Hobby projects for late 2020

This year I’ve managed to get a hefty amount of backlog and neglected miniatures glued and painted. Being in isolation has forced me to be creative with what I have to work on the things I tend to put aside. If I keep up this approach I’ll have only one storage box left of neglected miniatures! But knowing myself I’ll probably only have two storage boxes left.

Most of my Skaven miniatures are all painted with barely a few spare parts left. Sometimes I can be creative with my projects if I have an idea. For example I’ve recently made five Gargoyle rats using a neglected Tyranid kit and Clanrat heads. A fine Clan Moulder creation!

Using my new camera (WIP learning the functions)

Speaking of new camera, I’ve recently gone for an upgrade after four years of using my other one. I’m still learning the basics with this new one, but I think it’s already done better job at capturing my miniatures.

The Grymthenian Lodge

Book reading challange

The first few months of the challenge was going really well. I had a few books read and managed to read a few army books in full. However due to the pandemic I’ve become very slow at getting more reading books completed.

Recently I finished reading Konrad as my tenth completed book. I’ve got six months left to read ten+ books before the 2020 challange ends. Therefore I’ll need to put more time into reading books just so I can catch up.

Hobby projects

Since my last post on hobby projects some of the projects were finished off or put aside. Below is a list of what I’m currently working on. Bear in mind though that I’m prone to changing things due to my nature of being creative.

Warhammer 40k-

  • Primaris Crimson Fists- just need one Dreadnought to finish the project.
  • White Scars Successor Chapter Astral Bears
  • Night Lords (completed)
  • Black Templars (completed)
  • DG Exiled Iron Warriors (completed)
  • Bad Moons Orks (completed)
  • Chaos Knight House Devine- considering getting a War Dog Moriax or one of the Chaos Knight kits

Warhsmmer AoS-

  • Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber (completed)
  • Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband (completed)
  • Knights of Mousillon Stormhost- need to paint two Knight-Incantors, one Lord-Arcanum and two units of Sequitors.
  • The Skullfiend Tribe (completed)
  • Nighthaunt (completed)
  • Ogor Mawtribe Bloodgullet Tribe (completed)
  • Skaven Clan Skelnix- few spare miniatures left including four Stormvermin.
  • The Grymthenian Lodge- completed as an ally force.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles-

  • Warriors of Chaos Nurgle warband- need to paint second unit of Chaos Warriors and a Wizard on horse.
  • Dark Elves- paint a unit of Spearmen and five cold one knights

Changing things around

Recently I’ve set up my own Instagram account as a way of broadening my reach for my table top miniature and artwork. It took me a bit of time to get the hang of things learning something new.

Rather than posting my latest works on here, I’ll be posting them on Instagram. That’s not to say there won’t be anymore content on here, instead my blog will be changing focus from WIP miniature painting to collection showcase and research into Warhammer subjects.

If you want to see my latest works or catch up on older miniatures I’ve painted in the past, you can check out my Instagram at BjornStormcast.

That’s all for today.

Currently I’m running a painting challange here on the blog, celebrating The Island of Bloods 10th anniversary. You can find out more info here: https://callumart.wordpress.com/2020/06/27/skaven-and-high-elves-painting-challenge/

Until next time,


Nurgle garden gnomes

For the past month it’s been a very busy and stressful time with everything going on at the moment. Hobbying  has taken a backseat due to so many changes.

Someone I knew had shown symptoms of the pandemic, and after researching into it over and over said person had gone for a test. Thankfully it was a negative. It still added worry for me in terms of what would happen if any of my family had to go to the hospital if they had a positive result. Lastly I had a hobby and blog fatigue despite trying to get backlog work done.

Anyways, I’m currently working on my Warhammer fantasy battles Warriors of Chaos Nurgle Warband. I managed to put together a unit of ten neglected Chaos Warrios, and a wizard on a horse. This will give me a second core unit choice to my army and more magic assets to use.

After that I’ll try getting those kitbashed barbarian models on square bases. After that I’m free to put the project behind me and move on.

Currently I’m waiting for my model kit that was supposed to be sent last Friday. Seller turned out to be very reputable for late deliveries and poor customer service. I guess its a learning curve for me.

Apologise for this very depressing post, I’m not 100% myself after nearly a month long of changes and stress.

On the positive side. Noticed my profile picture of a dashing good looking skaven? Well, here a full version of the art work celebrating the tenth anniversary of TIoB boxset (The Island of Blood)

This is an ambitious project that’s taken me a few months to work on, mostly from a skaven prospective. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to do a blog post on an influential event.

From next month I’m planning to post my first of three celebration posts. It’s a treat for everyone as it’s a one off painting challenge! The post will be out by this weekend.

Until next time,


Project Exiled Iron Warriors year 2: Daemons of Nurgle and the tech Wizard

My project, Death Guard Iron Warriors will now be named project Exiled Iron Warriors, for the sake of making the project titled simply and for thematic reasons. It’s been over a year since I’ve started my Iron Warriors project, so I’ve decided to make this a second series!

Today’s post will cover my new additions to the force via the warp, and my first steps on what will be coming into the project at some point in the future.

First up, rebased Daemons of Nurgle Plague Bearers!

Once, these were a part of my Maggotkin of Nurgle project before I scraped the project and made it into a Warriors of Chaos army for Warhammer Fantasy. Now my Plague Bearers will serve as a summonable unit for my Exiled Iron Warriors. Cast by a Nurgle sorcerer by the crackling backside of the warp, the Plague Bearers are literally pooped into real-space like they’ve been flushed down Nurgles rotting toilet.

If I have twenty Plague Bearers, just imagine the plumbing work Grandpa Nurgle would have to do……

up next, two Beasts of Nurgle.

Repurposed onto bigger bases using boarded card that I’ve made into two big circles bases, these lovely chaps will provide the hugs needed to my enemies with eye-popping results!

Also a summonable unit as reinforcements from the warp, my Beasts of Nurgle will be used as individual units or as a single unit depending on my task in a game of 40k.

Finally, the Dark Mechanicum has arrived to offer my Exiled Iron Warriors technical support.

I’m not sure what to class this model as yet as I don’t know the structure of the Dark Mechanicum hierarchy, but it’s definitely the big boss of tech wizards. This was once part of my Inquistion warband, Silence of the Shroud, but now its repurposed as a heretek.

That’ll be all for today.

Until next time,


1 year of building and painting my Iron Warriors (nurgled) project

It’s nearly been a year since I’ve started this project alongside my Primaris Crimson Fists project. At the time it was just a side project for fun as I already had a Death Guard army that I was building. I wanted to try out a colour scheme I’ve planned to see how well it looked on a Death Guard model.

Little did I realise however, that this project would soon grow into a massive army project. By March I had amassed a fairly decent sized force, half way through this year I included model from my old Death Guard project into this project.

I had a lot of passion and enthusiasm for my Death Guard project due to my interests in the Iron Warriors Legion and the Death Guard. Mashing these two into one was like an unholy union of trench siege warfare and infantry endurance warfare. Soon enough I had enough models to rival my combined Sons of Dorn collection (Black Templars and Crimson Fists).

Now in December of 2019 I’ve just about reached my goal that my project has come to it’s creative end. There’s a point when you’ve done all you can to build something your proud of, investing time and patience to paint at your best, to build to your standards and assemble an army you’d proudly display in games of Warhammer 40k. For me, I feel like I’ve reached the peak for this project after months of adding models and adding neglected models for a new or kitbashed character.

Although I will be adding a few more models to this project before I finish it for good. Just small stuff to fill in the gaps that should give me enough options for when I play my Iron Warriors.

Here’s my current batch of painted models. Enjoy!

This unit was once part of my old Death Guard collection for The Harbinger Legion, until it was moved over to the Iron Warriors project. I didn’t paint this unit until inspiration came to me when I came across an issue of Warhammer Conquest. There’s only one shop in my county that still sells Conquest, unfortunately it’s difficult to buy weekly as it’s quite far from me to go to. But as luck would have it, I managed to grab a copy last week and assemble a Plague marine with an Icon of Despair.

Now that the unit is fully painted I have three troop units ready for gaming, four if I wanted to include my historical miniature unit of cultists. After playing a few games with my dad I’ve noticed that the Plague marines were pretty easy to kill off, even with their special ability to save roll. I wasn’t sure if it was worth me boosting my units to seven or ten models a unit, but because each set is £30 for seven models, I wasn’t keen on boosting them unless I really needed more options.

I forgot to include this disgusting and disturbing chap in my last post on the collection, it will be my Greater Possessed unit as a lieutenant for the Possessed side of the army. I think the picture can fill you in on the rest……

My second Daemon Prince needed a new base to add more intimidation and a suitable circle base that fits a Daemon Prince for balance. A spitting image of Mortarion as winged grim reaper who could melt your lungs just by seeing and breathing in his presence.

Because The Noxious Blightbringer is currently exclusive to the Warhammer 40k starter set, I’ve decided to kitbash my own version to save money and time waiting for the official model to be release. Rather than sticking a huge bell on a single model, I’ve gone for the ancient standard bearer look.

Just to make sure that this model at least had some bells, I’ve used some spare bitz from the Plague monks kit that had some bells. I think it looks pretty cool!

I think I might do a command squad to my Iron Warriors Collection to represent the warbands strongest and favoured soldiers. Currently I have this model and my Tallyman done, just three more models to add to complete my command squad.

Recently I’ve also added a unit of Chaos Spawns to my Iron Warriors project, my third first attack unit which I won’t show here as I’ve post pictures of them countless times before. My Daemons of Nurgle will also be transferred from AoS to my Iron Warriors project, which will give me some units to summon as support or backup units.

Now we come to the last of the batch of Iron Warriors that I’d consider to be my best painted unit from the whole project, the Death Shroud. Now lore wise this unit has deep ties to the Deathguard as they’re the tallymen of Nurgle, and Mortarion’s inner circle of trusted warriors.

The Iron Warriors don’t have a unit like the Death Shroud, so what made me go for this unit and how could I justify it? There was a way I could justify as the pre Heresy Iron Warriors had a special role in the Legion called the Trident, three exceptionally gifted and reliable leaders who Perturabo trusts as his advisors. It’s the greatest honour an Iron Warrior can achieve, but it’s also a great burden for if you mess up and waste valuable time and resources on failure, Perturabo would personally take away everything out had and sent you to the front line as a mere marine.

The Trident in the current 40k timeline isn’t known as of yet, the original three left Perturabo as their own warband led by the Warsmith. Who knows wether Perturabo still has a Trident, or wether he’s too self reliant to rely on mere mortals now that he’s a Daemon Primarch.

My Death Shroud unit will act as the Trident to my Lord of Contagion or one of my Daemon princes, three capable warriors who enact the will of their lord and advise him in turn. I like the idea of making them a Trident Council, it’s a Legion custom that in some way has carried on by this warband of Nurgle worshipping Iron Warriors.


That’s it for this years 12 days of Winter! 12 big posts that I’ve been working very hard to bring together and share with you guys. I hope you have enjoyed this and others too, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Thank you for reading this post,


The Fallen, The Daemon Prince and a Possessed opera

Today, I present my latest painted miniatures from my Iron Warriors project. From a Dark Angel traitor to a Daemon prince of Nurgle, this batch of miniatures is probably my best work yet for this project.

First up, someone’s ‘Fallen’ over to Chaos, wearing a really fancy cape!

Whilst he’s definitely not a gene son of the 4th Legion, it begs the question of how and why he joined up with the Nugle tainted warband? Was he running away from the Dark Angels, making a contract with the warband for hire, finding and regrouping with other Fallen or something far darker?

My very own kitbashed Daemon Prince of Nurgle with wings and a long rusty scythe. This model is full of character with the dead Tau suit that’s rusting away by the Daemons essence, a rat scurrying away and a happy Nurgling playing with his own intestines! But the Daemon Prince himself is a sight to behold, the smell not so much….

I’ve been thinking about entering this kitbash Daemon Prince as my first attempt into one of Azazels challenges, but confidence and doubts are bugging me one wether it’s good enough to enter it. If I do, photography would have to be better to show the best of this bloated nightmare.

Possessed that look less like clowns, and more like an opera group.

I couldn’t paint the Chosen for years, I hated the excessive details and the organic growths that looked too Possessed. So I made the unit of five into an actual Possessed unit. Worked pretty! I prefer how the unit looks compared to the OG unit of Possessed (I still have my original Possessed which looks crap), the organic parts on the Chosen sculpt help make kitbashing it more aligned with the daemonic takeover look.

All that’s left now with this project is a unit of Plague marines as my fourth Troop choice. After that I can move on to other projects that I’m working on, unless I have an idea on what I want to add to this project. It’s strange how this project has grown and evolved over the months of painting, I’m quite pleased with how well it’s going up to this point so far.

That’s all from me for today.

Until next time,


The heavy siege of the Iron Warriors

I’m back with some more Iron Warrior Death Guard project stuff (I should change the project name to something more digestible and interesting than just two legionary names mashed together). This time I have two models that are part of the army’s armoured transport and heavy siege machinery. It’s not Iron unless it’s heavy, tough and loaded with devastating destructive power.

This abomination has been a pain to paint for years, but now in its current incarnation in the coat of the Iron Warriors, its way more visually appealing. I’m so glad GW included the Defiler into the Death Guard Codex as it fits nicely into my Nurgle infected Iron Warriors.

Another miniature that’s been repainted in many colours for years, I’ll let the final outcome photos tell the results of my current repaint.

You may have noticed that I did a short post a few days ago, showing a sneak peak at my upcoming additions to the Iron Warrior Death Guard project. Originally I had the Defiler, Rhino and Plague marine squad to paint as my final batch. But, I had done some kitbashing and used some backlog work that I could mould into my project.

The project basically just got extended.

This is good news as the more I can add to this project the better it’ll be for storage and gaming purposes. My passion project has gotten many old models of neglected miniatures a new place, even absorbing my models from my Renegade Chaos Space marine army, The Harbinger Legion.

In the early days of this project I had four Chaos Space marine projects which included two Harbinger Legion armies (Renegade and Death Guard), Emperors Children and Iron Warriors. A bit too many for such a spread out Chaos collection. Now I have three Chaos Space Marine collections, sacrificing the Harbinger Legion Death Guard (my first Death Guard project) to boost my Iron Warriors project.

If I’m really committed, I might even give up my Harbinger Legion Renegade marine army, and paint them as undivided Iron Warriors. But that’s a project that’ll have to wait for now.

The goal is to get all of the miniatures painted, then I’ll see what else I might want to include into the project. I’ve got some ideas on what I want to add using more neglected models repurposed as substitute miniatures. Who knows, maybe I might add a ‘Fallen’ marine………..

That’s it’s from me for today!

Until next time,


Summer of Hobbying 2019: combined Nurgle force (AoS)

Anyone order a slice of fungus toad bleak throat rot pizza? No?

These chaps haven’t been on the blog for a couple of years now, in fact they were still AoS 1.0 last time I checked. But now that Maggotkin of Nurgle and AoS 2.0 came out last year, it’s time to bring this project up to date.

Currently there’s only a unit of Blightkings to base and decorate, a second battline unit needed to play a 1,000pt game. As you can see, the army is a mixed bunch of Chaos models who bear the mark of Nurgle. Back in AoS 1.0, it was open to have a mixed army even if synergy was lacking. But I’m not sure if this army is up to scratch in its current state.

Because I’ve already got a lot on the list of stuff needed for my other projects, I don’t think I can add much to my Nurgle army. That said, I think having a blight tree will be a good start, as well as maybe a Start Collecting! Maggotkin of Nurgle. But I don’t feel like getting the whole Nurgle range, and I’ll leave adding stuff to this project as the last of my list.

Meanwhile I’ll be changing a few things in my army, like my substitute GUO who will now be a mutated Chaos Giant. Since I don’t have much other substituting options, a Chaos Giant fits well enough. Because there’s now a new GUO, my substitute model is no longer suitable for such a title.

On the good side, I think this army will be very beneficial to my Clan Pestilence portion of my Skaven army. Since both armies have a great deal in common about bad hygiene and spreading corruption, narrative stories will be so much fun with this strange alliance.

That’s all for today. Next up, it’s the Skaven! How in Sigmars name will I be able to take photos of the whole army in one?

Until next time,


Summer of Hobbying 2019: Death Guard Iron Warriors

Today’s post will be focusing on my Death Guard Iron Warriors, those of the sons of Perturabo who have succumbed to Nurgle’s blessings. As part of this years summer goal, I’ll be showing all of my current army projects works that I’ve done so far this year.

Starting off as just a passion project, my Nurgle devoted Iron Warriors soon got a lot of traction as a growing army project. Rather than boosting my first Death Guard project, The Harbinger Legion, instead I have given the Iron Warriors the big stuff after completing the Know no Fear set.

There was never a set goal on where I wanted this project to go, no set point list or detachment. Just a project I wanted to paint with as much effort, skill and passion. But still stuff kept getting added, as if limitations and goals being put to one side actually helped me?

Now that’s not to say there was no structure at least to follow, I have the basic army formation of at least a single troop choice and a HQ choice. But Know no Fear did cover the basics.

My last task for this project was painting a substitute 20x Cultists and a Tzeentch Aeldari Wizard. The cultist were substitute from a historical miniature kit (couldn’t remember what the company was called, nor the unit itself), but they fit the role as Olympian cultists of old.

As for the Tzeentch wizard, I had thought of using it as a Blades Khorne Bloodstoker substitute, but the design of the model looked perfect for an Aeldari Wizard. I used a Skorne kit from Privateer Press to substitute this model.

The wizard was used as a fun narrative story of an Aeldari Seer who instead of being consumed by Slannesh, offered her soul to Tzeentch to save her from being damned for eternity. Irony then that she became a slave to his whims of devious plots and threads of fate. Long story short, she’s now an ‘ambassador’ for the Iron Warriors warband afflicted by Nurgle. A point of diplomacy for the Tzeentch afflicted Iron Warriors and the Nurgle one’s.

If I feel the Nurgle aspect of the project is getting stale or naturally at an end, then I have an opportunity to continue this project by adding Tzeentch models to the project.

I just don’t know how to break the news to papa Nurgle that I’m seeing Tzeentch for my project, I think I’m longe overdue on my diseased library of infection returns……

With that direst of concerns that’ll be all for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with another army project, one that hasn’t been worked on this year, but will be the focus of my current works. Funny enough, it’s my Maggotkin of Nurgle!

Until next time,