[kitbashed] Landskimmer, prototype MKII

[kitbashed] Landskimmer, prototype MKII

It’s finally time to see what that sneak peak photo looks like in full, trust me, you’ll be amazed at what this contraption looks like……

Drum roll……

The latest (old) technology in vehicle design, the Landskimmer provides not only a fast rocket propelled boosts (taken from a Stormhawk gunship) but it also incorparates two close combat flamers and two long range weaponry. This vehicle can be a tactical preference for close and personal agendas against Xenos scum and heretic traitors alike!

This first iteration of the Landskimmer (MKI) was developed by the Black Templars Crusader Techmarine, Ivanson, during the Third war for Armageddon. He suggested that there should be a quicker way of burning Ork scum, so he found the parts necessary to create his new (old) design.

At first it was a success when it was deployed to burn the Ork horde that was heading towards the outpost, however, it was soon apparent that the machine spirit had mistaken this prototype for a Stormtalon gunship. Activating the engines on full power, the craft headed straight for the Ork horde and exploded in a mushrooom cloud of promethium…..!?!

For an imaginative kitbash, I think it’s pretty cool considering I’ve not done kitbash from scrap before. While it does look very impractical for its appearance and function (well, actually a lot of the Imperiums vehicle designs look blocky and impractical), but still it’s a grim dark future, so anything is possible! 

I would love to deploy this model for games of 8th edition, but it doesn’t have any hombrew rules (I’m not a great rules writer to be honest), nor are there any existing rule sheet to substitute. Therefore, if anyone reading this would like to write some rules for this model, by all means do so. But on one condition, it has to be apart of the Black Templars chapter, since it’s not been shared to other factions due to its prototype development.

Good luck!


Well I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, if you have any tips or advice for kitbashing or any questions that you want to ask me, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


A sneak peak for tomorrow’s post

As a treat for you guys, I have a sneak peak photo of what’s coming up tomorrow. The Mechanicus have created some sort of contraption for this Techmarine, but what is he riding on?

First clue is that this model in question is kit bashed, its got my terrible hallmark of bad quality all over it (jk).

Post a comment below on your speculations, I’ll be interested to see what you guys have to say on this sneak peak. I’ll reveal what this sneak peak is tomorrow, until then I hope you have a great time figuring out this mystery.


Inquisitor warband, Silence of the Shroud (Ordo Hereticus) part 3

Inquisitor warband, Silence of the Shroud (Ordo Hereticus) part 3

To start this post off, I apologies for not posting this part yesterday as noted in my last post, I had to delay it due to a stressed muscle in my left arm. Thankfully it’s much better today, so I can continue painting my models! 

In part three, I have not one, but two models painted as part of my growing inquisition warband collection. You’ll probably have noticed these two in my first post, although they were WIP, so they weren’t officially completed at the time of the first post.

Sadly I couldn’t get the backstory done for Inquisitor Heralock on deadline, this is because I’m researching more about the inqusition and other related Terran organisations, to get a better understanding for building a lore friendly character. However, Salvador and Crunch will be explored today!

Anyways, it’s about time to present the next two characters, Inquisitor Heralock of the Ordo Hereticus and Slavdor and Crunch. Enjoy!

Inquisitor Heralock

Salvador and Crunch 

The inquisition warband of the Silence of the Shroud contains many strange and unusual members, that serve Heralock on her quest to eradicate affiliate members of corrupt priests and rouge pskers of the Dawn seekers. In contrast to the members of the warband, Salvador and Crunch are probably the stranger aspects of the group. 

Salvador is a Halfling who, unlike his kin, has an ambition in life to become a soilder for the imperium. But due to his biology and traits of his kin, he couldn’t fit in with the Cadian troopers who mocked him for his ambitious goals (although ironically, those Cadian soilders who mocked Salvador were moked and killed by 9ft Black Legion marines during the 13th Crusade, the Fall of Cadia). So it was that Salvador became a sniper for two years, serving as the eyes for the Cadian troopers on Cadia, until he was tragically wounded by an acid gas grenade. Supposedly, the solider in question thought Salvador was a small Chaos spawn that tried to ambush him. It was later revealed that the trooper was turned renegade who was delusional from staring at the Eye of Terror for too long.

With his face broken beyond repair and unable to serve the Cadian war effort, he was cryo frozen and given to a very curious Tech Priest by the name of Intarnix IV. The priest took Salvadors frozen body back to his Forge world to be repaired. After two weeks of intense surgery and cybernetic upgrades, Salvador returned to life with a new shiny head in a shape of a grinning skull. 

However, Salvador didn’t fully recover, in fact his memory’s were wiped clean from his surgery and upgrades. Wether it was down to his wound being a fatal blow to his memory function, or tampering by the priest was a mystery for him at the time.

For the next ten years, Salvador re-learned how to eat, walk, talk, remember fractions of his past and using his old sniper. In that time of rebuilding himself, Intarnix had been intergrated into the Inquisiton as an ambassador for the Adeptus Mechanicus. He was to join Inquisitor Heralock on her duty to hunt down an organisation called the Dawn Seekers, a heretical group who employ Psykers and Priest to corrupt worlds away from the imperial truth. The Tech Priest took Salvador with him to join the warband as his unofficial assistant, along with his servitor, Crunch. The servitors story is a vague and horrible tale of a begger priest (or doom seeker if I was totally honest) known as Hugos. He lived in the Hive city slums, where he bellowed events of doom and misery for humanity. Whilst Inquisitor Heralock was leading her group down the slums, Hugos caught sight of the Tech priest and insulted him with false gospel. This triggered Intarnix’s logic function for blasphemy of the ommnisiah being false. The doom seeker was dragged from his slum home by Intarnix IV to be ‘repurposed’ for the Tech priests ideal assistant. Now the doomseeker is nothing but a mindless rotting servitor with nothing but one arm to hold an electro whip and carrying military bags of supply’s. 

Salvador could only guess as to what role he will play for the warband, but now he can see himself as a solider serving not only for the inquisition, but for the master of mankind himself.


I hope you have enjoyed this post, and looking forward to seeing more of the warband collection coming up soon. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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Inquisitor warband, Silence of the Shroud (Ordo Hereticus) part 2

Inquisitor warband, Silence of the Shroud (Ordo Hereticus) part 2

Today I was able to finish painting my 3rd character for the warband, with a few alterations to make Tech priest Intarnix IV look unique. I’ve also been able to write up his backstory for the warband too, hope you guys enjoy the post!

Intarnix IV, Tech priest and ambassador for the Silence of the Shroud inquisition warband

 Joining the Silence of the shroud warband collection today is an ancient tech priest by the name of Intarnix IV. Not only is he a representative of the Adeptus Mechanicus on the forge world of Tritonicus XXVI, but is also part of the inquisitions tech expert for the warband. 

Records of his apotheosis to the grace of the Ominssiah is vague, considering all records on the forge world of X11-XX was purged by traitor forces of the Nightlords and Alpha Legion. Having witnessed the horrific events that doomed his home world, he lectures on about his vivid memory’s from time to time, detailing the horror as his whole family were being assassinated from the shadows. The emotional response was cold and plain, his humanity was all but erased by his transition to the Mechanicum, during the latter half of the Horus Heresy.
Since that day, Intarnix vowed to protect the ancient knowledge in his new position as tech priest, as part of the Omnissiahs great plans. His devotion to tech alterations and taking the flesh away for machine parts is clear to see, a living abomination of machinery blessed by the machine god. Intarnix did all he can to protect the inhabitants and artefacts under his bionic gaze.
This isn’t necessarily a path of righteousness for Intarnix, for even he himself is a sadistic and cruel being in the eyes of human citizens, although he believes that his causes are true to unification. One such act was when the Halfling, Salvador, had his face melted by acid gas grenades by renegade imperial guards during the hollow pits of Hive city, Vandalisicore. Intarnix kindly moulded a new iron skull face for Salvador, with augmetic upgrades and improved vision. Sadly, the tech priest overdid his work, erasing the Halflings memories and filling half of his grey matter with static vision. Salvador, in a sense has had his mind wiped, having to re-learn how to talk, walk and regain shards of memory’s for over ten years. The Halflings views on the priest with his recovering memory’s is a bitter note, always keeping his distance from the priests grasp to tinker his head even more.
Another act of malice was the fate of beggar priest Hugos, a heretic in the eyes of the tech priest for denial of the Omnissiahs existents. When Intarnix was visiting a hive city with the inquisition warband, ‘Silence of the Shroud’, he saw the priest shouting and bellowing lies to the masses about the none existents of the Machine god. Intarnix decided to drag Hugo away from the hive city’s slums to be ‘repurposed’, gone from existents, such irony. Today, Hugos is now known as Crunch, a rotting corpse of a servitor who Carries his electro whip, following his handler, Salvador.
His current occupation is sorting and maintaining the spirit engines on a expedition vessel named Maria’s spear, making sure the ship runs at an efficient state for warp travel across the outer rims of imperial territory. His robes are black in cog red trim to represent his affiliation with the Mechanicus and the Inqusition. This is a position that is highly regarded as an ambassador role of two organisations. When his services are needed for wytch hunting, he’ll crawl out in his station to help Inquisitor Heralock with her hunting warband. Providing technological means of stunning and crippling rouge Psykers and heretic spies.
Ive had a lot of fun painting this model for the warband, it’s not as difficult to paint as it looks if you do it in sub assembly of the top and bottom half separately. Although I really found the face to be difficult to paint, the eyes are always an issue for me paint. 

However, this was a smooth task that didn’t have much backfire from the end result for a 40k model (unlike the Chaos Spacemarines ‘cough’ ‘cough’). If I could improve the model, I would have probably tried to use more time to finish the face and red trim off, as they still needed a bit more layering and contrast. 

This colour scheme was inspired by Forge Worlds Horus Heresy paint style, where the colours aren’t as vibrant like GW models, but rather more grim and dirty looking. I was also inspired by the current edition of White Dwarf, specifically the Pylgrim article featuring Kari Hernesniemi’s warband, House of Marguardt. 

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has liked and commented on the first part post on the project, and encouragement about the warband that I’m currently working on. I’ve made sure to put all my creative efforts in getting this project done, as a lot of people have taken an interest at my work. So I hopefully I’ll be able to reveal the next character very soon. 

Thanks for reading!


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