AoS faction collection: Exile Aelves

Welcome back to another post of AoS faction collections, a series dedicating to both the ongoing narrative and progression of my faction collections. Today, I’ll be presenting my Exile Aelves (or Dark Elves) that I’ve been painting for the past few weeks. Rather than posting each unit a week, I thought it would be moreContinue reading “AoS faction collection: Exile Aelves”

AoS Skirmish 

This week I played my first game of AoS Skirmish using my Khorne Bloodbound faction, and I’ve got to say, it was really *fun! I’m really engaged to do more games with Skirmish, as I can see a lot of potential to create more focused narrative stories. (*-Not because my Aspiring Deathbringer nearly destroyed aContinue reading “AoS Skirmish “