Fallout fanfiction: Head-screen

Today I thought I might share a fanfiction story I’ve made during my pass time. It’s a self contained story which doesn’t tie into any of the games main story events. Hope you guys enjoy the story!  Head-screen Once, there was a vibrant small town on the edge of Boston, a thriving town that wasContinue reading “Fallout fanfiction: Head-screen”

[WIP] Khorne Bloodbound: The Axes of Skarbrand painting 

Once again, Khorne has been the focus for my hobby time this week. I found an awesome red primer at Halfords for reasonable price, which did an awesome undercoat job for my collection. I’ve already nearly completed painting the Khorgorath, just need a few more areas tidying up. The whole army is inspired by theContinue reading “[WIP] Khorne Bloodbound: The Axes of Skarbrand painting “

Crispy ‘Khorne’ flakes, and the World’s pain

“If there’s one thing about Khorne’s Bloodreavers that I’ve come to realise, is that they really need to wear some decent winter coats. Probably because their so warm blooded by their curse, that they’ve forgotten that they themselves are cold blooded in reality…….”. – Brother Gregor of the chapel of Sigmar, wearing his thermal brightContinue reading “Crispy ‘Khorne’ flakes, and the World’s pain”

Battle report: Priest Ritual

Todays post is a test battle report post in a game of AoS, which pits the rage-full zealots of Khorne Bloodbound against the undead legion. Setting up the scenario The game involved a lot of carnage from my Khorne Bloodbound, trying to complete their ritual in time to appease their God, Khorne. They have capturedContinue reading “Battle report: Priest Ritual”

Lords of the Pisces

Today I was able to paint a full Judicator unit (apart from the arrow bags, they’ll be paint separately), with a good enough paint pallet that I was comfortable with. Since these guys were completed, I thought I might share some photos of the current progress on my Stormcast Eternals collection.  I don’t feel likeContinue reading “Lords of the Pisces”

The Grey-mane truce, part 1: Stormhost lords of the Pisces

Today I thought I would post a backstory lore on my Stormhost that I’m currently building, this will show some context as to what my Stormhost intentions and background are about. Hope you guys enjoy the post! In the eye of the storm, I rise from the ashes anew in coldness. Deprived of warmth andContinue reading “The Grey-mane truce, part 1: Stormhost lords of the Pisces”

The explanation 

Continuing on from the last posts cliffhanger, I’ve posted some pictures of some models from the Khorne Bloodbound faction (including a Bloodstoker, Bloodsecrators and a Khorgorath). Now if your a regular reader to my blog site, you’ll know that I’m not collecting KBB (short for Khorne Bloodbound) since I’ve scrapped my original plans on gettingContinue reading “The explanation “

Art project update, and something else….

Busy week getting ‘TONS’ of paper work done for my art course, mostly involving evaluation and design work. Top tip, remember guys, annotation is key to getting good marks for explanation expressive reflection on your art work. Hopefully if I can get everything done before the deadline, I’ll post a full portfolio of the developmentContinue reading “Art project update, and something else….”