Hobby projects for late 2020

This year I’ve managed to get a hefty amount of backlog and neglected miniatures glued and painted. Being in isolation has forced me to be creative with what I have to work on the things I tend to put aside. If I keep up this approach I’ll have only one storage box left of neglectedContinue reading “Hobby projects for late 2020”

You can now follow me on Instagram

That’s right, I’m now on Instagram! If you want to see more miniature photography you can follow me on my Instagram BjornStormcast. It’s very early days but I’m sure it’ll grow just like the blog has. Until next time, -Bjorn

Last week in the middle of nowhere….

Weeks ago it was a sunny week so off in the car with the family to the countryside. Stopped by a nice roadside in the middle of nowhere to sit down and have a drink. I did some looking around a bountiful nature with trees blocking the sun, until I noticed something not quite right……Continue reading “Last week in the middle of nowhere….”

The Beasts of Lorllaras part 2 of 3 solo campaign

As the Lord-Arcanum climbed up the hill along with his trusted warriors surrounding him, he raised his hand to indicate the group to stop. With a silent demonstration he pointed the group towards an archway flanked by two Aelven statues that have aged for many centuries, like time erosion that kreeps into everything. Would erosionContinue reading “The Beasts of Lorllaras part 2 of 3 solo campaign”

Clan Skelnix: 5 years on (10 years in the making)

If I went back in time about ten years ago and told my younger self that I would one day successfully paint all my Skaven miniatures, my younger self would be dismissing it as an impossible goal. Too many miniatures brought and built for gaming, but very poor on quality of painting. If I wentContinue reading “Clan Skelnix: 5 years on (10 years in the making)”

Throt the Unclean, weapon crews and Clan Skryre makeover

As well as working on these from earlier this week, I got the courage to paint my third unit of Clanrats in three days. Another step towards the final battleline unit to paint for Skaventide, just one more unit of Clanrats to paint and backlog box will be considerably less daunting to look at. JustContinue reading “Throt the Unclean, weapon crews and Clan Skryre makeover”

The Bear Eaters Skirmish Warband

Of all the once mortal hero’s who died a heroic or valiant last stand against the impossible, reforged in gleaming Sigmarite and imbued powers of the Azyr celestial storm, three is one such hero who is quite literally a man of many words. The untamed beast that can never be caged nor reasoned with, hisContinue reading “The Bear Eaters Skirmish Warband”

Stormvermin WIP

Recently I’ve been slowly painting my Stormvermin during my break, a unit that should’ve been painted nearly five years ago now. Despite my delayed efforts, I’ve nearly reached the end of painting my armoured elite rat guards yes-yes. Thanks to Wudugast for the horde painting advice, I’ve slightly altered the way I paint hordes byContinue reading “Stormvermin WIP”


I’ve taken a break away from my Stormcast Eternals painting to go back to one of my old projects: the Skaven! It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything with the Skaven so I wanted to get back into the project with a kitbashed monstrosity. I wanted to build a mount for a new hero modelContinue reading “Rat-Thing!!!”