. If you have any questions, post a comment Below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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Art project update, and something else….

Busy week getting ‘TONS’ of paper work done for my art course, mostly involving evaluation and design work. Top tip, remember guys, annotation is key to getting good marks for explanation expressive reflection on your art work.

Hopefully if I can get everything done before the deadline, I’ll post a full portfolio of the development work. As well as showing the final design of my poster theme on depression.

Also….., wait, what’s this?!?

Some Khorne models? HERESY!!!

I think I have a lot to explain to you guys, but I’ll leave that up to you to theories until tonight’s full post 😉 (I know I’m terrible for leaving this on a cliffhanger).
Hope you all have a great weekend, and until next time.