Recommend Bloggers month (April 2018)

My first post about bloggers that I had recommended went very well, I was happy to see that the post had a positive reception. I’m aiming to do this as once a month schedule, so I can take my time to find more talented bloggers. Today I wanted to continue this by recommending more bloggersContinue reading “Recommend Bloggers month (April 2018)”

Preparing and Painting Jago ‘sevatar’ Sevatarion, 1st Captain of the Night Lords Legion (part 1 of 2)

After five days (18th April) of getting this model cleaned, glued, primed and painted, I was finally able to finish it with arguably one of my best painted models to date. Originally I was planning on taking my time painting this model, but I got too invested in painting it with a lot of enthusiasm.Continue reading “Preparing and Painting Jago ‘sevatar’ Sevatarion, 1st Captain of the Night Lords Legion (part 1 of 2)”

Visiting Warhammer World

Yesterday I went to Warhammer World as day trip to mark the end of my holiday, before I return back to studying at college. The visit was fantastic with the changes to the building, including new exhibition areas to look around. Just looking at the models up close to see the painstakingly detailed model paintings,Continue reading “Visiting Warhammer World”

And the winner is…….(late announcement)

With a lot of stuff behind the scenes lately, I was late to announce about the winning vote for what chapter I should paint my old Space marine collection. With two votes in total, it was a hard pick between the Nova marines, and the Ultramarines, both being owned by Robute Guilliman. So who’s theContinue reading “And the winner is…….(late announcement)”

Blog updates! (With the staleness of IVth Legion)

Just a quick update on things with the blog and what I’m planning for the next couple of months. Iron Warriors retrospective series Currently, I’m writing several retrospective posts on the Iron Warriors during the Horus Heresy, focusing on several books by several Black Library authors. Having recently listened to both the short audio dramaContinue reading “Blog updates! (With the staleness of IVth Legion)”

When faith in unity makes us stronger

My last post featured my current progress on my Skullfiend Tribe for my Khorne Bloodbound collection. This time, I wanted to show my current progress on my Stormcast Eternals (Knights Excelsior stormhost), also from the Thunder and Blood starter set. Enjoy! led by Liberator-Prime Kronis, Warden of the Underlevels, the retinue wear armour of pureContinue reading “When faith in unity makes us stronger”

Gathering of the bloody

As I continue to paint more Khorne Bloodbound models to my ever growing collection of the Skullfiend Tribe, I look back and see how far I’ve gotten with my finished models and take pride that my time wasn’t wasted on TV soap operas (and complain to my Xbox One’s lack of faith like one ofContinue reading “Gathering of the bloody”