The Judges are here!

What do you get when you combine Mega city one judges and Bloodbowl? You get team Meg-1! Long time readers may remember way back when I showed a few posts on my classic Bloodbowl team models, I think I called them something badgers? Anyways, that project went nowhere, as I didn’t like the colours schemeContinue reading “The Judges are here!”

Sh@t out of hell……

The fair looking, silver haired and majestic golden eyed questioner and I were sitting down at the table enjoying our tea, in the planes of torment and suffering. A plane of onyx earth, red skies and weird horrors lurking about. If Michael Moorcock was here, he’d write a fantastic story about this place called hell,Continue reading “Sh@t out of hell……”

Another Big Mek, but this time on a Warbike

A new Mek has arrived on his warbike to join my Bad Moons Collection, and he’s got a pretty cool kustom bike to show off too! (Fancy git!) I bloody love this model! I used a Build+paint Space Ork on Warbike and a Ork Nob, converted into a Big Mek with kustom decorations and improvementsContinue reading “Another Big Mek, but this time on a Warbike”

Big Mek in Mega armour (Bad Moons top Mek boy)

This model was converted using a spare old model from Warmachine and plethora of spare bitz, mostly from the Orks range. Since I would’ve had to spend a lot of money just to get the official Big Mek from GW, I decided to try and kit bash anything I could find that would look ‘big’.Continue reading “Big Mek in Mega armour (Bad Moons top Mek boy)”

Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Ghostly reinforcements

More Nighthaunt have joined my growing collection, which is inspired by the characters and events in the novel, Soul Wars (by Josh Reynolds). Today I have a unit of ten Chainrasp Horde, Myrmourn Banshees and additional Grimwraith Stalkers. Let me know if you like these filtered photo style or just white background photography, and postContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Ghostly reinforcements”

Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Here comes the Jailor

You might be thinking I’m working way too hard on this series of models (Sacrosanct Chamber and Nighthaunt) based on the characters from the novel, Soul Wars (by Josh Reynolds). Well yes, I’ve been painting these models intensively like a Khajit on 20x skooma, in fact, I haven’t done much besides these two factions forContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Here comes the Jailor”

Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Evocator Helios and colour guide to painting the Anvils of Heldenhammer

Today’s post is a short one as I haven’t got much to say on this particular character from the Soul Wars novel (written by Josh Reynolds), however, he’s a badass swordsman that’s for sure! I wasn’t sure if Helios was a Evocator Prime or just an Evocator, as the book didn’t mention that he wasContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Evocator Helios and colour guide to painting the Anvils of Heldenhammer”

Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Knight-Incantor Miska

If there’s one wizard you can count on to make any Nighthaunt ghosties be purified and banished, it’s got to be Miska. Second in command of the Anvils of Heldenhammer’s Sacrosanct Chamber, she is a skilled Stormcaller using the light of high Azyr to burn the undead and chaos without doubt nor fear. (I wouldContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Knight-Incantor Miska”