War of Ghyran part 1: The Wormhole gate (2/2)

Welcome to part two of the Wormhole gate in the War of Ghyran campagin! This time we see the battle in full steam, as the Whitebark Clan surprise attack Clan Skelnix’s attempt at their ritual. Who will win the first battle for the frontier?  I present the Wormhole Gate part two, enjoy! _________________________ The World-that-was:Continue reading “War of Ghyran part 1: The Wormhole gate (2/2)”

Fancy new bio pigeon

After much work on what my Tyranid models will be painted in, I’ve finally got a good colour scheme. I’ve used the colour guide from the Stormcast Eternals painting book, using the Celestial Warbringers armour coating.  I’ve used Drakenhoff nightshade as my shade, rather than the guides suggestive shade colour. This gives the model aContinue reading “Fancy new bio pigeon”

War of Ghyran part 1: The Wormhole gate part 2 coming tomorrow!

As the battlelines are set with both sides ready for battle, who will win the frontier line?  In part two, we see a full on battle, that will decide the fates of those who are within its grasp. Treelord Duke Cuirithir advances his tree kin to surprise attack their foes in an effort to stopContinue reading “War of Ghyran part 1: The Wormhole gate part 2 coming tomorrow!”

[Repost] Subject of the week: Sculpture art

Today I’ve been on a trip to Dodington Hall, to see their outside exhibition event for various artists sculptor creations. I took quite a lot of photos of the plethora of sculpts, all exhibit pieces ranging from different materials and mediums. The sculptures evok inner emotions from the way they are expressed by form, shapeContinue reading “[Repost] Subject of the week: Sculpture art”

Infestation of unused models!

Today, I found some forgotten Tyranid models from the storage cupboard that were left there for several years (about six years to be exact).  Now that the Genestealer Cult has been announced for release on Saturday, I thought I might go back and recover my wasted Tyranids, and see if they might prove any useContinue reading “Infestation of unused models!”

War of Ghyran: part 1- The Wormhole Gate (1/2)

Welcome, reader, to the first part in an epic tale of two factions, fighting for their chance to find glory in a war that will decidetheir  fates. The Whitebark Clan seeks to keep its homeland from becoming tainted and befouled by Chaos, protecting the spirits with resilient defiance. Whilst Clan Skelnix seeks to tear theContinue reading “War of Ghyran: part 1- The Wormhole Gate (1/2)”

Tomorrow, a campagin begins.

Thirteen days ago, I posted a count down post for the days left when the AoS campagin story for ‘The War of Ghyran’ will begin. A few weeks back I’ve been posting both backstorys of the factions, (both by me and contributions by my friend) that will be part of this chronicle for the PathContinue reading “Tomorrow, a campagin begins.”

Sophia’s Red Talons: part 1

As promised from this mornings post, I present the backstory on the Red Talons Warband for my Age of Sigmar Warband force. However, due to time constraints, I’ve had to separate the backstory into several parts. But I hope you guys enjoy the first part of the backstory, following Sophia’s journey into the path ofContinue reading “Sophia’s Red Talons: part 1”

Backstory: The Red Talons, coming tonight!

I’m back from the dark depths of the realm of Chaos (been pretty busy planning my next project, with the help of my disorganised Skaven minions), to give you guys a new backstory for my small Khorne warband force, Sophia’s Red Talons.  A tragic story of two shamed villager elves, who were split apart byContinue reading “Backstory: The Red Talons, coming tonight!”