12 days of winter [day 12]: Merry Christmas!

Today’s the big day, I hope everyone is having a good Christmas morning and are happy (sorry if your one of the unlucky ones who have to wear a Christmas jumper). I’m eager to watch Shin Godzilla that I got for Christmas (I’ve seen the original 1954 movie a week ago, an awesome film to watch) on dvd.

So for the final day, I wanted to say thank you to all of my followers, readers and fellow hobbyists who have supported me this year. It’s thanks to your support that I’ve been working harder to improve content on Bjorn the Stormborn.

I’m going to take a break from painting/ Collection hobby blogging for about a month, as my creative energy is low and I want to start getting plans ready for next year. Don’t worry though, I won’t be gone for too long, as I’ll still be around to reply to your comments and post some update posts on what’s going on.

The break should help me feel like painting and collecting isn’t a chore, I like to be optimistic and full of creativity about painting my next unit. So for a month, I’ll be watching all three series of the Mighty Boosh to get back into the funky wonderland of creative things (Eels!)

Anyways, back to the subject. Again, I would like to say a big thank you for your support and advice this year. I promise to work even harder next year with new posts and content.

The 12 days of winter has worked out positively, I didn’t expect it would get much views, but you guys have proved me wrong! I’ll certainly be making a new 12 days of winter next year.

With that said, I would like to finish this post by wishing you guys a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!


12 days of winter [day 11]: Dark Millennium Faction Collection special: The Iron Scarabs- Ultima Founding

12 days of winter [day 11]: Dark Millennium Faction Collection special: The Iron Scarabs- Ultima Founding

Today’s post is a in-depth focus on the Imperiums greatest warriors, the Space marines. With the amount of new information as well as new models of the Primaris Space marines released this year, I’ve decided to do a small patrol detachment entirely on the new generation of Space marines.

After many days of researching and choosing wether to creat an existing chapter or a new chapter, I’ve narrowed down what my chapter will be. So without further or do, I present my own Ultima founding chapter, the Iron Scarabs!

The Iron Scarabs

  • Chapter founding- Ultima founding, M42.
  • Primogenitor- Ferrus Manus
  • Successor to- Iron Hands
  • War cry- “strength of the soul, purge the weak”
  • Home world- Anubious


The Iron Scarabs are a chapter that, like their ancestor legion, follow the discipline of logic and precision of the machine. Keeping some traditions of the Iron Hands, including heavy use augmentations and sacrificing the weak for strategic advantage by cold logic.

However, the Iron Scarab are a stark contrast from the Iron Hands in terms of chapter structure, traditions and even psychology. Some of which have caused distrust between the Iron Hands and the Iron Scarabs relations.

Raised on a world called Anubious, a name that relates back to the forgotten history of Terra of an ancient god called Anubis. A name fitting for a death world of nothing but fierce red sandstorms, and uninhabitable land of suffering by it’s inhabitants of Gigantic Fire Lizards and Gore-Serpents.

The chapter has its own fortress, The Numerical-front, built from the remains of an orbital drop crater of an ancient Space Hulk. Like Medusa, the people of Anubious are resilient and uncaring for the weak, leaving them to die or for sacrifices by the Ritualist’s.

Chapter command structure

Chapter Master and Council of the Scarab– Leading the Iron Scarabs chapter is their first Chapter Master, Khophilos. His title known to his battle brothers in their culture as Iron Pharo, a title and rank given to Khophilos after being voted by the council of the Scarab.

The council is made up of all company captains, Librarians, Chaplins and Techpriests, who decide on the best logical course for their chosen crusade, as well as electing new captains to lead a leaderless company. Like the Iron Council, the council of the scarab are not led by a single leaders command, but rather share a shared power who vote and decide on what course of action must be taken. The Chapter Master however, has a role as leader of the chapter to lead the chapter on crusades, but must adhere to the councils decisions.

Ritualist’s (Librarians)– The chapter is structured to employ Librarians called Ritualist’s, due to the chapters traditions of having Ritualist serve as guide to the Captain, sacrificing people in order to have visions from the afterlife of the battle to come.

They combine their psykic powers with augmented technology to enhance their powers. This can both be a useful asset, but also a major repercussion to the psykers allies if it backfires.

Priest Lords (Captains)– Captains are named as Priest Lords, who lead their respective company’s to war. They bear the weight of responsibility not only for the company’s success for war, it’s survival to carry on to reclaim worlds in the name of the Omnissiah, but as well as keeping order from the chapters ‘flaws’.

Priests (Lieutenants)– Lieutenants are similarly named as Priests, befitting both sub leaders who will command a shared amount of battle brother to war. The priests are also vital to keep the Priest Lord on a straight path of logic and efficiency, or else succumb to failure which will not be tolerated.

Watchers (Chaplains)– The Chaplains of the company are ominously named as the Watchers, wardens of the chapter who make sure not a single sign of Heresy nor doubt cloud the minds of his battle brothers. For Primaris, they have been proven to be untouched by Chaos and failure in mind. But such ignorance will not stop the Watchers from ensuring that their chapter never falls from the grace of the Emperor.

Scarab priests (Techmarines)– The Techmarines are gifted with the title of Iron Lords, a title that is given to these marines due to their cultural heritage linage. For they were skilled blacksmiths when they were once mortals on the red sands of Anubious. Like Librarians, the Iron Lords are more common in a each company, as little as three Techmarines in each company.


The Chapter heraldry represents the Iron Scarab, which has ties to the chapters cultural belief in strength and wisdom.

Many marines will engrave marking of scriptures on their armour in their native language. Most commonly, some engravings translate to ‘ Soul of Iron’.

Most of the Iron Scarabs traditions link back to the roots of the Iron Hands, with heavy augmentations to the body to become more machine than man. They also use the great warrior names of Medusa legend for each company, although these are represented on company banners by ancients, rather than company titles.

Hailing from the world of Anubis, the Iron Scarabs believe in the foresight and signs of the afterlife, guided by their ancestors. This is a contradiction to the chapter, for logic dictates that the afterlife doesn’t exist, and such voices are the stuff of the warp.

However, it can’t be denied that the voices don’t lie……..


having followed a more logical and efficient mind set rather than following ‘morality’ and ‘heart’. However, the chapter has a tendency to sometimes let their emotions boil to aggression, very similar to the faults of Clan Raukaan. This has caused some strains between both chapters, as the Iron Hands believe that their predecessor chapter will succumb to the same fate as their late Primarch, Ferrus Manus.

The Iron Scarabs argue that Ferrus was a fool, as unlike them, he couldn’t fully temper and train his aggression which led to his demise. As clearly shown, the Iron Scarabs have insulted the Iron Hands, which has torn relations to a distrustful state. Only Clan Raukaan has made some connections of truce with the Ultima founding chapter, for both have a similar stance on aggression.


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Merry Christmas!


12 days of winter [day 10]: AoS Faction Collection- a year of painting

Stormcast Eternals- Lords of the Pisces

Khorne Bloodbound- Axes of Skarbrand

Flesh-Eaters Court- Liverbone Court


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12 days of winter [day 9]: how many White Dwarf magazines?

Hi guys! I’m back with a new post today (and struggling to find something worth posting to fill the deadline), with a stack of White Dwarf magazines!

So this pile contains all of the magazines I’ve collected going far back as 2009, with my first issue of White Dwarf featuring the 7th ed Lizardmen being released. However, this year I’ve found issues at a car boot sale (and damn I wish I had more money to buy the rest of the classic issues 😦 ) going way back to 2000.

In total……pffff I have no idea how many White Dwarfs I own (I took this picture ages ago). So as a fun game, count how many issues are in the pile?

An added bonus, here’s all of my gathered research material for the Dark Elves of Warhammer fantasy.

Sorry if this post wasn’t too interesting, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m tight on deadlines so it’s been difficult trying to find something to post about for the 12 days of winter countdown. But I hope you have enjoyed this, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post!


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12 days of winter [day 8]: New Retro Gorkamorka (or is it Morkagorka?)

made using Procreate app

The Destruction God of AoS has been rebuilt by the planet Eating Chaos bringer, Unicron. Now, Gorkamorka (or Morkagorka) is reborn as a tetchy upgraded monster with more dakka lasers and ultimate strength compared to the punny Ironjaws Warboss.

(I very much doubt this will happen, but you never know……..😏)

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12 days of winter [day 7]: Dark Millennium Faction Collection- Daemon Prince of Nurgle

12 days of winter [day 7]: Dark Millennium Faction Collection- Daemon Prince of Nurgle

[A quick message to you guys readingthis] It’s strange now that I’m posting loads of Chaos Space marine models on the blog for months now, I would never have imagined that I would be able to paint as many as I am now. To be honest, many of the models you have seen so far have only been painted this, when I’ve actually had them for nearly eight years now!

It’s thanks to your support with likes and comments that’s really gotten me motivated to get this army painted. As of typing this post, my collection is just about inline with a demi-company (half a battle company size) with extra support and elite reserves.

I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your support. So from me to you, to papa Nurgles little Nurglings, thank you!


Now back to the post subject! Today, I have a model that’s not plastic, nor resin metal, but instead the dreaded Finecast!!!!!!

However, this is only one of the two Finecast models that haven’t been too messy for me, in fact, this Daemon Prince model came out pretty good ( but still, Finecast is still S#!£)

I love this model so much! The painting scheme works really well with the cracked armour, skin and glowing decay. I will admit that Finecast did have its pros when it comes to sharp crispier details from mould.

I plan to have this model be an equivalent to a Chapter Master of the Harbinger Legion, as I find it would suit the model being a wise, diseased, old and generous prince of Pestilence.


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12 days of winter [day 6]: The Grey-mane Dynasty lore series- the art of the Grey-mane, year 1

12 days of winter [day 6]: The Grey-mane Dynasty lore series- the art of the Grey-mane, year 1

This year was the start of a long series of my homebrew lore series on the Grey-mane dynasty for AoS. The lore was planned to tie all of my AoS factions from an origin root that would spread out and build many perspectives from different factions.

However, the story couldn’t be fully realised without the help of visual imagery art. So this year was an effort for me to not only build my lore series, but also to provide visual art of my stories.

Today, I would like to show you guys a whole years worth of art from ‘The Grey-mane Lore Series’, ranging from portrait art of the Grey-manes themselves to the landmarks that define the dynasty’s history and heritage. Enjoy!

Arashar The Master Alchemist, Grey-mane of Metal.

Future sight of the second fall

Realm map of the Grey-mane dynasty land in Aqshy.

The Corrupted constellation above mount Silver Throne.

Map of the Grey-mane city.

Roar of the Lighting God.

The Stagrot Gladiators heraldry.

A dynasty falls, the Dark Gods rejoice.

The birth of the land

Matron of the Shadows

Oaken the Ancient Ghuldryad, Grey-mane of the Beast.

Croscarvro, Whight king of the Frost Crosil Crypt, Grey-mane of Death.

Lord Celestant of the Grey-mane truce.

Towers is the Celestial Order.

Palace of the dynasty.

The Fire Horse Freeguild.


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