Visiting Warhammer World

Visiting Warhammer World

Yesterday I went to Warhammer World as day trip to mark the end of my holiday, before I return back to studying at college. The visit was fantastic with the changes to the building, including new exhibition areas to look around. Just looking at the models up close to see the painstakingly detailed model paintings, makes me want to push myself to aim for a better painting quilt on my own miniatures.

I’ve taken a lot of photos too of the exhibitions on display which I would’ve shown you guys the photos, I can’t however as it would be against WW rules on taking photographs. However, I’d totally recommend visiting Warhammer World’s exhibition as it’s packed with loads of awesome displays and massive diorama pieces.

The hardest part of the visit was shopping around for stuff, let alone decide on what I wanted from a massive range of books, models and accessories to choose from. I think I must have spent 15min est choosing what book I wanted to buy from the biggest BL range I’ve ever seen. In the end, after much self debating on what to buy, I’ve finally made it through.

First up is an exclusive book only at Warhammer World ‘ Sons of the Emperor’, an anthology book that’s part of the Primarchs series for HH. Written by various authors of up to eight short stories, it tells various stories of pre heresy and stories during the heresy.

I didn’t actually knew that this book was on sale, so I was really intrigued to read it and find out more about these exclusive stories. It even includes an Iron warriors short story, so I’ll certainly be adding it to my Iron Warriors retrospective book series.

Next up, something that caught me by surprise was this treasure from the book shelf…….

There were a lot of signed copies of Lorgar’s, Bearer of the Word as well as a few other signed books by Gav Thorpe at BL. How there were only signed books of his at the bookshop was surprising when I went to the counter. The guy serving at the till said that Gav was at WW last week signing books, with a few copies left over that weren’t sold being on sale at BL instead.

I’m very happy to have gotten this book on the day, and I’m looking forward to reading it very soon!

Finally, we come to the last item….

Being the first ever Forge World resin kit I’ve purchased at WW and in my life, I was pretty excited to build this kit like some crazy pink horror. But who did I get?

It’s surprisingly Jago Sevatar of the Night Lords legion.

I couldn’t afford to buy a Primarch, so I went with one of the cheaper character models instead, that being the handsome convict himself, Sevatar. I’m glad to report that there was no major moulding faults, missing parts and warped problems with the kit. Only some areas needed scrubbing and resetting bent parts like the staff and dagger.

The overall look of the model is exquisite in detail and design, well worth paying for! However, I want to see if the primer paint will set on the model before anything else. I did what the instructions said on cleaning the models, so hopefully it should go well 🤞.

Some highlights from my visit to Warhammer World:

  • Seeing the massive diorama of Istvaan V with the dual between Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus, a very impactful display that visually captures that fateful day.
  • Seeing the early days of Citadel Miniatures with various resource books and classic models, including a dragon that looks too cute to be scary.
  • Looking at a Warlord Titan itself, holy s*** is it big! Too expensive to buy though 😣.
  • Seeing Perturabo himself (well not exactly) on display, I made sure I took a good photograph of him for my 2018 photo album.
  • Looking at the Stormcast up close, they look more shiny and details than they look on White Dwarf. The team behind painting the SE are really talented!
  • There’s actually two dedicated displays for armies of Warhammer fantasy battles, the Tomb Kings and Bretonnia. I think WW wanted to retain these guys to show that they won’t be forgotten any time soon. It was nice to see a small section dedicated to the old setting too.
  • There’s a 360 display of the End Times featuring the Skaven and the Dwarfs battling underground, did anyone visiting WW find Bugman himself?
  • A whole display of Black Templars, a glorious sight to see.
  • The Black Library Shop was like a book worms heaven with a vast array of books on sale. Anyone who likes BL books should visit WW at least once in their life!
  • The Forge World Shop was pretty cool, the staff were very helpful and enthusiastic.

Overall, I was very happy to have visited Warhammer World again after many years of not visiting. It’s a place that beats video games any day, just to see the creativity that goes into the hobby. I’m impressed by he changes that have been done to the place, and I’m certainly going to go back in the summer holidays if I can.

Before I finish, I would like to thank the WW staff for helping me and my dad for directions, as we were very unsure where to go for the exhibition. I’d also like to thank them for their enthusiasm and politeness, I rarely get to see great customer service outside of Games Workshop.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who worked on the exhibitions, as they’ve put a lot of effort to create a very memorable displays.

And so I finish here, thank you to everyone for reading this post and I hope you have enjoyed reading it. It’s wonderful to see a hobby like this become a world wide success thanks to hobbyists all around the world. To last this long from it’s early days is a massive achievement.

I know many of you may not be able make it to Warhammer World due to commitments and being far away from the UK. It’s sad to know that not everyone can make it, which is a downside to having one Warhammer World in the World. Hopefully, if Warhammer Cafe is a successful venture, I hope GW will start spreading Warhammer Cafes around the world in the future.

Did you visit Warhammer World before? What was it like for you, and what did you like from your visit? Leave a comment below, and I’ll see you guys very soon in my next upcoming post.