A Chaplins duty

A Chaplins duty

A new day is dawning for Warhammer 40k with the release of the third instalment of the Gathering Storm trilogy. The Primarch of the Ultramarines has returned from his long frozen stasis, and he’ll be seeing a very changed imperium that’s a shadow of its former glory. But not all is as it should, for this primarch has many enemy’s from various Xenos races and heretic factions. None more so than the arch enemy of the 13th legion, the Word Bearers.

Since 8th edition is rumoured to be coming this year, I thought it was finally time to dust off my wasted Chaos Space marine collection and bring them back to a professional quality. This means I’ll need to paint strip all the thick covered models, as well as creating a fresh new paint scheme in colours of the Word Bearers.

Not only will I’ve redeemed myself in the eyes of Lorgar’s undivided blessing, but also redeem my worst hobby sin since my first box of Chaos Space marines way back in 2009! Hopefully, I might finally get some room in my storage shelves, or as I would put it ‘the Labyrinth of plastic hoarding’ 
This won’t affect my current work on my AoS army’s, since I don’t need to paint them yet until half term arrives. Boosting my enthusiasm to get deadlines done for table top wargaming.

Here’s the my plan on each phases on what I’ll be doing for my Word Bearers warband.

Phase 1
* Paint strip all my chosen marines to a standard that can be spray painted, to a layer that doesn’t deform the models. [completed]

* Paint all the models with a colour scheme that’s close to the lore depiction of the Word Bearers legion. [WIP]

* Do the same process again to another five Chosen marines to create a full ten man unit or two separate units

Phase 2
* Add Chaplin and Terminator lord to the warband.

* Add two units of MKIV/ or MKIII power armour marines as Troop units, rather than the current spike horned marines.

* Add a Contemptor Dreadnought into the army.

Phase 3
* (Undecided on wether to take the paint layer off) Rhino added to the army

* Add a predator tank to the army 

* Add land Raider to the army.

If you guys have any tips or advice for fielding of painting Chaos Space marines, post me a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!


Bearer of the word, for the undivided!

Bearer of the word, for the undivided!

I’m back with a new post on a project that’s been going on and off for a few years now. It’s a short post though, as I’m not feeling too enthusiastic to make a full post like usual. (Hopefully my enthusiasm will return once I’ve done completing my writing on my course work annotations. 🙂 )

Recently I’ve been looking at my some of my collection of Warhammer 40k armies, that I’ve not been keen on painting for quite a while now. One such army is my Word Bearers Warband, a mixture units of Possessed attached to a Rhino, Chaos lord, Dark Apostle and a Helbrute.

It’s been a while since I’ve last painted this army, rebasing my models on the newer sized circle base. I felt now was a good time to go back and finish off this Warband. The paint pallet for these models are simple enough to do, as I’ve kept a record of paint stage in my note pad.

(Collection so far for my Word Bearers Warband)

I want to get back into painting this Warband, but I need some advice on what units would be useful to add into the army (that’s lore friendly). If you have any hobby advice or know anyone who has played a Word Bearers army, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can.

Stormcast, marines and the Word Bearers!

Stormcast, marines and the Word Bearers!

Just a quick little post of pictures that I thought might be cool to show 🙂. 

So for starters, here is my first Stormcast Eternal Liberator that I got from the starter magazine.  

Hailing from the Hallowed Knights brotherhood, this model will be part of my future plans for my last faction for the Order Alliegence. But as my regular readers will know, I’ve got too many projects to do currently. So for now, I’m keeping myself away from starting a small Stormcast Eternal collection. 

Next we have a librarian in Terminator armour, and a tactical Space marine of the Brazen Claws chapter.

Before Age of Sigmar came, I’ve been building up a small collection of Space marines that I’ve based on the successor chapter. Sadly the project and motivation was stopped when AoS came out, and brought me back into fantasy. But one day I hope to return to the 41st millennium and finish my collection.

Finally, we have the Word Bearers! Now these guys are my favourite models from my 40k collection, inspired by the HH novel, The first Heretic by Aaron Dembski Bowden. 

I liked how the First Heretic explored the roots of the Word Bearers, and how they were set on the path to dammnation. I’ve kept the crimson red as close to the colour tones as their artistic depiction, rather than confusing them as fallen Blood Angels. 

Speaking of Blood Angels, notice the faded symbol of the chapters icon on the Dreadknoughts coffin casket? I wanted to add some mystery as to wether this was once a loyal Angel that went traitor from his uncontrollable Black Rage, or a scavenged Dreadknought that’s been rebuilt as a Helbrute.

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!