3D model robot- extra 

I did a bit of adjustment to the previous photo, as I want to see whether I can make an impressive colourful picture. I used pro create to add some details like the dessert sand and the glowing neon eye.

Overal, this is way better than the black and white version of my model robot, I like how this version looks more visually striking to look at. Whilst I’ve always liked doing  black and white/ tonal filter art, colour can sometimes make art more appealing to look at from an audience prospective.

Again, thanks to everyone for read this post, if you have any questions, post a comment and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. 😊

3D model robot- part 8 [final part]: Professional final piece picture

The final part on my creation process on building a themed 1950’s robot ends here. From making test sketch designs, to building a prototype and finally creating the final design itself.

For this part, I’ve chosen one of the pictures from part 7 to use as the final piece picture. I used pro create art app to do some few adjustments to the picture, before I finish the project.


1) I loaded the image onto procreate and adjusted the cropping space, making sure the image isn’t too pixilated from expanding the image.
2) I used a cool grey colour and covered the white rectangle line from the back, blending the background to the floor surface. I’ve also tried out a few samples of greys to see which would blend best with the pictures background.

3) I then used a dark grey faded spray colour, making a spray effect on the hills in the background, and the edges to the lower part of the picture. I made several layers of grey spray paint, making each layer darker than the last to make the greys blend from light to dark.

4) finally, I saved the picture and made some effects for the picture, adjusting the brightness and filter effect to a desirable effect. I wanted the picture to capture the feeling of a classic 1950’s sci fi movie style, keeping it within its theme.

Personally, I really enjoyed doing this project, the amount of effort that I’ve done is an achievement that’s even far beyond my experienced skills. This project has pushed me to try harder with my work, challenging me out of my comfort zone to create something on a set deadline. 

Whilst there are always room for improvements with the design and photography skills, and learning from what I need to improve on from the project. 

Thanks to everyone for reading this project blog, and I hope to do more art projects in the near future. ☺️

3D model robot- part 7: photography testing 

These are a few test photography takes on a chosen picture that I wanted to use as a final piece presentation. 

I decided to use the picture below, as my chosen photo to test effects on. I liked how it looked from the angle prospective, so I cropped the image to get make the image size smaller.

Below are different photo effects that I did for the duplicate copies.

Progress so far

This week I’ve decided to start painting and basing my unused 18th century models as free people’s army, that’s mainly built on vast troops. I’ve already completed two canon units and three hero characters for the faction (Bearing in mind that some of the models that I’m using are not GW made models, so I’m only using this army for home use games).

I wanted to keep the colour scheme simple to all of the troop models, apart from hero characters which will have more detailed colour schemes.
For now, I’ll be focusing on painting this faction, as it doesn’t require too much effort to paint all the 18th century troop models. Whilst I’m still enthusiastic on painting my Clan Pestilence faction and Dovaskar army, I feel that it would be best not to make deadline blog post series, but instead do update posts when I have the spare time.

To finish off today’s post, I’ve also painted a *terrain piece, which will be used for games involving around the realm of Shyish or undead factions. 

(* The terrain kit is part of the deathknell watchpost, which has two parts to create either a watchtower or a magic pit.)

|| If you have any questions, post a comment and I’ll reply back as soon as I can, thank you 🙂 ||