Flesh-Eater Courts: Liverbone court army [17/1/17]

“Sometimes, the hunger never stops. It scratches and gnaws at you until you feel as if your teared apart from the inside out. It’s only a matter of time until your fully lost in the madness for eternal hunger. Humans are susceptible to the cursed gaze of the Ghoul kings madness, the most common ofContinue reading “Flesh-Eater Courts: Liverbone court army [17/1/17]”

Flesh-Eater Courts: Livebone court army [12/1/17]

Production has been going at a better pace now that I have my own workspace to do my modelling, surprisingly a lot more models are now completed! So far, I’ve managed to paint my Abhorrent Ghoul King, 3x Crypt Horrors, and based my two Crypt Ghast Courtiers and Ghoul king on foot. Follow the linkContinue reading “Flesh-Eater Courts: Livebone court army [12/1/17]”

The Dovaskar Legacy- part 3: Allthenius, King of ashes

Today I’ve added a new model to the army collection, a Wight king. He will be leading the Deathrattle units, and close ties to Dovaskars legion.  Funnily enough, this model is actually an old blood bowl model I found, whilst I was looking around at a charity shop. I added a shield and sword fromContinue reading “The Dovaskar Legacy- part 3: Allthenius, King of ashes”

The Dovaskar Legacy- part 2: The Red Queen

Today, present part two of The Dovaskar Legacy series, exploring one of Dovaskars ethereal allies, the mysterious Red Queen. Enjoy! Greykeep is known for its myths and lost legends of old, including some legends that still roam the village to this day. But none are so vastly infamous as the lady of mystery herself, ‘TheContinue reading “The Dovaskar Legacy- part 2: The Red Queen”