Hobby projects 2020

This year it’s all about finishing remaining projects I’m still working on, as well as small projects that I’m building up over time. Last year was a big leap in terms of getting a lot of projects progressing towards the end goal, like my Black Templars project and Skaven project. I’ve reached the point whereContinue reading “Hobby projects 2020”

12 days of Winter| Rebasing my Dark Elves (again) for 7th/ 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles

A full circle this year, not only did I celebrate my 10th anniversary joining the hobby, and ten years since I’ve started my Dark Elves army, but now I’m going back to where it all started. Just when I’ve rebased nearly all of my Dark Elves for AoS, GW decides to reveal that Warhammer FantasyContinue reading “12 days of Winter| Rebasing my Dark Elves (again) for 7th/ 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles”


What I did: 3 hours of researching, reading and writing. Careful handwriting and grammar check. Try not to mix up ‘Clar Karond’ with Korand Kar’. Find anything relating to Clar Karond. Try not to use any wiki sites at all, need proper sources. Finding all the family tree members of the Helbane dynasty, as wellContinue reading ““Research””

Druchii chapter IV: The saga ends

I went hunting for more ancient items today at my local carboot sale, which is probably a blessing since it’s really hard to find Warhammer army books and codex’s (maybe found now and again rarely anywhere else). Luckily, I found the guy who I got my Black Templars Codex and 4th ed Dark Elves book,Continue reading “Druchii chapter IV: The saga ends”

Cold one Knights

Finally got my first unit of Cold one Knights painted, I’m proud to have painted them completely after nearly a decade of neglect! Not my finest painted unit, but it has a good table top standard of being painted with effort. Now I have two more units of Cold one Knights, a unit of SpearmenContinue reading “Cold one Knights”

Fleetmaster Tallinia the Blood Witch of the Sea

I had some spare unused Black Ark Corsairs (which would have been added to my current unit to 40 models, but I got too keen on kitbashing some years ago) and decided to kitbash one as my Fleetmaster. Since the current plastic kit is not on shelves and online only, I took this as anContinue reading “Fleetmaster Tallinia the Blood Witch of the Sea”

The Black Arks set sail

Finally, another unit from my Dark Elves collection is painted and ready to use for games using the Warhammer Legends rules. The Black Ark Corsairs were my first ever model kit starting out for Warhammer Fantasy Battles many years ago. Now, after some additional models were added, then neglected for years and now finally rebasedContinue reading “The Black Arks set sail”

Get the Druchii ready!

Having obtained a copy of Warhammer Armies: Dark Elves on Sunday, it reignited my soul with the bitterness and cold blooded hatred of the High Elves. So much so, I was able to paint my first troop unit of Dark Elves crossbowmen (the old plastic kit before the current iteration called Darkshards). It took meContinue reading “Get the Druchii ready!”

Hunting for the Warhammer stuff

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days of finding stuff for ages, as last Sunday’s big car boot sale had tons of Warhammer items stretching far back to 40k 3rd edition! Now this car boot sale wasn’t a Warhammer themed event or fest, but I’d like to think it was Judging by what I’veContinue reading “Hunting for the Warhammer stuff”