Welcome to Bjorn the Stormborn!

Hello, and welcome to Bjorn the Stormborn! 

This blog is where I post my own art works and table-top miniatures hobby content. I post content every Saturday and Sunday on projects that I’m currently working on. 

Below are a few examples of projects that I’ve done from starting my blog site, to now.

3D model from my 3D model making process- 2016

Slaughter priest from my Khorne Bloodbound Warband collection- 2016

2D graphic pencil drawing based on the top half of the human anatomy- 2016

Hellpit Abomination- 2016

Inquisition Ordo Hereticus ‘Silence of the Shroud’ warband- 2017

80’s Horror star (medium: Procreate digital art app)- 2017

Sci-Fi inspired Las Vegas scenery art background for my 3D model design process- 2016

I hope you’ll enjoy Callumart, and be inspired to do some creative art of your own!