Lords of the Pisces

Today I was able to paint a full Judicator unit (apart from the arrow bags, they’ll be paint separately), with a good enough paint pallet that I was comfortable with. Since these guys were completed, I thought I might share some photos of the current progress on my Stormcast Eternals collection. 

I don’t feel like adding much descriptions for the units, as I’m feeling pretty tired tonight. But anyways, Enjoy!


Knight-Questor, Lancer Drakeoath

Retributors #1

Retributors #2


Liberators #1

Liberators #2

Liberators #3

Lord Relictor

Lord Celestant on Dracoth


Hope you guys have enjoyed the post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “Lords of the Pisces

  1. I played Stormcast in the final for my local’s Path to Glory campaign. I was table after three turns. I allowed myself to get close enough to get charged. Big mistake. I had no defence against the mortal wounds. The Stardrake is terrifying. I learned a lot that game. This guy was walking over everyone. The silver lining. I was the only player to kill the Stardrake in the campaign.

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    1. Defeating a stardrake is a glorious trophy indeed, who was you up against at the final campaign? Kind of reminded me when ten Crypt Ghouls shredded my Verminlord Corruptor, just ten unarmored ghouls with bonuses to their attacks, nasty stuff!

      What did your Stormcast warband consist of for the campaign? Also, what’s your view on the Stormcast warband list having a unit of Liberators as a ten man unit, rather than a five man unit?

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  2. I was playing my Sylvaneth against the Stormcast. I don’t agree with the Stormcast allowed to pick 10 Liberators. Personally I think it is overpowered. that is one unit with 20 wounds. My basic troops (Dryads, Sprite Revenants, Tree Revenants) can only come in units of 5. That seems to be standard for a lot of armies. Bonesplitterz can take units of 10 and they need it. They are super fragile.

    The Stormcast have some really really good path to Glory bonuses as well. My opponent gave two units the Lifted By Lightning bonus (move anywhere on the board at least 6″ away from an enemy model). The Stardrake also had the once per battle charge up to 12″ bonus. His list hit real hard. Don’t think a Stardrake should be available for Path to Glory. There are some warbands that don’t have an answer to that model. That’s my rant.

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    1. I see, I was skeptical about the liberator being a ten man unit, as it’s a lot of money just to get a full unit for their warband option. But now that you have mentioned their wound total, it’s added another prospective on why the liberators aren’t suitable for a ten man unit in a warband. Hopefully their new path to glory warband list might change to improve on balance (that’s if they aren’t still using the ten man squad based on the repackaged release).

      I’ve played against a Sylvaneth warband (one Treeman, Treeman Ancient, Dryads and Tree Revenants) for path to glory, which was a good campaign, although me and my opponent quickly found out the flaws of the game style. As a unit of six giant rats can be easily be wiped out in a single turn, and it also depends on wether the unit will be reliable in certain battleplan objectives. The Sylvaneth had a hard time in couple of games, but its only thanks to the two Treemen models that they’ve won nearly all of the games, but my Skaven were admittedly an overpowered force.

      I can understand a situation like the Stardrake, my Arch-Warlock in the first game decimated a lot of Sylvaneth due to his warpstorm spell (However he can be defeated if he’s being flanked by multiple attacks). I’ve also found it hard to combat my opponents army as he has a Sylvaneth forest with his reserved units, and two Treemen that can deal a lot of damage and have a chance to re-heal wounds.

      I think in terms of improving path to glory, it could have a way of having a warband limited by combined wound total,
      Or have an opponent have the option to choose a model that’s on par with the others resulted model that’s too op for the opponent to defeat ( or alternatively take a reward to boost the opponents army for the campaign).

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      1. There are issues with the Sylvaneth as well for sure. They can put in multiple monsters and bring in Sylvaneth Wyldwoods. The Wyldwoods can be a huge game changer. Path to Glory I find encourages lots of Treelords and Kurnoth Hunters. I can take those models or 5 Dryads or 5 Tree/Spite Revenants. Dryads have to be in Wyldwoods to maximize their battle scroll. Revenants are super fragile in game. The obvious choice is Treelord’s and Kurnoth Hunters.

        Summoning spam can be abused as well. Sylvaneth can do it with Branchwraiths summoning Dryads. Tzeentch can be brutal. Flesh Eater courts.

        That’s why I can’t fault my opponent for taking a Stardrake and Liberators. They are no brainer options. Plus the Stardrake looks awesome.

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      2. That’s probably why they have the Wyldwoods, I’ve not read their rules so I can see now why they have an advantage for path to glory games. It did help my opponent a lot during the campaign, as the forest provided reserved units cover for each game.

        I would generally ignore summoning units for path to glory, like my Flesh-Eater courts I would summon only once for units as chosen on the warband, rather than summon units that I didn’t have on the warband, as well as limiting summoning to make the game fair.

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