Once again, Khorne has been the focus for my hobby time this week. I found an awesome red primer at Halfords for reasonable price, which did an awesome undercoat job for my collection. I’ve already nearly completed painting the Khorgorath, just need a few more areas tidying up.

The whole army is inspired by the guide imagery of different Khorne Bloodbound warbands from the AoS starter box, The Axes of Skarbrand being chosen as a guideline for my collection. I’ve chosen this guide because I like the concept of a warband being mixed in with a Deamon warhost, who follow Skarbrand to battle. Also, no bronze trim for the guideline image, which is a relief for me.

The colour scheme for the model skin is done in two sets, one for the main body and the other being the darker areas of mutation. If your interested in having the same effect for your models, I’ve noted down the process below as a guideline;
1) Basecoat the model in Plastic primer red (Halfords spray paint).

2) Shade the model in Reikland Fleshtone all over.

3) Then use Agrax Earthshade on the legs and shoulder areas, drawing out the shade for a blended transition of shade tones.

4) Finally, shade the above mentioned areas again in Druchi Violet, again draw out the shade to transition from the previous shade layer.

5) Drybrush the model using Mephiston Red, but don’t dry brush over the dark shade areas, just lightly drybrush the edges of the the shade areas.

6) Finally, Drybrush the light areas with Ryza Rust, again don’t Drybrush over the dark shade areas.

7) For the dark shade areas, I started with a drybrush of Screamer Pink, followed by another drybrush of Pink Horror and finally dry brush using Emporer’s Childern.

8) The scar wounds were done using a layer of Pink Horror, followed by a hilight of Emporer’s Children.

The latest addition to the force are a unit of Bloodletters, all undercoated in the same spray as the rest of the army. These will be painted slightly different from the rest, as I don’t like uniform colour being the same on Deamon skin. 

The Mighty Lord of Khorne and his Bloodhound show slightly different tones of shade, the lord being shaded in Reikland Fleshtone and the Bloodhound shaded in Agrax Earthshade. This will develope over time to show two different colour paths for the models, the Bloodhound’s colour scheme being a prototype for Deamon flesh painting.

The Bloodsecrator is slowly looking close to the guideline image of ‘The Axes of Skarbrand’, although it’s far from being complete. I’m trying out a few techniques on the model to see what I can achive in terms of painting skills that are out of my comfort zone. 

Finally the Bloodstoker, the skin is going to be alter as the white basecoat was pretty sloppy of an attempt on my part. Thankfully it’s nothing major to worry about for now.


I hope you guys have enjoyed the post! If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Have an awesome day today,



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