12 days of Winter| Rebasing my Dark Elves (again) for 7th/ 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles

A full circle this year, not only did I celebrate my 10th anniversary joining the hobby, and ten years since I’ve started my Dark Elves army, but now I’m going back to where it all started. Just when I’ve rebased nearly all of my Dark Elves for AoS, GW decides to reveal that Warhammer Fantasy is coming back. Fantastic.

Days of rebasing later I’ve got a fairly big collection of Dark Elves ready for playing 7th and 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy. It’s been years since I’ve played both editions using rank and file games, I think I’ll be better at playing 7th ed now that I can absorb rules in my mind much easier now.

The plan is to rebase all of my current Dark Elves back to square bases, I’ll just have a enough to fit around 1,000- 1,500pt list. My hopes are that once I’ve got my undead and Dark Elves re based I might have a few games of 500pt with my dad, just so we’re not overloaded with information (something my local store didn’t consider back in my amateur days).

This will definitely be the last rebasing post for this collection. They have no place in AoS wether as a Free city army or Warhammer Legends army. It’s all WHFB for my Druchii!

Lately I’ve been reading the first Sundering book from where I left off, I prefer the second half to the book now that the story takes place in Ulthuan during the rise of the pleasure cults. The whole background of the Cythari as the underworld pantheon is pretty interesting. But I’ll share my thoughts in another post in the future. I’m keen to get the Omnibus as it’s got the trilogy and The Bloody hand of Khaine in one book. Even if I don’t give a damn about the High Elves prospective, but I’m hoping for more Dark Elves prospective and wether Anethra makes an appearance in the trilogy.

Now that Warhammer The Old World is announced it feels like the classic fantasy setting has breathed new life again. It’s back now, well in three years time at least. With all of my old army books and BL book collection sitting there collection dust, I think it’s time I got reacquainted with the World-That-Was.

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What I did:

  • 3 hours of researching, reading and writing.
  • Careful handwriting and grammar check.
  • Try not to mix up ‘Clar Karond’ with Korand Kar’.
  • Find anything relating to Clar Karond.
  • Try not to use any wiki sites at all, need proper sources.
  • Finding all the family tree members of the Helbane dynasty, as well as hero’s of Clar Karond.

You could say I’ve been busy today!


Druchii chapter IV: The saga ends

I went hunting for more ancient items today at my local carboot sale, which is probably a blessing since it’s really hard to find Warhammer army books and codex’s (maybe found now and again rarely anywhere else). Luckily, I found the guy who I got my Black Templars Codex and 4th ed Dark Elves book, he had a few books left but not many like last time.

I decided to get this army book to finish off my complete collection of Dark Elves army books.This edition was the Dark Elves second appearance in Warhammer fantasy battles, this time in 6th edition of the franchise.

This book would be the first of two editions written by Gav Thorpe, a man who knows more about the Elves/Aelves than most mortals of mankind. Also written alongside Space James McQuirk and Tuomas Pirinen, that’s more writers than its previous edition, which was written by Jervis Johnson.

The 4th edition of the Druchii was a starting point to set up the background of the faction, which Jervis Johnson crafted what would become one of Warhammer Fantasy’s most evil and soulless army in the world. However, by 6th edition, the four writers expanded the faction with new lore and extra bits from both a Druchii perspective and human/slave experience.

As well as new lore and rules, some parts were removed/ added from units, lore, characters and so on. Below is a few examples of the changes that happen in 6th edition.

  • Monsters including Giant Scorpions, Gigantic Spiders, Griffon, Hippogriff, Wyvern, swarms we’re now not included in the option section for army lists.
  • Malekith would have a new model which he rode on his fearsome black dragon, which meant he lost his chariot option in 6th edition.
  • Morathi can now be mounted on her Dark Pegasus.
  • Dark Elves City Guard we’re not an option anymore in 6th and following editions.
  • Lore on characters were shorten, including The Beastlord Rakarth of Karond Kar, who had more information in 4th edition, as well as his dragons death in the battle of Finuval Plain.
  • Crone Hellebron The Hag Queen would not be an option to play in 6th edition, although she does make a return in 7th edition.
  • Mallus Darkblade would make his first appearance in an army book as a playable character taking both Lord and hero option slots (and a badass artwork showing him and his Cold one mount!)

Comparing 4th edition to 6th edition, the visual tone and content had shifted from the ‘evil fantasy elves’ from 4th ed, to become a far more darker tone. Even the front cover is stark contrast to its previous edition, depicting a cold harsh lands of Naggaroth with the immorally twisted Witch king front and centre.

But this transition wouldn’t be the last, as the Dark Elves have changed drastically for two more editions. 7th ed would carry on the darker tones with Gav Thorpe at the writing helm, with a more chronologically organised history of the Druchii. He would also introduce back Crone Hellebron the Hag Queen into the game as well as a new hero, Lokihir Fellheart, a Corsair captain of the Tower of the blessed Dread who sets sail with his Black Ark fleet to plunder for treasure.

7th edition would also delve into the political side of the Dark Elves, how they a new Dreadlord is voted (or backstabbed his master) into power, how the Helbane family had become a powerful dynasty thanks to Anethra Helbane and how Malekith’s court runs (a lot of foolish Elven lords die of course).

Then in its final edition for the old world, 8th edition would end with its established roots firmly in place. This time written by Matt Ward, unlike its previous editions, He went down the mythological route of fleshing our the Druchii gods. Whilst they were mentioned in previous editions, Matt would show who the pantheon gods were, and how vital they were in Druchii culture.

In fact, he would wove together his other two Elven books (High Elves and Wood Elves) into a connected source of all Elven factions. In my honest opinion, this was actually one of Matt Wards best works in terms of lore writing. He took what the established lore was in previous editions and created the final chapter that would be the end of Dark Elves as we know them.

With these four books in hand, I have found all that I needed to have a comprehensive guide to the Druchii (excluding rule books, supplements and extras from White Dwarf).

So why am I going on about the Dark Elves army book editions exactly? Like my previous post on 4th edition, I’m fascinated about the evolution of the Dark Elves lore and background. Whilst every army book is nearly the same with lore, there are however parts that don’t get carried forward. These books have their own story to tell, and the models that feature in each book.

To me it’s like gathering source material on history/literature , learning what there is to know from the story and what was added and taken away. They may not be worth anything like old comic books and memorabilia, but they do have value to me personally.

With that, I think that will be all for this post today. I’ve enjoyed writhing this post and what this edition was like, it’s worth reading if you ever find a copy on sale.

If I’ve missed anything or you have your own memories about Warhammer, share your thoughts below in the comment section!


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Cold one Knights

Finally got my first unit of Cold one Knights painted, I’m proud to have painted them completely after nearly a decade of neglect! Not my finest painted unit, but it has a good table top standard of being painted with effort.

Now I have two more units of Cold one Knights, a unit of Spearmen and 10x Black Corsairs to paint for my total unit of 30x. There’s still a lot to do before I can say I’m nearly at the end of this near decade old project, my first ever project I started.

My next unit for this project will be painting the 10x spare Black Ark Corsairs, as I can get them going once I can find at least ten more circle bases.


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Fleetmaster Tallinia the Blood Witch of the Sea

I had some spare unused Black Ark Corsairs (which would have been added to my current unit to 40 models, but I got too keen on kitbashing some years ago) and decided to kitbash one as my Fleetmaster. Since the current plastic kit is not on shelves and online only, I took this as an opportunity to create my own.

I wanted my Fleetmaster to have hints of a past life as Witch Elf Who is now an outcast of her cult, and became something more as a fearsome and ill tempered pirate. These hints include her dyed white hair having blood dye on the right, and her face having many ritual scars from her Cult days.

To make the model look more unique and female, I used a spare head from the Sisters of Silence kit which has some of the best female head sculpts by GW. For the chest I used a spare shoulder plate from a Kharadron Overlords set, which I glued onto the model as if the armour was master crafted (not by Dwarfs). Finally, I used a spare Dark Eldar part to the left hand side of the model as I liked the sleek design of the weapon and armour.

And that’s nearly it for my Pirate side of my Dark Elves army, only ten more Black Ark Corsairs to add to my current unit before I’m done with the pirates.

Should I do use a pirate pun for my last pirate Elves post?


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The Black Arks set sail

Finally, another unit from my Dark Elves collection is painted and ready to use for games using the Warhammer Legends rules. The Black Ark Corsairs were my first ever model kit starting out for Warhammer Fantasy Battles many years ago. Now, after some additional models were added, then neglected for years and now finally rebased and painted.

So far I’ve painted twenty Corsairs and ten left still to paint, although twenty is a healthy unit size to play. The last ten may be added if I can find another ten spare circle bases for rebasing.

I’m honestly amazed at the effort I’m making now to get this 9 year project done, there’s not much left to do apart from 20x Spearmen and 15x Cold one Knights. So far I got five Cold one Knights rebased, but I need ten more bases for the rest if I can find any. I’m hoping my local GW store still has the multi base pack in stock.

My next step is to paint my first unit of Cold one Knights, which I’ve rebased and undercoated in black acrylic. They should be done by the end of the week or two depending on wether I’m confident enough with the paint scheme for the unit. On the side I’ll slowly get the Spearmen painted so my motivation isn’t too bogged down.

Very soon I’ll be showing the Fleetmaster herself, Tallinia the Blood witch of the Sea. I had loads of fun kitbashing and painting this model, hopefully I can get her done by tomorrow.


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Get the Druchii ready!

Having obtained a copy of Warhammer Armies: Dark Elves on Sunday, it reignited my soul with the bitterness and cold blooded hatred of the High Elves. So much so, I was able to paint my first troop unit of Dark Elves crossbowmen (the old plastic kit before the current iteration called Darkshards).

It took me nine years to finally paint this unit. I feel ashamed and proud of this achievement.

Mostly shame…

I tried to do a good 10×2 regiment unit photograph, but the focus was bad. This was my best attempt.

This is a big deal for me, as I’m gradually getting closer to finishing this collection. Nine years, that’s a long time, I’m glad to have finally got the Repeater Crossbowmen done.

But there’s no excuse now, as there are two more troop unit including a unit of 20 Spearmen and 20+ Black Ark Corsairs. After the Spearmen are done, that’ll be the minimal req for my Dark Elves to be a playable painted army (I’m using the Warhammer Legends Dark Elves PDF rules, as it’s the latest update to the army). Spearmen are ready to go, however the Black Ark Corsairs haven’t been debased on circle bases yet.

Finally to finish my army, I have one final unit consisting of 15 Cold one Knights that need rebasing and some serious work on the models. I ain’t showing you what they look like yet, it’s ‘THAT’ bad.

Speaking of Dark Elves, I’ve found this book today at a charity shop, it was either this or the ToF Sigmar books. I went for Elfslayer as I’ve never read a Gotrek and Felix book before, and it has Dark Elves too!

Smashing cover! Where can I get that sea monster?

Honestly, the first twenty pages was a fun read that I honestly got me hooked to read more. Sadly I can’t read this yet as I have to finish the third and final book in The Founding Arc of Gaunts Ghosts. I’ll do a post at some point sharing my thoughts on the omnibus.


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New Years resolutions- 2018

Like last year, I do my own New Years resolution for my hobby work, wether it’s getting an army done on a deadline, or focusing on being more involved with communication with the community.

Before I do my 2018 resolutions, lets take a look at last years list and see if I’ve completed any (or none at all!)

Resolutions from 2017

  1. Finishing off my Flesh-Eater Courts army, including more Crypt Ghouls (human/Duardin/elves/Skaven) Crypt Flayers, kit bashing Varghulf, more Ogres and Morghast Archai. (Not completed, still have a few units to paint as well as not having a playable force for Match play. However, since I’ve changed plans for this faction, it was now used for Skirmish games until further change are planned)
  2. Build my Grand Alliance of order, consisting of; Stormcast Eternals (using Hammer and Anvil battalion) and Fyreslayers (either Lords of the lodge or Subterranean Fyrestorm battalions). (Not completed, since the Fyreslayers were expensive, so the Faction was changed to be primarily a Stormcast Eternals. All units are painted apart from four more Hero models)
  3. Completing my Grand Alliance of Chaos, with my Nurgle force needing a few units of Blightkings, Chaos warriors and Daemons of Nurgle stater set. (Whilst I was able to get a unit of Blight Kings, I wasn’t enthusiastic to work on this project due to a lack of lore inspiration. However, Maggotkin of Nurgle will hopefully reignite my interests this project)
  4. Communicating with the hobby community more, by commenting other bloggers posts that I like, and joining in discussion groups to contribute to the hobby. (I’ve been commenting from time to time on posts or on mine on different subjects, I’ve learnt quite a lot from communicating with other bloggers (who are more wiser and knowledgeable). Contributing wise, I think I’ll need to work on that. I’ll see if I can join in on painting challenges or a group project for either AoS and 40k)
  5. Discovering new styles and mediums in art projects, developing new designs that’s not in my comfort zone. (Thankfully I’ve learnt something new and pushed myself to do weird and interesting stuff. My Lord Tennyson canvas painting was a step in the right direction for my artist journey, moving away from manga art as my Chosen art focus.
  6. Telling the rest of the path to glory campagin story of the battles between Clan Skelnix, and the Whitebark Clan. (Nah, not going to happen. The rest of the campaign was fun, but I lost the rest of the matches (although I’ll never forget the first mission where I’ve actually won my first AoS game and table top game for 8 years since I’ve started the hobby!!). Sadly my enthusiasm was low on writing the story, but I’ll try doing a different approach for doing story/ battle report blog posts this year!)
  7. If the dark elves have a new release, I’ll be rebasing and painting my entire collection if I find the new lore for the faction to be satisfying. (I’m still bloody waiting GW, where the Aleves? It’s been two years since AoS started! On the positive side, I’ve been rebasing my Druchii and mange to paint quite a few models. This was done as I got bored of waiting for the Druchii to get their faction released, so I’m using them instead for Warhammer Fantasy Battles using AoS rules)
  8. Painting Skaven model inbetween hobby projects. (My first year for not painting much Skaven models, but I did get to paint a unit of 20x Clanrats. Many more Clanrats are still yet to be painted….)

Now that my 2017 Resolutions have been updated, I can now finally move on to 2018 list. This year, I’ve decided to make a list that will push me a bit further than last year.

Resolutions for 2018

  1. At least build a Death Guard army towards 1,000pt using the Patrol Detachment.
  2. Complete my Harbinger Legions (Chaos Space Marine Faction) as a corrupted Demi-company army. Including a kit of Warp Talons and painting two units of Chaos Space marines.
  3. Paint more Skaven.
  4. Complete my Stormcast Eternals army by painting all four remains Hero models. Also, finish painting all remains Khorne Bloodbound models.
  5. Join community challenges (primarily painting challenges), as well as communicating with the community and bloggers.
  6. Finish secret project [classified].
  7. Focus on painting more backlog models to paint for more storage space.
  8. Incorporate more hobby discussion posts on AoS and 40k.

With that, I would like to end this post by saying thank you for reading, commenting and liking my blog posts in 2017.

With luck, I may do better this year for fulfilling my resolutions. 😅


From Exiles to Dark Elves

From Exiles to Dark Elves

I’m back with a new batch of Exile models that I’m currently adding to my newly re-painted force. So far, I’m pleased with the current progress on my collection, somehow a spark of imagination and motivation has flared bright for me to finally get back into painting my Druchii. I think I’ll just call them Dark Elves for now on for simplicity.

It’s not just for simplicity though, for I intend to play this army back in the days of the old World for the Dark Elves, because I don’t like how all of the models are now split into smaller AoS faction. Since my army is set in the old world, I can finally use my stored source material for research and inspiration!

This is all of the source material I’ve gathered for reasearch relating to the Elves of Warhammer fantasy, including White Dwarf magazines, rule books from 7th and 8th edition, army book/ expansion supplements and ‘The Sundering by Gav Thorpe.

My current plan is to choose an alligence between either Ghrond or Naggarond for my army to join. I based this descision on the models I’ve collected in my collection. Most likely I might join Ghrond, as I have a two sorceress and a third on a Pegasus (kit bash project coming soon) which fits well for Ghrond. However, I have a lot of models that are more closely linked to Naggarond, including the Black Guard of Naggarond, Dreadlord and Cold One Knights. 

Now for those who might be wondering how my force background will possible be usable in AoS, I have an opponent who I’ve played against for many years who has a Highborn faction for AoS. He’s said that he would even play his faction as High Elves, so it’s possible that we could agree on a game set in the Old World (using AoS rules).

Below are photos of my current batch of painted models I’ve done.

Black Guards of Naggaroth
Malus Darkblade (allied)

Master with Battle Standard (1)

Master with Battle Standard (2)


Beastmaster on Manticore

My next phase for this collection is to paint two units of x20 Dreadspears and Darkshards, as my core Battleline units. 


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!