Hello, and welcome to Callumart! This is my blog where I post art related stuff, which I do as a passion for creative hobby. Below are some pictures to show some of my art projects and model building collection.

(3D model from my 3D model making process) 
(Slaughter priest from my Khorne Bloodbound Warband collection. The plastic kit is made by Games workshop)
(2D graphic pencil drawing based on the top half of the human anatomy).(Word Bearers Rhino tank. The plastic model kit was made by Games Workshop).(Digital art of Duke Cuirithir)(Hellpit Abomination, plastic kit made by Games Workshop).(‘Decaying’, concept art for a small Path to Glory campagin: War for Ghyran trilogy story [not official]).(Digital art of Clan Skelnix banner)(Ceramic pot, in blue glaze).

If your new to this site, don’t worry, I’ll list below what I cover on this blog! If your a regular visitor, the list has some new sections that I’ll be covering on this blog that might interest you!

  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar- my blog post journey: This section covers my collection on different faction that I collect. Including Clan Skelnix, The Stagrot, Liver-bone court, The shattered outsiders and the Exiled Seekers.
  • Art projects: This is where I create art based projects that are ranged mediums from 3D model making, 2D art and digital art.
  • Subject of the week: This is where I post a subject that I want to discuss about, and express my opinion on. The subjects range from the art industry, table top miniatures, education and life.

(Sci-Fi inspired Las Vegas scenery art background for my 3D model design process)

I hope you’ll enjoy Callumart, and be inspired to do some creative art of your own! 😊